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Join us tomorrow at 2PM PST for Facebook LIVE: Host Kate Quinn of FabriKated Quilts will be showing you more of her Fun & Fancy projects.


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Carol Hofstetter, looks like she will be here!! See you then.

Hi everyone, Pam Varner here with the finished block from todays live using the Flying Bell Curve Triangles by Westalee Design. Supply list: http://bit.ly/3mfGcXR


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Great job. I love new ways to use this template.

Thank you for all your hard work last night trying to get the sound working.

Everything is a mirror image.

Looks good!

Looks great Pam!!

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Taking Saturday off this week for Facebook LIVE.

Join us next week for a special Halloween Trick & Treats Facebook LIVE with host Donelle McAdams, on Saturday, OCT 31st at 2:00pm (Pacific Time)


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You two deserve a break although we’ll miss you. Thanks for all the work you put in for us!

Will miss you & Megan but family is more important. Have a great time. ❤️

Can’t wait. Love your videos looking forward to Halloween 🎃

See you next week.

Will miss ya, enjoy

Have a good time

Linda Smith Martindale

See you all next week! Going to go visit my son. Excited for Halloween!

My Sunday morning won't be the same without you lol. See you next week!!! Donelle and Megan

We'll miss you for sure but understand that you need time off as well. Enjoy, your evening.

Will miss you

See you next week!

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Love your struggles, it helps to encourage us when we are struggling.

Can’t really see thread with fabric color. Plain material would have been better for a class

What kind of gloves are you using? I’ve never seen them before.

What is the name of this template? Sorry I missed the beginning few minutes.

I like bell ringer gloves. Get at music shops

It is amazing how much you an do with the "Flying Bell curve template set.

I would love to see a pic of the back where you put the different sized bell curves together

Hello from Shell Lake, Wisconsin.

Love my B ell Curve set.

There are great YouTube videos Then go with these rulers. Search for westerlies ruler videos. . Have fun

Thank you, very interesting the way you use these blocks.

Thanks for taking the time to show this on paper

Doesn’t show up well!! But thanks, like to watch anyway!😍

Using a different color pencil for Quilt stitches on the pencil design would be good instead of stitching a whole new block

Maybe you’ll do this again on different fabric

Putting camera higher and looking down on fabric would be better

I think it’s great.

Raining hard here and video has locked up for me.

Is your backing a solid color? Maybe we can see the back.

I have found if you put a small pillow in your lap it helps from getting stuck under your table.

Might be nice to have a pencil drawn block with design you intend to do. It would be a lot better for us to know what you are doing.

It might be nice but cannot see the design because of the bright material. What are you using for rulers.

Very frustrating for me. Couldn’t see. Would have liked better explanation of using ruler but then couldn’t see anyway

To be honest I can’t tell what you are doing.

This is a world wide group!

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Join us tomorrow at 2PM PST for Facebook LIVE: Part 5 of Let’s Get This Quilted! with host Pam Varner of My Sassy Notions.
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