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Can hear and see

Hi Kate, glad you are here!!

Hi Kate and everyone!

Hi from Greenleaf Wisconsin

Hi from NY!

hi from denmark

Hi Kate, can hear and see

Hi Kate from Mobile, Alabama

Hi Kate, from SE Michigan.

Hi from Green Bay, Wisconsin

Good morning Kate from Victoria Australia

Hi from South Dakota

Hi Kate from Indianapolis In

Hi from Beaverton, OR.

Hi Kate sound is good

Hi New Orleans, La

Here from Shady Cove Oregon

Hello from Saint John New Brunswick Canada

Hi Kate, I can hear you fine.

Hi from SF , CA

Can’t hear Kate

Hi from KC

Joining from Oklahoma.

Hi, Kate and Honey from Glen Ellyn, Illinois

hello Kate & Honey

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Join us tomorrow at 2PM PST for Facebook LIVE: Host Kate Quinn of FabriKated Quilts will be showing you more of her Fun & Fancy projects.


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I enjoy these Saturday sessions tremendously! Thanks Donelle and Megan for sharing your time with everyone!

Loving the beginner class. I'm behind only because of eye problems. I'm still pushing through however and am more than half way through. It is a lot of fun girls.👍

I would like to sign up for the beginner class; are you able to view the class after it goes live? I will be at work for most of times that are posted.

You have such smooth movement. Any hints when doing a large quilt on your machine.

It's very sharp with the blades that come with that tool.

Im in Delaware and the trees are really leafing out. Dogwoods are starting to bloom.. spring has sprung!!

So excited to be back with you all here on Saturday night!

Planning to take the next step class - highly recommend. And you are so right never did I think I would be able to do all the blocks we have learned so far. Fabulous teaching Donelle ❤️

You are correct. I never thought that I'd be doing designs like the medallion.

I love how Donelle keeps her cool when a "situation" happens, and just keeps on going!! Such a good example for the rest of us!!

Got my markers yesterday! Thanks for the other goodies in my order. Anyway, wouldn’t you know when I went to my LQS they had the markers so I just bought two more! Can’t have too many!!

Love parabolic curves but would never have thought to put it in a 9 patch.

Thank you Ladies, off to catch up on my beauty sleep. Great class. Might find a UFO to finish off too 😀

This design also looks great with a three sided (triangle) too

Really glad to see how to quilt on a real quilt block.

Thank you always learn something tonite was new way to do orange peel

This is the year for azaleas in the South. They are in full bloom and beautiful.

I learn so much watching you. Thanks for all the hints and tips

Is there a seam ripper that Donelle would recommend? Some have such thick blades I’m liking to fine a finer blade

I had used the rulers before, was self taught. I took the Beginners to Quilt class and have learned a great deal. The class is worth taking.

I love the way that little envelope in the one fabric is hiding in the seam of the red block, it looks like it’s coming out from underneath.

Thanks Megan, I’m all signed up for the full beginner class. Can’t wait!!

I have the rules for the beginning to quilt class, which other rules do you recommend we should have?

Thank you, as I keep goofing up and still end with three threads on top and one on the bottom.

Good morning from East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

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Join us tomorrow at 2PM PST for Facebook LIVE: Host Donelle McAdams will be showing you more fun with the Westalee Design product line.
Update for todays Tecoma: The Ranges Quilt with Mendy

Today we will be broadcasting our Tecoma: The Ranges Quilt with Mendy on our YouTube platform only. Join us at the link below:
Join us tomorrow at 2:00pm (Pacific time) on the YouTube platform only when host, Mendy of Sew Steady, will be using the Westalee Design Tecoma templates to create “The Ranges” quilt by Leonie West.

Click the link below to join us:
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