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Day 5!
Don’t get lost! Use the Crafters Notion’s Necklace to keep your most-used sewing tools nearby.

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I would love these for my tiny quilting scissors,

I need this, I hand applique and quilt and having my snips on this would make sewing so much easier.

Great items I could sew use these

I would love a notions necklace! I’m always looking for a pair of scissors when sewing. It’s always on the sewing table when I need it by the iron and vise versa. Thank you for the chance to win one!

Nifty necklace! I could use one of them for sure!

I craft & sew all over the house. Having this to carry my scissors would be great.

I need this because I honestly set stuff down and lose it in a second! Having a necklace will have me keep track!

I would love to win this, as in always losing my notions as I'm sewing.

Perfect to keep thread snips close!

Love this-no more missing seam ripper, scissors etc. Will they be in the stores?

I can never find the notions I am using when I put them down

I would add my needle threader along with scissors. Can never find when needed

Wow this would be so handy to use

So as to keep my notions close

lots of nice colours

Who wouldn't love one, keeping things from not being lost. #1 one my board!

Great for my scissors

I saw these and they look great

This would be awesome to keep jack attached. Am aways looseing him

I lose my scissors all the time! I think one pair may have gone in the garbage! I need this!

I have never seen this product. But it would be the perfect way to keep up with my little scissors that like to play hide and seek!

Because I always seem to misplace my scissors💁

I need 2 of them!!!!! ...... so I don't lose my scissors or my Purple Thang.

I misplace things or my kids take things

Like to win

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Day 4!
Don’t take this sitting down! Get our Smart Phone Stand to view your favorite videos, blogs and more. Also works great with smaller tablets!

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This would be awesome and wonderful to have, as it would make watching tutorial so much easier!

The stand would be very useful to hold my phone so I can multitask watching videos and sew at the same time!! :D

I love these! I watch sewing tutorials and fabric FB shows and would use this to hold my phone upright for me!

I love this . my sewing machine has sewnet/cloud capabilities. i just need to be able to have a place to hold my phone when i need to cook or do other chores at the same time.

I like to look at instructional videos while I sew, and when I can, I view downloaded patterns in my phone rather than print them out to save the trees!

I would like it so I can continue to sew while on the phone,

Would be great to sit my phone in while I am busy sewing!

I rely so heavily on youtube for help while sewing ! This would be great !

Absolutely adorable. Definitely a great tool to help watch video tutorials from your phone or small device. Plus they remind me of Hawaii. Oh Santa please bring me one.

Love to have my phone while sewing to look at a new pattern or quilting design.

I am always laying my phone down and then spend time looking A bright colored stand would turn a lot of “hunting” to “sewing time”

I neeeeed this. ;) always looking for my phone

Cute. Great way to keep your phone handy for video

they are so cute a lounger for your phone lol

I would like the Smart Phone Stand to use while I am sewing and using the AcuSpark app.

These are awesome!! Perfect for following tutorials which I do often!!

I would love this to watch you tube with while sewing!!!

Love these too

Because I use my phone all the time while quilting and I keep having to move it out of the way of the iron.

I would this for my mini I Pad

This would be handy to help when following directions!

I don't have one but sounds great!

Oh Oh I need this because my computer is too far away from my sewing machines!!

I’ve been needing one of these!!!!

This I could use

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On the 3rd Day of Deals we bring you a foot of magic!  This foot allows you to trace the edges of shapes and make designs on fabric.  It gives you precise shapes that make you feel like an expert quilter. 

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Hmmmmm I need this to accelerate my skills & artistry in quilting.

I would love this for my ruler work.

Love my Westalee Ruler Foot and templates! Would love to add the Design foot to my collection. Appreciate the chance to win one !!

I would love this foot to help me machine quilt better thank you for the chance to win one

I need this to gift to a friend!

I would finish my quilt and not sweet how I am going to get them done with out cost me a mine.

I need a Westalee foot for my vintage Husqvarna Viking so that I can move from one machine to another and also teach a 12 year old about the joys of ruler work 🙂

My wife has been wanting one of these to make beautiful designs using templates for her quilts.

Would love to have this foot to have professional looking quilts

Would love to do a better job on free motion and using this foot with your rulers would surely do the trick! Hope I win it to finish a quilt or two before christmas

Interested in trying this compared to my free motion I do. It would be wonderful to follow the edges of a design!

I have been doing a little ruler quilting. This would be great.

Love quilting. Would love one

so generous would love to win.

While I have one, I have 2 machines! And I've learned over the years that having a backup is invaluable!!

Need this to learn more, how to do more and enjoy quilting more

You need a ruler foot so you can create all those awesome design with Westalee rulers!

Quilting is a breeze with this foot

This is an awesome idea. It’s a foot that helps you stay in the lines.

It would be wonderful to have a second foot to go with my traveling machine.

Would love to learn few!

Love to sew and Quilt This would be very Helpful

What a wonderful offer ; very generous of you. This would allow a beginner to venture into ruler quilting in my Featherweight. Hope Santa’s elf chooses me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Happy Holidays and May the New Year bring you good health, love, joy with family and friends!

This would really improve my machine quilting !

That would be so cool! I could actually sew designs on pillows and quilts that don't look ill shaped. Thanks for the chance!

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Day 2!
You spin me right round, baby! Keep your notions wrangled and accessible with our Spinner Tray.

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I need this spinner tray when I am machine quilting so I am not always knocking my tools off the sewing table onto the floor.

This is such a great idea. My notions are always escaping when I'm working and this would wrangle them all in one place.

To keep my sewing area neat, tidy and effortless in finding tools/supplies for project.

never can find the seam ripper, scissors and pens. This would be soooo helpful. PICK ME!!!

My nana needs this! She needs it to help organize her sewing area! This would definitely help her tidy up! Thanks for the chance!

Would help with access to my sewing items, since my back surgery failed it is hard to stretch and reach for things.

While sewing to keep organised and everything in one place for once lol

I couldn’t quilt without your rulers! This spinner tray would be an ideal addition to my collection ❤️

I am really disorganized. This would be a necessary item.

Love all your products. This tray would be great to keep my rulers in sight while quilting. I'm always loosing them. Lol

I need the tray to organize the notions I have on my sewing table.

I can always use another way to organize my sewing tools.

Would love this tray so I could keep all my small quilting gadgets in it. That way I would not have to be hunting for the tool that I need to use.

Good way to keep sewing and quilting items organized.

Anything that helps to get and keep me organized is truly needed and appreciated in my very small sewing area

This would help me keep my sewing space more organized. More time sewing instead of looking for that tool that I need.

With little table space this would be perfect in my sewing room

always loosing needles and ripper when quilting, and the templet I am using, Would love the spinner tray. spend alot of time looking for stuff.

Great for easy access to items needed while quilting.

This would keep my sewing tools in place

I need this tray to hopefully improve my organization in my sewing area. I shake my head at the disorder I have created

I need to wrangle my notions, they are scattered everywhere. ty

Would love this I’m always putting down my notions and they roll on the floor or just seem to disappear

I have intention tremor and often drop tools and knock them off my sewing table this would help immensely.

Like l like to gave a travel kit to keep my retreat stuff ready to go. Great gift to any of the these fine quilting ladies. Thanks

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Day 1!
Slipping while you stitch? Get a grip! Be sure all your templates have some Glitter Grippers attached. The best way and most stylish way to make sure your quilting stays on track!

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having tried all the other options, Glitter Grippers are the way to go. I adore ruler quilting - the Angela Attwood Jewel Quilt has taught me more about the starter kit than I thought possible.

I don’t do much quilting but both my mom and sister do, and these would be an excellent gift for either of them!

Great way to keep the granddaughters interested in sewing! Always good to use with the rulers

I would love to have glittery grippers. I have actually run out of the drab round ones I had. I like your shapes!

What a great idea. Those little grippers would make a big difference in my free motion quilting. A great stocking stuffer too

Would make quilting easier

I'm excited to see that there are other, more interesting grips, and that they glitter is even better.

I could really use these on my rulers also would be really helpful went teaching my granddaughter to quil.

It would help this beginner quilter to be a bit more steady.

I need Glitter Grippers for if my rules. I get tired of them slipping as I use them. These would help them stay in place for me.

I would love some butterflies for my rulers so that when I quilt with my friend Bev we can easily identify our rulers LOL

I am just learning to quilt and applique and wow yes would these be nice!!!

I always on the lookout for new tools and ones that would help prevent slipping sound very helpful.

Could use them when I'm doing my crafts.

Would love these, my grandma has been trying to teach me her ways!

Glitter grippers are a must have on all my rulers!

The glitter grippers would add some style to my rulers!

I need some glitter because everything is better if it SPARKLES!!

Need glitter grippers for my rulers/templates to keep from sliding around. Been doing enough on the roads, don't want to do it while in am quilting.

Slippery rulers make me a grinch! Adding Glitter Grippers makes quilting a cinch! 😁

Would love to try these. Others I have bought don’t stay on.

I have many quilting rulers that don’t have grip-pies in them to keep them from slipping while quilting,

This awesome giveaway would help me in my crafting endeavors! Thank you for the chance!

My grandma is getting older, she's in her 70s but every year she quilts or crochets something very beautiful for us girls in the family, her hands don't work like they use to, I would love to be able to win these to give to her for Christmas it would make things easier on her for quilting.

I would love some glitter grippers. I have spent the last year making quilts for our local battered women;s shelter and I've noticed that my templates are slipping. I have had to make "adjustments" on so many of the quilts. The grippers would help me so much!

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Might be a little early to start thinking about your next trip to a quilting show but at the same time, its never too early to start planning!


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I am have added this to my list. Coming from down under!!

would love to go to Pensacola for the show

Love the Westalee templates

Never to early

Anything for western Canada?

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