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Join us tomorrow at 2PM PST for Facebook LIVE: Design Ideas for Spin-e-fex #12 by Helen Sullivan with host, Stacy Lewey.


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Great demo thankyou. Have a good Easter.

Lots of info, great demo. Loved the grandma soccer analogy.

Why do they make the sewing space not exactly fit the foot, where you have to pick a side? Is there reason for that?

We are all human. Good way for us to see how to fix a boo boo.!

Do you include the edge's seam allowance when measuring height and width?

If you wanted tighter lines , would you swap templates

O you have a handout of how you make your decisions based on size of quilt

thank you very much. I do not have these templates but really loved your explanation especially how to figure the math

I love the way you put a vender on the templates and the piece you are working on😄

Hi from Illinois. I have these templates and really like them. Makes making the baptist fan so much fun and easy.

Wonderful to see how you can be move efficient with you traveling. 🤩

Thanks for explaining how to measure and plan for the space, Kate. Important info to ensure a good outcome.

What if that outer boundary is an actual border? Where would you start sewing?

Please send us your heat, we are expecting a small amount of snow tonight In Saint John NB Canada

Hi from Melbourne Australia, thank you for this tutorial.

but if you are not doing a QAYG, you don't have a 'waste' area to sew in

Thank so much. Great info!

I love these templates. Have used them often.

ok, thanks. I have these rulers, but always wondered why

thank you Kate. this was the math I needed.

I'm loving the arithmetic lesson-- it helps alot.

Happy Easter from Melbourne Australia

thank you for the math. this helps a lot

Night night from UK, and thankyou again.

I am ready to start quilting!

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Congratulations Brenda Aigner! Youre the winner of our Westalee Design Mini Quilt Class in a Bag!

Email us at to claim your prize.


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CONGRATES !! Enjoy !!

Join us tomorrow at 2PM PST for Facebook LIVE: Planning for Baptist Fan using Westalee Design Circles on Quilts templates. Hosted by Kate Quinn of FabriKated Quilts.


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This was a great video. I have sets 1 and 2, made some full circles on a previous quilt, but want to try Baptist Fans in the near future. It was especially helpful to see how to move along the row, then transition to the next section up. I also appreciated the discussion on how to get the design placed evenly across the width and height. Thanks, Kate!

is this not on today?

From Kentucky


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I’m wondering if you can use these with a long arm? I have them for my domestic and love them. But would love to get a set for my long arm.

I see some opportunities for Templee Quilting with the two templates.

Hi Pam from Jackson, Missouri...So glad to catch you live today.

I like your fabric. Can you tell me what templates you are using as i miss the start ?

So is this just a smaller version of the Continuium?

I get SO sick & tired of clicking on these 'live's videos & they go straight to Ellen DeGeneres or Caught in Providence, WHY???

what template is this one?

What template are you using please

Hi from Canada we can’t enter the contest right

Perfect demo! Love your teaching!

Can you please say where to fi d Competion please

I was late what was the first ruler she used

And Pam is a great teacher!🙂

I love this set! Great demo Pam!

I'm really liking the smaller version of this set.

Thank you a wonderful demo.

Great way to extend the design

Looks like the two sets work well together. Lots of possibilities!

thank you for a great demo

Is there a discount if we order today?

My internet is super flaky today I may have come back🙁

What’s the name of template, I missed that

Is there any discount codes available at this time on what you are showing.

Thanks everyone for watching; fun to see so many of my students popping in to say Hi.

Thank you. I didn't get in at the very beginning, what did you say about a contest to win this?

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