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Join us tomorrow at 2PM PST for Facebook LIVE: Host Donelle McAdams will be showing you more fun with the Westalee Design product line.


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I'm so excited to be there 😊.

I will he there with bells on lol

Looking forward to your class

On my calendar....

Me too!!

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How long after taking a class will the video be available for review?

Hello I was sewing and lost track of time

Looking at a blue fabric with quilting on it

Louise - if nothing else, try a pot holder!

I think it looks like a pointsettia!

Coupon is still not working.

Try Amazon first, I've been waiting + 2 weeks from Sew Steady and they charged 17.50 priority mail. Very sad.

The class looks exciting.

Hello Donna! Warm here in El Paso and nice and sunny!

Can not wait for the classes to start. From Vista, CA

What is that lovely orange fabric you are using?

Just a bit late - can you say what templates you will use

Came late, what are the templates?

I have some templates. I'm afraid to use them . Lol

Teaser for "Ruler Work Quilting on Flying Geese Quilts" with Donna McCauley Live LIVE LINK <<<<>>>#FlyingGeeseQuiltswithDonnaMcCauleyLivedemo

Hello from Raleigh NC

It’s such a shame that we get financially penalised in the U.K. when having to purchase the templates from The USA. 😢

Would like to order that book what is the name

Hello from Birch Run Michigan.

Hello from Oregon

Hi from Montgomery Illinois

Hi from Wisconsin

Hi Donna from Mobile, Alabama

Hello from south Alabama.

Good evening Donna, from Aberdeen, Scotland

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Please send an email with the updated fabric requirements Ann mentioned.

I purchased the 6 class series the other day and haven't had a chance to download it. Are there instructions on the amount of fabric to purchase to make the quilt blocks?

Will the Sew Steady table with the circle features be needed.

I love the table polish. It also lasts forever.

I do not know if there is a participating quilt shop in the Dallas area.

I have been trying to find 40 weight thread and no luck.

Do we just pick any store to sign up with, none by me, so that way we get a product discount?

Save the paper from the iron on webbing to draw designs

Took the first class. Now I’m signed up for the entire series 💕Ann is a great teacher

can I buy just the session 1 or only with the full series, it looks like only session 2 is available seperate

Loved the first class and am excited to start the second one.

Will you be doing another preview before March 5th?

I will need to sign up after this live class 😊.

How do you subscribe to the class, and when and what time is it aired. Question from UK.

I like to tote bag. Is there a pattern for this?

Right down it shows that you can register for the class and where you can pay for it.

Can you give us the link to purchase the set

I will need the updated directions will they be in the second class directions

Why does it say on where you sign up, it says the 2 hour class is free?

She skipped the question about serrated scissors!

I would be interested in a class for the quilt in a bag 😊

Thank you for sharing these tools that you use.

I love that grunge fabric. It looks so pretty.

@Lorraine you can purchase the 1st class only or the series. It is a 6 class series for $50 or $10 per Session. https://conta.cc/3atIbVG

I would love the kit. I just ordered the flower power Templets. Can't wait to get them

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Great session - thank you (and your honey) for persisting and working out the issues with the camera and mike!

Makes me want to make a flying geese quilt so I can use the templates in it

It does look neat - a great design for a modern quilt!

I looked at these a few days ago and couldn't think of way that I would to use them. See Kate in action has changed my mind. I'm going to have to get a second job 😂

This would look nice if you made a curved line across and around your quilt and let the geese fly along it.

I just ordered them. (Lord help me... My name is Leah and I have a template problem) I need them to finish this project. These will look so cool on the chevron fabric.

I wish I had these rulers for the project i am working on while watching this. They would be perfect.

Such a simple template, but gives Awesome designs! Thank you Kate! 💕

I love all your videos, I have learnt so much about quilting in the last year from you and Sew Steady💕

Yay for Kate and Honey giving us such wonderful quilting education!

You are doing such a great job. Love watching and learning from you.

What great giveaways. Love your classes you give us so many different ideas.

I try and watch all your demo’s ... you have wonderful ideas and I’ve learned so much from you! Thank you

Hello from N.S.W, Australia.Love the triangles look great to use in borders

Great design that i can use my flying squares on.

I love the triangles and how they look with the different sizes! I can’t wait to get them here! Thanks for the clss

I learn so much from these lessons. Can’t wait for each one to air

I wouldn't have known all that the triangle templates could do without seeing your ideas!

Thank you for all the help in watching to get the best of designs for my quilts.

Love the triangles. You are so informative and make look so easy❤️❤️❤️

The triangles are great. I can see many interesting designs. Thanks for giving your time to teach all of us

Didn't expect to like those tipped triangles so much. Thx Kate!

Love the triangles. You are doing a really great job!!

Love the triangles. any of them would be awesome.

This is one set that I don't actually have. Would love to add it to my collection!!

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Join us tomorrow at 2PM PST for Facebook LIVE: Host Kate Quinn of FabriKated Quilts will be showing you more of her Fun & Fancy projects.


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looking forward to this one

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