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I am just making a quilt using the 4” puzzler.

You guys deserve a long weekend off! I love the lives!

Ordered the set plus one other ruler but did not get the blocks instructions. How do I get them you said they came with it.

Good morning from Toowoomba Australia.

Stacey can you take the camera out a bit please

Love it when these things happen on lives helps us realise these challenges can happen to anyone.

Morning From Victoria Australia.

Just starting so many things..I ordered the table thing June 26

Morning from Melbourne Australia

What is the cutting ruler with the adjustable edge called? I’m assuming Sew Steady sells it but I can’t find it in your website.

Had to pop out for work - Thank you and have a safe 4th of July.

Hi from Agassiz, BC Canada 🇨🇦

Hi from Branson Missouri, Brenda White ♡♡♡

What is the blue bar by the sewing machine

Watching from NM

Hi from North Georgia Mountains

What is the blue guide...need one

What holds it in place

Pitty I'm at work 😔 will view it later this arvo

Love this template!

Happy 4th from Australia

Now that would be something I would do!

Oops, late joining from Kentucky. I’ll replay for full effect.

Hi from Seattle, WA 👋🏻

So sorry to be late

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Love their giant needle outside the Sacramento location.

Join us tomorrow at 2PM PST for Facebook LIVE: Host Stacy of Sew Steady joins with Barbara from Allbrands.com to show you some new products coming soon from Sew Steady!


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Great show today. I would so love the new anniversary table introduced today.

Love the black...so the things underneath isn't so distrating.

Tried to get live had to settle for recorded

Stacy and Barbara work as a great team. So enjoyable to watch.

I got the notice it wouldn't let me on. Tried several times stated on on 3 min everytime

why is it so tuff to find the live events.........?

Great demo video!

I use a Sew Steady extension table for my Pfaff 7550 and it helps immensely.

Like, commented, and shared on both AllBrands and Sew Steady. 😀

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Like, comment and share on this post for your chance to win our Westalee Design Ruler Work Kit! Be sure to watch our Facebook LIVE broadcast from today to learn more.


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I have done some ruler work and am amazed at the results. I'd love to win this kit. Thanks so much for this generous giveaway!

Have not tried ruler work yet, but would like to try. Winning would be a great way to get started.

I just started this ruler work would be fun to add these that’s for sure wonderful quality !

Good luck to everyone..... Just starting to purchase some rulers, so I can start practicing, haven't got there yet, but slowly.....sure are a lot of amazing designs and quilt work done.....

I’m learning ruler work and I recently got an extension table for my machine from Sew Steady! This would be wonderful to win!

Be great to have a go at Westalee Quilting using this kit, have had a couple of lessons and watch yor tutorials all the time.

All I have is the curved ruler that came with my foot. Took Donelle's bag class. It was fabulous!

I’ve been watching the videos and learning so much! Still nervous about starting ! Hope I could DC win to start this adventure!! Thank you 🙏

Would enjoy winning this. Been learning ruler work and it's amazing what you can do!

What a dream giveaway! I have really enjoyed my clamshell ruler and am anxious to learn and do more ruler work.

I love ruler work. It adds so much depth to quilting.

i would really really really like to win this kit. started ruler work and this set would help bring me to a greater level. thank you

I'm learning ruler work as I've had others in my quilting classes also want to learn. It is fun and amazing what you can do!

Would love to win this and Sara’s book sounds wonderful.

I am always learning with my Westalee rulers & would love to add this to my collection.

I would love to win this set and learn more on how to use them Really want to learn.

This is an awesome prize. Thanks to Sew Steady for offering the set to a very lucky person.

Would lobe love to win this. Having so much fun with ruler work.

Love how my quilting has improved with ruler use

I would love to try these rulers and improve my sewing. MC 6500

I just started learning ruler work and would love to have these. Thank you for the chance!

What a great give away. Thank you Sew Steady for all the Facebook Lives you have been providing. Have learned so much.

I have never quilted with Rulers, but am eagerly hoping to win so that I can start quilting with the best rulers, Westalee

Would love to win that set of rulers! Thank you

Would love to win this. I bought Amanda's books. Now I need to try it.

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Sara, I am nodding my head, I have watched each lesson in the Cosmos class over and over. Its so wonderful to have these available to look back on also. I have not done ruler work, so this is so awasome an offer!

I have been making 36”x 42” quilts to donate to charities , mostly for children in the foster care programs. These would be great to use to practice our ruler work on.

Never enough rulers!! I am so fortunate to have Sara across town from my house. The crosshair ruller is great.

Absolutely would love to win any and ALL of these. Especially like the crosshairs book and template. Love everything that was mentioned in the BIG package.

I found the Quilt as you go classes really beneficial and fun.

The first quilt I ever did was the Janet Collins Sampler quilt. I didn't even use cotton for fabric. I didn't know any difference. So...I don't have a lot of quilt tops.

So glad Ifound your live stream. Started ruler work when they first came out but haven’t been working on it steady. Getting excited again.

A fantastic giveaway to one very fortunate winner. Good luck everyone

Hi from Michigan. I am enjoying all your education during this uncertain time. You are so generous with your prizes. Thank you.

Would love to win this. It would be so worth it to win the class and the books. Have some of the rulers but always can use another. I so want to increase my skill set. Thank you for the opportunity.

Watching the video after the live event, love learning all these techniques!

I would love to win any one of these. I am just starting out with ruler work and would love to learn more about this.

Oh thats great that theirs a book in the kit too!

I have all of the starter kit items and they are terrific. I just need to look at some videos to get started. Thank you.

I love learning ruler work and the more I learn and practice the more I want to learn. And the classes are full of helpful information.

I need to go through it again. I gave away the one I did for class.

Oh wow, I lived in Rapid City, SD a long time ago! Before my quilting days.

The classes sound amazing too bad you dont have brother classes

Wish Canadians would win already. So dedicated and watch all you live videos but never see Canadian wins!

yep Had a really hard time doing a baby quilt after only doing small squares!

We needed that when we originally took the class 3 years ago

What is Sara's you tube channel name? Is that where we find her videos?

I would love to own the large crosshair grid and spiral grid. I already have the minis and 2 8”. Love using them!

Love to win quilt as you go class. Really enjoy today’s class

Yes. Crosshair ruler. I did the whole first class without it. Never again.

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