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About Donna McCauley

Donna McCauley, a Westalee Design Accredited Teacher and Brand Ambassador, owns and operates DONNA McCAULEY QUILTING.  With an extensive background in all types of sewing techniques, Donna got her taste for creating and designing early on in the garment industry where she created custom clothing for a number of years.  From there, it was a natural progression from pattern designs, into designing templates.   “The ability to design the images she wanted to quilt” was Donna’s vision.

Donna McCauley a Westalee Design Accredited Teacher and DMQuilting extraordinaire has created a unique stitch channel template line for quick and easy
edge to edge quilting designs.  Currently offering 10 unique designs and growing. Creating tools for customers  looking for quick and easy edge to edge
quilting! Videos and classes available for each template in the line.

Donna grew up in the Central Valley of California, relocating to Oregon, then Phoenix.  She currently lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  In early 2015, while living in Oregon, she began her adventure with Sew Steady after attending one of their first demonstrations of the amazing Westalee Design quilting tools and immediately became a fan.   Today, with her own collection of templates, Donna can share her passion of designing and quilting using templates that are simple, uncomplicated and easy to use.

Her focus is primarily on education related to various sewing and quilting techniques using templates.  Donna instructs both large and small groups to include individualized one-on-one teaching when needed. Her students include those, who are new to sewing/quilting, and those seasoned with years of experience.  Her clear and organized instructions have guided class attendees to learn and improve with techniques that simplify the process, while perfecting their final outcome.  In addition, Donna offers her creative insights on color and design of the overall project.

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