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Become a Reseller

Thanks so much for  your interest in our Sew Steady and Westalee Design Products. We are a US based manufacturer.  We have been manufacturing Sew Steady Tables, Inserts and sewing accessories for over 20 years, and Westalee Design Templates and Tools for 5 years. Westalee Design has 400+ template designs for ruler work on both domestic and long arm machines as well as a complete patchwork tool line. Our mission is to improve the quilting and sewing experience thru a vast array of educational resources and developing and producing tools that are tailored to your machine and sewing environment.

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  • Our Products – Please review all our products at www.sewsteady.com. This site allows resellers to purchase and buyers find resellers near them.
  • Place Orders – You are able to order from us via:
    1. Phone: 800-837-3261
    2. Email: orderdesk@sewsteady.com
    3. Website: http://www.sewsteady.com
    4. Fax: 800-270-3426
  • Packaging – All of our products are individually packaged unless requested otherwise. In order to save on shipping there may be a note on the outside of a table box that indicates small accessories are packaged inside.
  • Shipping Lead Time – Our guarantee to wholesalers is that all orders will ship tables within 7-10 business days of the order being received. All standard accessories and Westalee Design products will ship in 3-5 days.
  • Quality – Our quality is very high. We often will have resellers sell our tables to customers that get a free table with a machine because the quality is so much better with Sew Steady.
  • No Minimum Orders – Our products are custom to each make and model of machine that being said we have no minimum you can order all our items one at a time as you get the order.
  • Drop Shipping – We will drop ship to your customers with just a $5 drop ship fee.