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Category: Quilt-A-Longs

Embroidery & Ruler Work Party

Embroidery & Ruler Work Party One of the newest and exciting classes we are looking forward to bringing to a

Sep 20, 2019
Simple Circles Pattern with the Westalee Design Circle Template

Simple but stylish circles   Last August, our wonderful quilt-a-long instructor did a Facebook Live event to create a place

Mar 29, 2019
“Bless Your Hearts” Quilt-A-Long Tutorial

In the “Bless Your Hearts” project we will learn to create an 18” Square Table Topper featuring an elegant heart

Feb 22, 2019
Live Quilt-A-Longs With Donelle

We hope you’ve been enjoying our Facebook Live Quilt-A-Longs with Donelle McAdams.  It’s hard to believe we’ve done three projects!

Sep 6, 2018