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Betty Briscall

In-Store Instructor

Bristol, TN USA (willing to travel)


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My name is Betty Briscall.  I began sewing in a 9th grade Home EC class.  I began making my own clothes and after becoming a mother, made most of my children’s clothes.  Our county offered free adult education, so I participated in classes on sportwear, lingerie and tailoring and ended up making many wedding and special occasion dresses.

During this time, I began to teach garment construction classes at my church.  In the late 1980’s, a local quilt shop offered free quilt lessons.  I fell in love with quilting, at least the piecing step.  I had always appreciated quilts as both my grandmothers were quilters, but we never lived close enough to them for me to learn.  I soon began teaching beginning piecing at a local quilt shop.  The result of this was many quilt “tops”.  Paying a quilter to quilt them was not an option, so walking foot quilting was my solution.

Over the next few years, I had the opportunity to take free motion quilting from some well-known quilt teachers.  I began to enjoy the quilting step more than the piecing.  In 2017, a friend’s quilt shop offered a Westalee Design Sampler Set class by Donelle McAdams.  By the end of the event, I was hooked.

I learned more about using the rulers watching YouTube, and then attended a class taught by Ann Moore.  But the best thing, one of the few good things, that came as a result of the lockdown, was the free “Live” classes Sew Steady offered on facebook.  The talented, encouraging, friendly group of teachers was something I really looked forward to, and it seemed that the ladies I watched with became my friends, even though we had never met.

 I am currently teaching classes in shops in Tri-cities region of East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia

I am willing to travel 200 miles from Bristol, TN for teaching at guilds or shops.

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  1. I recently took Betty’s class on the Sampler set and then the Feathers set. Betty was a terrific instructor and I am on my way to quilting successfully with the Westalee Rulers! Thanks so much Betty!

  2. Betty was a wonderful instructor! Betty was infinitely patient with a very inexperienced class, including myself! I can not express how much I enjoyed the class and the knowledge and skill that I left with. It was worth the price, it was worth the 2 1/2 hours driving time each way just to get to the class. I am so excited to be on this path of learning with Sew Steady

  3. I took the ruler quilting class with Betty. She was very patient with me, a newbie. She is a good instructor and makes sure everyone in the class gets as much help as they need. She is good to help trouble-shoot machine problems. After a rough start the first morning, I am hooked. I have already signed up for the feathers class later this month. I am no longer limited to straight-line and meander quilting.

  4. Wonderful instruction; very thorough with directions; and very patient!!!!! Hope to take more classes from her!

  5. I am leaving a review for Betty because I have learned quite a bit from the classes I have had with her. The latest being working with feathers and despite machine trouble and was able to go home and apply ther techniques we were shown. My main trouble (correctly diagnosed by my astute instructor) is lack of practice so I went home and did just that. I feel like we are fortunate in Kingsport to have someone with a teachers heart and spirit and patience willing to spend her time helping us to learn and apply new skills to make us better sewists and quilters.

  6. Oh my goodness. The class that Betty Briscall taught this past week was amazing. She is so patient and helpful that I learned so much about the rulers and how many patterns that can be made from just one of them. I’m hooked. Thank you so much Betty!!!!

  7. Betty Briscall is a fabulous teacher. Took my first ruler class with her and I’m addicted! She is patient and takes time to help you see what you are doing that can be improved upon. She’s so very knowledgeable. I can’t wait to take another class with her.

  8. I tried free motion and ruler quilting on my own, I was completely frustrated and doubtful. Then I took Betty’s beginning ruler quilting class in Kingsport. Her teaching style and patience was a game changer for me. She explains, demonstrates and provides adequate practice time with abundant encouragement. I am looking forward to more class opportunities.

    1. I took a class from Betty recently (Mar 2 & 9) and had so much fun. Betty is an excellent teacher with lots of patience, lots of enthusiasm and lots of knowledge. She opened a whole new array of ideas in her presentations. Thank you Betty! Thank you, thank you thank you!

      Of you have the opportunity took take a class with her…jump in it!

  9. Betty Briscall is a great teacher. I took her class on the Sew Steady Sample Set Rulers. I loved it! Betty demonstrated the rulers and helped us as we practiced the skills. I learned a lot of “extra” sewing tips as she worked with us individually. Betty was very professional and very knowledgably. In addition, she is very patient and very kind to novice quilters like me. I look forward to taking more classes with Betty.

  10. I took a beginner ruler class with Betty Briscall, using the Westalee sample template set. She gave us all the instructions in plenty of time so that we could purchase anything we needed before our class. She is very knowledgeable about the different designs to make with the set. She was so patient with us and took time to make sure everyone understood. We actually did two classes with part of the templates one class and the rest in the second class so we had plenty of time to absorb everything she was teaching. She even gave me some ideas to quilt a top I had. I highly recommend Betty as a teacher.

  11. Betty Briscall is a great teacher. I took her class on the Sew Steady Ruler Work – and loved it! She demonstrated the techniques and worked with us as we practiced. I learned lots of “extra” sewing tips as well as the ruler work. Betty was very knowledgeable and professional. And best of all ` she is very patient and kind to novice quilters like me. I really enjoyed working with her and learning from her.

  12. Betty does an excellent job of explaining the process of ruler quilting and provides plenty of time to answer questions. She shows how to use each ruler to make different designs and provides plenty of beautiful samples.

  13. I took the Sew Steady Sampler Set ! Ruler Class with Betty Briscall. I loved it! Betty is a great teacher – very knowledgeable and professional. She demonstrated the rulers and then gave us pointers as we practiced. She showed us many “extra” sewing tips in addition to the ruler work. Best of all – Betty was patient and kind with novice quilters like myself. It was so nice to work with her and learn from her!

  14. I took the Sew Strady Sampler Set 1 Ruler Class with Betty Briscall – and loved it! Betty is a great teacher. She is vey knowledgable and professional. I learned so many “extra” sewing – in addition to learning how to use the rulers for machine quilting. And best of all, Betty is very patient and kind to novice quilters like me. It was so nice to work with her and learn from her!

  15. 5-Star Instructor!

    Betty Briscall’s Westalee Ruler Quilting Classes are wonderful and great for the novice quilter (like me). Betty is so patient and is careful to make sure all students understand and have a chance to ask questions. She has a very thorough approach to presenting the information and effectively uses demonstrations before giving time to practice the techniques. She shares loads of helpful resources and information. She inspired me with samples of her lovely ruler work. Very educational and great fun! I am looking forward to more classes!

    From Lisa
    Classes at Art of Sewing, Kingsport, TN

  16. Betty explained the ruler quilting process so well that I was able to actually get it. I really enjoyed the class and think anyone who can attend her class will enjoy it. Thanks Betty and Art of Sewing for doing this.

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