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Donna McCauley

Promoted Instructor

Westalee Design Accredited Teacher

Donna is located in Phoenix, Arizona and available to travel to most locations with advanced notice. (willing to travel)

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Donna McCauley, a Westalee Design Accredited Teacher and Brand Ambassador, owns and operates DONNA McCAULEY QUILTING.

With an extensive background in all types of sewing techniques, Donna got her taste for creating and designing early on in the garment industry where she created custom clothing for a number of years. From there, it was a natural progression from pattern designs, into designing templates. “The ability to design the images she wanted to quilt” was Donna’s vision.

Donna grew up in the Central Valley of California, relocating to Oregon, then Phoenix. She currently lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area. In early 2015, while living in Oregon, she began her adventure with Sew Steady after attending one of their first demonstrations of the amazing Westalee Design quilting tools and immediately became a fan.
Today, with her own collection of templates, Donna can share her passion of designing and quilting using templates that are simple, uncomplicated and easy to use.

Her focus is primarily on education related to various sewing and quilting techniques using templates.
Donna instructs both large and small groups to include individualized one-on-one teaching when needed.  Her students include those, who are new to sewing/quilting, and those seasoned with years of experience.
Her clear and organized instructions have guided class attendees to learn and improve with techniques that simplify the process, while perfecting their final outcome. In addition, Donna offers her creative insights on color and design of the overall project.

Don’t forget to sign up for Donna’s Essence of Tradition Design Club Here

Additional Patterns and Courses Available on Sew Steady University By Donna:

DM Quilting Line of Templates

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  1. I thought that the class really helped me feel less intimidated using templates. I really want to ‘up my game’ and the class gave me confidence that I might actually be able to do it and make my quilting look more professional, instead of beginner. Donna never talked down to the audience. It was great!

  2. I have participated in several of the Ruler Work 101 classes and find something new or different every time. I enjoyed Donna’s class and learned several things that I could do differently or in some cases better. Her presentation was very good, she was easy to watch and learn from. Thank You Donna!!

  3. I really enjoyed her class and demonstrations. Very helpful to get me inspired to again pull out my rulers.

  4. I watched a class again from Donna. Learn more and get more tips from her. Excellent teacher. Can’t wait for her next class that I sign on.

  5. The virtual class I took from Donna was wonderful. She explains and demonstrates how to use the rulers very well. Watching her actually use them was so helpful. Thank you so much for the class opportunity.

  6. I’m enjoying the virtual classes and learned alot from Donna. She is a great teacher and I look forward to more great ideas form Sew Steady classes!

  7. I’m a beginner but Donna explained the process and materials so well that I could understand. There were some sound difficulties that nearly made me want to quit the class though. After that was corrected, she demonstrated several patterns. She gave me the confidence that I can do it too. I’ll be taking more classes in the future.

  8. Oh my goodness I learned so much watching Donna’s class. So grateful for the virtual online classes. I will be watching more.

  9. The class was great. I really liked seeing the instruction so close up and not so fast that I couldn’t understand. Having the class available for a few weeks makes it so much better. My order has arrived and I’m ready to start.

  10. I love the sew steady classes because it makes something that seems hard feel not so hard. Donna gave the feeling of kindness and patience and I can only imagine how amazing she would be in an in person class if I liked her this well virtually. She gives me confidence.

  11. I am so very grateful for all the instructors with Sew Steady Rulers. They have given me the confidence to complete a project that I am excited to show. All my friends that I quilt for love the results. I feel deeply that I would never have achieved this quality of quilting without the rulers.

  12. I really enjoyed the log cabin quilting lesson. It made me feel encouraged to use my quilting rulers for more than just practice. Thanks so much.

  13. I’m so glad I took this class with Donna. She is a wonderful teacher and it was great to get ideas and tips on how to use the templates. I have recently bought the Essence of Tradition Club classes and it was great to see how to start the blocks on a live class. Thank you for offering these live classes and will look forward to more coming in the near future because I’m new to this techniques and though these classes learning is fun. Thank you Donna and Sew Steady.

  14. She’s a great teacher. I learned a lot and I will go back to update myself with this class. Looking forward to other classes of her to learn more.

  15. You did a great job explaining the difference templates! I am a beginner and still learned a lot! I have also just signed up for your beginning class. I am excited to learn so much from you!

    Thanks so much for a great job!

  16. I have taken two of Donna’s virtual classes. She is very easy to listen to. I have learned a lot. I’m looking forward to taking more classes.

  17. I really enjoyed the online , it is hard joining classes in person, here in Australia…not everyone are as accessible doing ruler work. Donna is very clear and informative and being able to ask questions is easy and concise. Sometimes seeing things done first hand takes the doubt out on the instructions , although clear but seeing the process is brilliant- I really have learnt a lot from online education , has opened up new and challenging technics that i probably would not have tackled. great class great instructions , very enjoyable and easy to learn , love the chance to go back and review later as well. thankyou

  18. I thought the class was very beneficial for quilters wanting to learn quilting with rulers. Donna was excellent and took her time explaining how to create the designs. I found it quite fascinating.

  19. I am in “AWE” of the ability of Donna’s quilting and explaining the process on YouTube. This is new experience for me and I struggle to work with it. I am not giving up and Donna, you make it easy to follow and understand. Thank you for that.

  20. Donna does a great job on explaining how to use the rulers to create the designs. Attending her classes has improved my skills and knowledge.

  21. I had a log cabin quilt ready to quilt. I wanted to take Donna’s class for inspiration and finished the class with many options to finish my quilt. Donna is a very good instructor and would take more classes with her. Thank you.

  22. This was my first virtual class. Donna was very thorough and made me feel comfortable enough to practice on my own.

  23. Loved the beginner ruler video from Donna. Learned a lot and hope to start doing this technique as soon as my kit comes.

  24. Really enjoyed the class . Only disappointment was I was unable to purchase the ruler set she features. I guess you need to go to a Bernina dealer.

  25. I’ve sat in on 2 virtual free classes so far with Donna sponsored by the Quilt Quarters in Carmel, Indiana, and both were fantastic! She explains everything in detail. And when she made a mistake, she pointed it out and showed how to fix it. I’ll definitely be signing up for more of her virtual events or if they have any in person ones at the Quilt Quarters. Thanks for all you do!!!

  26. Donna, you are a great instructor who explains the little details that we need to know and learn how to use the templates! Thank you for teaching us! We will have many beautiful projects!

  27. A bit over my head right now but some neat designs, need to watch over and over. Clear enough just not experienced enough to grasp right off. Even tho I don’t have a Janome I can do this.

  28. Donna is an excellent teacher. She loves to share her knowledge and does so willingly. She also gives up her personal time to talk by phone on an individual basis, helping us to understand and walking us through our situation. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know Donna and I so enjoy all of her classes!

  29. Donna is one of my favorite teachers! She is so knowledgeable and helpful. She is friendly and answers all our questions to our understanding. She truly goes the extra mile. Can’t wait for her next class.

  30. Donna did a fantastic presentation. Her demonstrations were as clear as her oral directions which a person who doesn’t have the tools could also make some of the designs.
    Thank you, Donna

  31. Donna is a excellent teacher. She made learning ruler work seem so simple. I bought the whole class with the book and rulers. I also purchased extra rulers. This looks like lots of fun to do. I have tried the first lesson and it went pretty good. Donna teaches with energy and a lot of good tips. And she goes slow enough to for you to follow along. I will definitely attend another one of her classes.

  32. I love watching template live and video’s by Donna. She makes it all look so easy. She is clear with her instruction and never seems rushed. Even with a few glitches every now and then she always had tips to handle any situation. Her customer service has been exemplary, she has always gotten right back with me when I have needed her. She always makes my wish list grow!

  33. Always something new to learn – and I’ve always been a visual learner so these videos are great.

  34. Enjoyed the class. I’ve had this set for awhile. I liked seeing different ways of using the different rulers. And getting a glimpse of the handbook.

  35. Very pleasant and examined what she was doing clearly. I wish she would have told us we need to know the size foot we need before we order and give us the link to the guide.

  36. Donna was a wonderful instructor! Enjoyed her demonstrations and the clear and concise instructions. I would definitely take another class from her.

  37. Class was very informative. Instructor was knowledgeable, friendly, patient and responsive and very skilled at ruler work. After taking this class I believe that I can finally master this technique. Thanks. Donna

  38. I’m glad I had the chance to watch it live. I really enjoyed learning about ruler work and seeing the Demonstrations up close. I would love to see more of these. Thank you for all you do for us.

  39. I felt she did an excellent job. Gave me confidence to try all the rulers. Look forward to taking more classes in the future.

  40. I found the class on ruler work very helpful. It was a refresher for me, as I took one similar at Quilt Quarters a few years ago. I appreciated that questions were answered in live time along with her demonstrating all the rulers in the sample package. This class alleviated some of my questions on how to use some of the rulers, the marking square, placing the stable tape, and info on other helpful accessories.

  41. I enjoyed watching the many designs she was able to demonstrate. She was very knowledgeable about the product and easy to learn from. I honestly thought it would be too complicated, but she made it look easy.

  42. Donna did a fabulous job with this template class. I have been intrigued by ruler work and she gave so much information. Thank you so much!

  43. Donna is AMAZING! I always learn something new and try to watch all of her videos. Keep ‘me coming, please!!!

  44. Donna is an excellent teacher. She explains everything in detail and is quick to respond to questions, making everyone feel very comfortable to ask them. She is also very kind and caring! I will definitely keep taking classes from Donna.

  45. I thought it was really good. I enjoy ruler quilting and have watched her classes before. I always learn something. she is very good and thorough.

  46. Really enjoy Donna’s easy going teaching style. Her advice has been very helpful to me to encourage me to keep practicing! I love the designs she illustrates.

  47. Donna is an extremely talented Instructor With extensive knowledge. I love watching her Videos whether live or repeats. Her instructions are easy to follow and I’m always eager to watch more

  48. Hi Donna, I participated in your Essence of Design live event on November 18th. I’m new to quilting with Rulers. The inspiration you give me is so valuable to me. With that I know I will improve. Thanks again for your healthy dose of encouragement.

  49. I have tried ruler work before, taking classes at my local Quilt Shop. Even though there was some technical problems, the virtual class was excellent as you could actually see what was happening up close. Loved Donna and the virtual class. I do hope there will be more of them as I have gotten out my rulers and am trying once again.

  50. I need more practice! Donna’s class was very instructive – I have re-watched several times now, and am getting better because of her clear instructions.
    Thank you for this wonderful class

  51. Donna is an excellent instructor. Very patient to answer questions. I am itching to get started with my rulers, but still waiting on my ruler foot to be shipped.

  52. The product was interesting and I think it would be easy to catch on in using. Don’t know if Donna was going that slow to accentuate how to use the product but it sounded like she was struggling at times on how to use the rulers. My wi-fi and feed wasn’t the greatest but that’s not her fault.

  53. Enjoyed the class very much. I’m anxious to try using my rulers and hope to see more of these classes.

  54. I enjoyed this class with Donna. She gave clear and concise information. I have watched a number of the introductory class, because I always pick up a few little new tips in each one. Great class!

  55. Donna did very well. I have followed a few instructors on your sight and find them all very good to excellent. You have chosen well Sew Steady.

  56. I hope I get my ruler foot soon. Donna makes the class fun. She is not only a good teacher she makes it seem easy.
    She is very encouraging.

  57. Donna makes here videos very easy to watch.
    I would love to see more.
    Wish I could buy a dvd with these classes.

  58. Donna is a great instructor. She makes me feel that I can conquer the templates and make extensive designs with them. I like her patience in teaching us . It was a great learning experience for me.

  59. I was really hoping to learn the ruler work technique. I bought the fabric and sat down to watch but the feed was so bad, I gave up.
    Are you doing a rerun?

  60. I enjoyed the virtual instruction with Donna very much and I look forward to more. Donna is an excellent instructor! I feel that I can start using my templates with confidence. I’m looking forward to more lessons.

  61. Donna is a great instructor. Her step by step method is very clear. Her humor keeps everything going. I will watch her again!

  62. I really enjoyed the class and thought it was very informative. I am excited to get the foot and rulers to get started learning to ruler quilt. Can’t wait to see what I can design using these tools!!

  63. Donna did good. This was my first class, unfortunately it was a very poor connection. was very hard to watch and listen with the connection. I would like more education on the rulers. I haven’t done any ruler quilting. Wondering if there simple designs that can be done with the rulers?

  64. I guess Donna would be an excellent teacher if the video feed wasn’t so bad. I could not see what she was doing nor hear her explain. The only thing I learned was that I have a low shank machine. Sorry, I could not watch it at all.

  65. The class was very interesting and informative of what I could see and hear. I can finally figure out how to use the low shank package I bought a few years ago! However, it was very disappointing that Donna’s end of the virtual class was almost impossible to watch. I did watch a little bit later but sitting for 2 hours is not a pleasing thought right now! I did finally understand more about the shank now as I couldn’t see the beginning during the class. It was also frustrating just trying to connect with the class in the beginning. I had signed up for it, but still had to jump through hoops before I could get on and even use the chat. Besides those frustrations, I was excited to see that it was possible to quilt using templates and it seems that Donna is very knowledgeable in teaching this class. Thank you, Fabric Patch for the chance to see this!

  66. Even though Donna is usually by herself she does such a good job! Keeping up with the camera the questions, the sound and still does a great job making sure she is teaching us nice and slow so we understand!!!!👏👏👏

  67. Donna is a wonderful teacher!!! She is moving slow for us to make sure we are learning from her!!! Also I feel sorry for her because most of the time she is there by herself! And she has to do everything by herself that’s pretty hard to do! So thank you Donna!!!!!!😊

  68. The audio was SO SO SO very choppy, it was difficult to even think about what was said. The class might have been wonderful. I just listened to a portion of the recorded class, and it is much better, but still a pinch choppy. I was very unhappy at the virtual session, that I finally gave up after an hour. I have to believe you have done several virtual sessions before, and had worked thru all the glitches prior to this class. I feel it is unacceptable to have such horrible glitches at this stage.

  69. I really enjoyed the class. I have never done ruler work before and after seeing it done, I am very anxious to try it.

  70. This was my very first time seeing these rulers. Very interested to learn more. Unfortunately due to technical trouble we couldn’t hear the instructor but have been promised a repeat session. Thank you for sharing so much knowledge. Was fun to watch even without sound

  71. I learn something everytime I watch her.
    Donna is such a good teacher. She doesnt hurry in the class so we can get it.

  72. Donna makes me laugh. Her sense of humor makes the class. She is calm and patient. Her tips are invaluable and truly appreciated.I could watch her classes again and again.

  73. I love taking Donna’s virtual classes. Donna is very informative and I always learn something new. I love how she explains the details. I just signed up for Essence Quilt class. I also love her templates and just ordered some from watching her use them.
    Donna is definitely a 5 star teacher. Looking forward to more of your virtual classes.

  74. The sound was poor. I did enjoy watching her work. It would have been nice to hear her explain the nuances of the design construction.

  75. this was a very good class. I have been ruler quilting for a while and still learned things. really appreciate class. had some problems with internet but we live in the country.

  76. Excellent tutor, explains everything well. If you want to get the most out of your rulers attend Donna’s classes.

  77. I thought Donna did a very good job with her ruler class. After her class I wanted to get out the rulers I have and practice using them. I also am excited to get some more rulers!

  78. This was the first time in one of Donna’s classes and I am new to ruler quilting. I felt brave enough to give my rulers another try and had some encouraging results. Donna has a plethora of sewing/ ruler work knowledge. Even with technical difficulties Donna was patient and continued as if nothing went wrong. Donna you are a class act!

  79. I thought Donna did an outstanding job, considering the tech problem. She dealt with the stress very well. I was very impressed with the way she could field the questions and still keep sewing. I have never used the rulers so the class was extremely beneficial to me. I have yet to experiment, however.

  80. I found the class on ruler work very helpful despite the technology glitches. I appreciated that questions were answered in live time along with demos. Donna’s caution about looking away and stitching out of line was valuable, as she showed how to correct an error without major ripping out. This class took the mystery out of how to use rulers, place stable tape, and helpful accessories.

  81. Enjoyed the class very much. Donna did an absolutely great job and eventhough there were some technical glitches, she coped nicely with them and was able to get all the training demos completed as well as answering all the questions posed. Thank you Donna!

  82. I have owned the rulers for years and never really knew how to use them properly until taking Donna’s class. Thank you!

  83. Unfortunately the connection for the class on Oct 26 was very poor.
    I did appreciate some of the tips I learned even though I have used the ruler work.

  84. Donna makes here videos very easy to watch. She is so knowledgeable and calming when she teaches.
    I would love to see more.

  85. I have just started watching the ruler classes. I am so thankful that Donna takes her time to explain so a newbie like myself can understand.

  86. I have just started watching the ruler classes. I am so thankful that Donna takes her time and explains so that a newbie like myself understands.

  87. This was my first class with Donna and I couldn’t have been more pleased and encouraged to try this method of quilting. She is an excellent teacher and am hoping to learn more from her.

  88. Donna is such a good teacher. She paces the class at a level where nobody gets left behind. She doesn’t mind stopping to answer questions along the way. And always responds with “That’s a GREAT question!”…making everybody feel welcome, whether you are a beginner or experienced quilter. I will definitely keep taking classes from Donna!!

  89. Donna was excellent and extremely helpful. My questions were answered and she gave great advice and information. I’m just learning about ruler quilting, and she didn’t overwhelm me- after watching her, I am excited to try this new technique.

  90. I have been watching Donna’s classes for a while now, she has such a gentle way of teaching, great patience making sure that all questions are answered, appreciating that many watching are newbies. As Deb M said that she has such an estensive knowledge of sewing and rulers. I have learnt such a lot just by watching, so thank you very much Donna.

  91. I really enjoyed Donna’s ruler work class. You have made it less intimidating to use this technique. I can’t wait for my order to arrive so I can practice what I’ve learned!!! K

  92. Donna’s class was great! She did a great job teaching us making sure we understood everything she was teaching!!! You could tell she is very proud of what she does! Enjoys teaching! She makes you really want to get in there and do what she is doing!!! Thank you Donna, will be great to see you again!!!!! 😊👏👏👏

  93. Donna’s class was excellent. I am about half way through her Essence of Design class. Her instructions and demos are quite helpful. She goes over and beyond in her help. She quickly responds to questions. Her classes have helped me turn some corners during this COVID BREAK,

  94. After watching Donna’s classes, I went back and played with my starter set of templates. I had success for the first time! Thank you, thank you! Please keep doing classes showing more templates!

  95. I found this class to be informative and Dona has a lot of talent to share. This particular class was more sales oriented than instructional, however I still picked up some pointers.

  96. I am a newbie to ruler work and was intimidated y the templates. I have taken several of Donna’s classes and she made me comfortable enough to sit down at my machine and try them. Thank you Donna for giving me the confidence to start using my templates. I love them all

  97. It is so much fun being in one of Donna’s classes. She has an extensive sewing and ruler template knowledge.Her patience and sense of humour make a wonderful learning experience. I have found Donna ‘s template designs very easy to use.
    Congratulations Donna.

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