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Janet Collins

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Westalee Design Accredited Teacher

Perth, Australia (willing to travel)
08 94094316

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I have always had a passion for all things quilty since I started learning nearly 30 years ago. I grew up with a needle in my hand and was always making something. Having been a Primary School Teacher in another life, I bring those skills to my teaching and designing of Patchwork and Quilting. In 2009 whilst working in a Patchwork Shop in Perth WA. I met Leonie and Bill West from Westalee Designs. The rest as they say is history. Leonie and myself just clicked. I became extremely proficient using Westalee Designs Rulers and Templates. However, actually quilting my quilts, apart from ditch stitching was my nemesis. Then along came the Westalee Ruler Foot and Templates for domestic sewing machines. 

Now I LOVE to machine quilt.

I was the first Westalee Design Accredited Teacher in the world, being personally mentored by Leonie West. I was also the first Accredited Westalee Design Ruler Foot teacher in the world and in 2015, I was invited by Bill and Leonie to accompany them to Houston to teach and demonstrate there. I know the difficulties for people who say they cannot quilt. I was one of them.  My gentle and humorous manner has helped my students everywhere to gain confidence. I always say that when I look around a classroom and sees the other students helping each other I know I have done my job.

“My greatest pleasure is to see people succeed.”

I am very proud to also be a fully Accredited Teacher and examiner for the West Australian Quilters Association.

From The First Stitch To The Last – Website

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11 thoughts on “Janet Collins

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  1. I began my passion for ruler work with Janet’s book. She gave me a solid start for what has brought me hours of pleasure. Thank you Janet Collins

  2. I so enjoyed the class with Janet Collins. She was very thorough and willing to answer any questions. I can’t wait to review the classes and practice the designs. I am looking forward to finishing the sampler quilt. I hope this will be a beginning to template quilting.

  3. I ,too,have been following Janet for sometime. Doing her classes as offered,learning a lot along the way.I have learned that I can ruler quilt,change things to my liking,and actually create my own design. May not like my own at first but with tweaking it is better. I credit Janet with that as she always encourages you to do your own thing ,not just coppy cat. Looking forward to more classes. By the way,you can teach an old dog new tricks. I am 70y/o.

  4. I enjoyed the class with Janet Collins. I have finally finished the project this week. I am very pleased with the result. Janet is so knowledgeable and encourages you to experiment. Love thst.

  5. I really learned a lot in the classes that I recently took with Janet. I enjoyed her teaching style and humor.
    She made Ruler work much less intimidating. The biggest take-a-way from the classes for me was there are no hard and fast rules. Do what you like and what makes you happy. I had a miniature quilt that has been waiting to be quilted for over a year. After Taking Janet’s class, I used my clamshell Ruler to do an all over clamshell design and I now have a completed quilt! Thank you Janet!

  6. I’ve taken various sewing, quilting, etc. classes throughout the years. This is by far THE BEST class EVER. I’ve been so inspired since the 1st class, that I’m constantly thinking about designing ideas for my current and future quilts. Janet Collins has a unique way to inspire students. Thank you Janet for your awesomeness!!!

  7. This is an excellent class taught by a great teacher. She does not stick strictly to the blocks in the written instructions on all of the blocks, but you get them. On some blocks, she shows you how to change it up a bit and get more out of your templates and encourages you to experiment and expand your horizons. I loved that! Having access to hearing an experienced teacher such as her talk to you as if you were in her class was a wonderful experience for me.

  8. I took my first ruler class with Janet and was immediately impressed and thereafter hooked. Janet explained everything so well, was confident in her knowledge and imparted helpful snippets of information that made the learning process so much easier. I travelled more than an hour yesterday to buy threads and rulers from her shop not only because I trust Janet’s judgement but because she is also a lovely, welcoming, friendly lady who is devoted to improving other quilters skills and confidence.

  9. I have been exploring ruler quilting in Janet Collin’s classes for several years and loved every minute.
    Janet has the unique gift to support and encourage students to move outside their boundaries and to develop new levels of self confidence.
    I admire her ability to teach a class of unruly adults through the laughter and interruptions. Janet’s ideas of The Basics needed to sew a sound quilt are as important as sewing around a ruler. In my 73 years I have finally learnt how to use an iron properly!
    Janet’s classes are the highlight of my month. I have become very proficient at redesigning whatever is put in front of me and making it work. Now I am designing my own projects each becoming a personally created wonder of achievement with Janet there supporting me.

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