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Pam Varner

In-Store Instructor

Westalee Design Accredited Teacher

Arizona (willing to travel anywhere in the US)

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Originally from the Chicago area, I have lived in Tucson, AZ for 40 years.

I love to quilt and I love to teach. For over 10 years I have enjoyed educating sewers in various quilting methods. I also love notions. Free motion has always been a technique that I just couldn’t get.  In the  summer (2015), I discovered the Westalee Design by Sew Steady® ruler foot and templates. I was hooked and now I have conquered a new skill.  Whenever I try something new, I spend some extra time thinking about various ways it can be taught.

I became so enthusiastic about this product, I contacted Sew Steady®.  I really enjoy meeting fellow quilters. The expression on a customer’s face when they try free motion with a ruler foot for the first time is the highlight of my day.

I teach online classes to those who do not have the opportunity to attend them in a store. I currently have students from 8 different countries and love the connection we all have through quilting.

Why Westalee Design Templates: “Westalee Design  has given me the tools I needed to take my quilting beyond a walking foot. Each template is a starting point that encourages me to challenge my creativity.”

Check out Pam’s Video using Westalee Design Snowflakes

Additional Patterns and Courses Available on Sew Steady University By Pam:

65 thoughts on “Pam Varner

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  1. Waited a long time for this demo and I was not disappointed. Cannot wait for it to be added to the University. Way to go PAM!!!!

  2. Love Pam’s Sassy Fans. I now have all the rulers to try and make them. Keep the classes coming Pam.

    Thank you

  3. Excellant class. So much fun and always learn something new. Love the thread painting idea, something new to try.

  4. Love to watch Pam when she has a new class. Lots of information given in a clear manner. Try not to miss her classes. She’s a great teacher!

  5. I love Pam. I found her through Google (I live in the South of Spain and quilting day to day here does not exist) and I’m working my way through two of her beginner ruler work classes. Nothing is too much trouble. She does live Zoom once a month, I love it, we are interactive not just watching. She always responds quickly to my emails. What a fantastic ambassador for Westalee.

  6. I liked the class. I never would have thought to use thread painting with rulers. Thank you Pam for a great class.

  7. I liked the class. I never would have thought to thread paint with rulers. This class gave me some new ideas for my quilting. Thank you Pam for a great class.

  8. Pam, did a get job. She is so easy going and explains things very well. I can’t wait to try the thread painting. It looks like something I would enjoy.

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed Pam’s thread painting class!!! It was my first time attending one of her classes and found it to be a wonderful experience. The content is something I intend to put into practice. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  10. Love Pam’s easy going teaching style. Have taken a couple of her classes and thoroughly enjoyed them. Found the thread painting class very informative and want to try this in the near future.

  11. Pam always has wonderful classes. She was the one that taught me my first class on how to use my rulers. I havesince taken several other of her classes. She is very helpful with her students questions.

  12. I an very excited to try thread painting. Another great way to use my rulers. Pam’s teaching style is wonderful for some of us that are intimidated with ruler work

  13. Pam did a great job on her instructions on the Temple T-shirt – very thorough and explained everything so well – makes me feel I can do this – Thanks again, Pam

  14. Pam did an excellent job showing how to do Templee— Hearts on a T-Shirt. After watching Pam demonstrate the procedure and thoroughly explaining the process I feel I will be able to do this project and make some gifts using this process also. Thank you Pam. Excellent teacher and very knowledgeable.

  15. Pam, I thoroughly enjoyed this class on templee- you explained so well – looking forward to other instructions from you. Thank you so much for your indepth teaching.

  16. Pam did a great job on this class. Her instructions and insights were articulate and thorough. I enjoyed this class.

  17. Pam did an excellent job,as usual. I have taking classes with Pam for 4+ years and have always learned alot. She explains well,shows how to take care of oopses,and gets the the answers to questions in a timely manor..She is always “down to earth. My rating is 5 stars.

  18. Loved the heart t-shirt class. Can not wait to try to make one. Pam’s instructions are clear and she always makes it fun🤗

  19. Enjoyed the class. already own the heart set so I’m happy to learn more I can do with them. Now I just have to recover from knee replacement surgery so I can create this design.

  20. I love taking classes. I’ve attended several retreats before covid with a certified Sew Steady instructor. I have many of the rulers. I think these classes are wonderful on line. There are so many things that can be done with them that I would never thought possible. Pam is such a wonderful teacher. She is calm even through the unexpected things that come up with live shows. She is so clear with her instructions. She explains every step with a great amount of knowledge. It’s obvious that she puts a lot of preparation in before her classes. I’m looking forward to a lot more classes with Pam. Thank you Pam for a lovely project that is so fun.

  21. Pam’s heart class was excellent. She is so easy to follow, I am hearing impaired and her voice is so concise and clear. I love to be able to understand her. I am going to make one of these T-shirts for my granddaughter. Thank you Pam you’re a 5 star teacher

  22. Pam does a great job instructing and taking you step by step through the process of making your project. Easy to follow and very creative ideas for making projects other than quilts!

  23. I have taken several of Pam’s courses and find myself going back to review them when making new projects. She explains things in a simple, easy to duplicate way and the possibilities are endless using her basic teachings.

  24. Great class from Pam on the heart t-shirt. It’s nice to see templates used for other things besides quilts. Pam always takes the time to explain a technique, especially when asked a question by the student. Pam deserves Five stars!!!

  25. Just started watching Pam’s tutorials and am quite impressed. She provides thorough explainations throughout the project. Absolutley love the new projects that aren’t necessarily “QUILTS”! Great gift ideas are always welcomed in my arsenal. Thanks Pam!

  26. Loved the class. Pam is a fabulous instructor. She is always helpful and responds to questions. I plan on taking more of her classes

  27. Wonderful class. I am just starting with rulers and this looked like a good starting point for me. Thank you.

  28. Loved the coaster class! A great way to practice with rulers and make a useful gift or item. Can’t wait to make a few! I appreciate her use of the basic templates from the starter set. And I love the idea of making a coaster for the cup holder in my car!

  29. The Beginning Ruler Work was my first class with Westervill Sew-N-Save and Pam Varner. I enjoyed the entire class and loved Pam’s enthusiasm for the rulers and helping us to understand. What stands out most for me is how she built upon each tool/accessory. We started with the flat surface and then the Sew Steady table, the grid glider, and everything else. I never got lost. Maybe a little overwhelmed by all the possibilities, but I have a better idea on how and where to get started.

  30. I really enjoyed Pam as a teacher. She kept me engaged the whole time! I am so excited about my ruler work! I ordered the package and can’t wait to get it!

  31. This was great! I normally am not a fan of online classes but your camera angle and step by step explanations were easy to follow. Thanks!!

  32. Pam is an awesome teacher. I really loved the way she put a piece of black paper, behind the ruler to show us what it looked like. Pam did a great job. I am going to make this project. Thank you.

  33. Great at explaining what she’s doing and then letting you see it for yourself. Felt more comfortable with trying this myself after watching this class.

  34. Love Pam , she makes classes fun and understanding, her instructions are easy to follow. I will take more classes with her anytime. Good teacher, great class!!!

  35. Pam is a great teacher. She is so down to earth and loves to answer questions along the way, stopping to make sure you understand what she’s teaching. I loved the spider web because I have that template already and have used it a couple of times. I give her 5 stars!!! Will definitely take more of her classes!

  36. Pam did a tremendous job. I loved this project so much, I bought the spin and echo #1 and the Spinning wave #6. I have fabric on the way to make the project. And I said I was not buying any more rulers LOL. More classes using these tools please.

    Thank you Pam

  37. I have been dabbling in ruler work and own the Westalee starter kit. I attended an in person class on the use of these rulers. I learned so much more from Pam’s video than the in-person class or any other you tube videos. She is patient and explains everything clearly. I especially liked the extra tips she provided me.I will definitely sign up for more of her classes.

  38. Pam is such a through teacher. She has wonderful ideas and explains things in such a way that’s understandable to a beginner. I have been in her classes before and have yet to come away without learning at least one or two new things. Thank you Pam for your method of teaching, not just newbies, but those continuing our education.

  39. Regardless if you are new to ruler work or experienced, you will learn so much from Pam. She makes even complicated designs easy to do and understand because she explained EVERY step you need to do to accomplish it. She also explains WHY she does it the way she shows so you understand better. I also love that she shows you when she makes a mistake and then will show you her to fix it. I have learned so much from Pam. I highly recommend her class for beginners called “Quilt as You Go Sampler Series”. You will be shocked at what you will learn and can accomplish. Pam is also really good about answering texts and emails is you have questions.

  40. Pam is an excellent teacher, readily available to answer questions. If she is busy her replies are not delayed long. Thoroughly enjoy learning from her.

    1. Hi, Pam is a great teacher. “Snow Much Fun Snowflakes” She explained how to use Snowflakes templates & Key gates. I really enjoy her class. If she makes mistake or problem, she gives a great idea & tip. The difficult to put the foot in so she uses a mirror.
      Snowflakes Templates with Key Gates and Basic Marker Tool are on my wish list (thinking about buying the tools) I love holidays sale. Thank you so much

  41. I really enjoy online classes with Pam. I’ve taken her online sampler class, which gave me SO Much confidence to step out of the box and try new things. The next class was the Feather Templates, again I learned how to use the templates I’d had for a year! No matter how many utube videos I watched I couldn’t get them right. Yet Pam being such a great teacher with her online LIVE classes with Q & A after helped me learn them. I certainly look forward to any future classes she has!

  42. Hi Pam,
    I’m looking to buy the fabric for “Making Applique Easy With Westalee Design Leonies Selection Tempates.” Do you carry all the supplies on your website including the fabric that is in the picture on Sew Steady’s website? Where would I find Meadow 22″ by 5 1/2 and Sky 22″ by 51/2″? I want the exact fabric and designing as the picture. Do I need the special Westalee foot for metallic thread or will the regular one work just as well?
    Thanks for your help, and hope to hear from you soon,

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