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Feather Ruler Organizer Pattern by Lorena Corzatt

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Lorena Corzatt has created a  four pocket organizer to transport and display all of your Sew Steady rulers. A great way to keep them organized and accessible.  20″x 33″ Ruler Organizer with   4 Sections that are 6″ x 20″ each.


Rulers needed:
Feather Template Set
Feather Spine, 10” or 12”
Sashlee Lineworks or 12” Arc
Circles on Quilts Wreath 16, 5.5”
Spacing Gauge
8 point Crosshair Square


Other Supplies:

1 yard main fabric:
1/4 yard accent fabric:
4 pieces heavyweight vinyl
1 – 22” x 8”
1 – 22” x 7 1/2”
1 – 22” x 7”
1 – 22” x 6 1/2”
Soft and Stable 22” x 36”
4 – 22” zippers
Clover double sided basting tape 1/4”
self threading needles

2 responses to “Feather Ruler Organizer Pattern by Lorena Corzatt”

  1. Feather Ruler OrganizerI was so excited to get the pattern as a free gift with one of the feather rulers I purchased. I did not purchase the class as I have been sewing for over 50 years. Unfortunately, I felt the instructions in the pattern were poorly written and at times very difficult to follow. Seemed like some steps were either missing critical information or calculations were off. I did complete the project and I am happy with the work I did.

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