Westalee Design Slant Shank Ruler Foot for Singer® Machines

Product Description


We are excited to announce the Westalee Design Slant Shank Ruler Foot, made from composite stainless steel. This new Slant Shank Ruler Foot is due for release in a few weeks, and is only available for select Singer® Slant Shank machines.

Slant Shank Ruler Foot comes with a 12″ Arc Template and Stable Tape.

The Slant Shank Ruler Foot was successfully design registered in August 2017 with design registration pending in the USA. Testing on a range of Slant Shank machines has been successfully completed and for those of you with a Singer® Slant Shank machine who want to be among the first to have this Ruler Foot, you can Pre-order now.

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