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Westalee Design Straight Rulers

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We make a large selection of Straight Rulers in different lengths and widths. If you have a special request just ask!

2 responses to “Westalee Design Straight Rulers”

  1. I love cross hatching and wanted to do a little more than was possible with the 12 in arc. Love all the lines, and I could pick a size that was good for my smaller “throat” machine.

  2. Straight line rulersSome days I can’t draw a straight line so of course I couldn’t sew a straight line. I rely on my Sew Steady rulers to help me sew in a straight line when I am ruler quilting.(Which is all the time, I am a ruler quilting addict.)I had a judge recently inquire as to whether I used computer generated quilting, I told her NO, I use template rulers.

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