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Westalee Design Spike ‘N Peeper Set

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Set includes 1 Adjustable Dresden Spike, 2 Peepers and DVD. When used with a Dresden Plate, the Spike and / or Peepers can finish the space between Dresden Plates.

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Review for DM Quilting - Winding Way Template - High Shank
Best Ruler Ever!

This Winding Way Template has become my favorite ruler. As someone who cant FMQ her way out of a paper bag, I have to use rulers to quilt my quilts. This ruler is so easy to use, and quick to fill a quilt. I think that the design would look good on any style quilt block. It’s now my “go to” ruler. I would love to see more of this kind of ruler for quilting on quilts.

Review for Westalee Design Domestic Ruler Foot - Low Shank
I love it!!

I had a clarity ruler foot and I broke it! I really am sort of new at FMQ and ruler work. I’m teaching myself, but this Westalee foot has made it a lot easier!! I am doing really well with my ruler work

Review for Westalee Design Mini Crosshair Square Set
Sew steady Table

Table is very nice the top was sticky when I got it and I have it set up to use today. I have 2 other tables for 2 other machines and the tables give you plenty of space to work with and make nice light boxes when needed. The one for my Featherweight give me a nice surface to work on. I did not receive notification when my table and templates were shipped. Emails were not replied by Sew Steady it was another company name, that was confusing. I did not receive my Grid Glider with the table (that was the special at the time) and had to call customer service. They said it would be shipped soon, still waiting for that. Also, I understand with this Covid 19 going on things happen. The products are really wonderful but sometimes things get lost in the shuffle.

Review for Westalee Design Mini Crosshair Square Set
Mini CrossHair Set

Only used the 8 one so far but am enjoying using it. They come in handy with the Mini Spin E Flex Templates…

Review for Westalee Design Mini Spin-E-Fex Templates
Mini Spin E Flex Templates

Really like the minis they fit in small areas and even inside other designs.

120 reviews «1 of 24»
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