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Australia Needs Our Help

The wildfires raging across Australia have caused wide spread destruction with the damage taking months or years to repair.

Here at Sew Steady, Australia has always had a special place in our heart. With some of the most beautiful countryside in the world and delightful array of animals it also boasts some of the most creative quilters in the industry.





Ever since our first introduction to Westalee Design we have come to appreciate the passion and innovation of a great culture and quilting community.  We would like to say Thank you to all our Australian Sewing & Quilting Partners and their friends and families.  Please take a moment to look over the many organizations that are working hard to help support all those that have been effected by the recent Wildfires.

What can you do?

Donations can be made to one of the many organizations below.  We also encourage you use your love of sewing and quilting to help make needed blankets, pet beds, pouches or wraps for the numerous injured animals.

Fire departments – Victoria donate at cfa.vic.gov.au.

For departments – New South Wales on the government’s website.

Australian Red Cross

Victorian Government

Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal

GIVIT – Goods for Good Causes

WIRES – Wildlife Rescue

Koala Hospital Port Macquarie

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

RSPCA Australia

Wildlife Victoria

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

World Wildlife Fund Australia

Animal Rescue Craft Guild

Australian Koala Foundation

Thank you for your help! No donation is too small to make a difference.

Some recent photos of our visit to Australia earlier this year….

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  1. Dear Westalee,
    I had the opportunity to meet with some of your representatives in Houston, so when I say I am extremely proud of you, know that I mean it from the heart. I have donated to some of the above organizations with what I can, but truly admire how resilient the country is trying to be in such a tragedy. Your concern is also admirable, when a lot of companies only care about how it will benefit them. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being out there when a place that affects ALL of us, is going through this devastation that is very tragic.

    Very sincerely,

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