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Westalee Design Decorative Thread Ruler Foot Project – Linda Hall

At Sew Steady, we appreciate the great work and passion our promoted Instructors and Accredited Teachers put into every project! Shown here is a BEAUTIFUL Continuum Table Runner Project that Linda Hall created using the Westalee Design Decorative Thread Ruler Foot and the Quilt Class in a Bag!

Linda originally planned this project to be a bed runner using the Westalee Design Quilt Class In A Bag Continuum set.  She photocopied the layout plan from the booklet, cut it apart and assembled it back together to make a smaller version of the original Continuum Quilt Design by Leonie West for a bed runner rather than a large quilt.  She auditioned, then chose several fabrics that go with the print to include in my project.  She then decided to try her hand at the new Westalee Design Decorative Thread Ruler Foot in some of the blocks to make them stand out.

This project is reversible and in order for that to work Linda had to make sure both sides were presentable.  She used heavy gold Glamour thread on the purple ombre side to make the stars.  On the flip side, She used the same thread on the solid green side areas to make the gold designs.  Linda used invisible thread in the bobbin so that no quilting pattern would interrupt the pretty prints.  The prints were quilted at the same time as the solids – you just can’t see the thread design because of using invisible thread in the bobbin.


Linda used Leonie West’s Sashlee Quilt technique and her Westalee Design Bound To Fit Binding tool.  Great work, Linda!

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