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All of the embroidery designs found in our Starter Sampler collection were inspired by the Westalee Design Starter Sampler Class Series, designed by Leonie West. This series uses 7 quilting templates that create 25 unique block designs in a beautiful 60” x 72” quilt following “Quilt As You Go” techniques.

This collection includes 263 designs:

  • 62 Fill Designs
  • 48 Quilting Block Designs
  • 33 Quilting Border Designs
  • 13 Quilting Corner Motif Designs
  • 94 Bean Stitch Designs
  • 12 Miniature Motif Designs


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Get the Quilt as You Go EmbroideLee class FREE with this collection!

Just like Leonie’s original project, the EmbroideLee Quilt as You Go class takes you through the “Quilt As You Go” techniques, but using EmbroideLee to embroider each block rather than using Westalee Design Rulers. This project is a great introduction to both quilting and using embroidery on quilts.

Already have the starter sampler collection? You can register your collection today using the QR code on pg. 3 of your lookbook and get access to this amazing course on Sew Steady University!


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  1. Love working with my Westalee Rulers, and also love to embroider. What a terrific idea to use the two in tandem!! Amazing!!

  2. Have some rulers and each video is inspiring to help create AWSOME designs on quilts, wearables, and gifts. Look forward to learning something from each show.

  3. I am a bigginner too but love machine embroidery and the idea of combining it with rulers. Love all things by Sew Steady

  4. I have some rulers but, don’t really know how to use them. Having the basics and knowing how to begin using them would be fabulous!

  5. I have many Sew Steady rulers, but at a loss to do more than basics. Love the idea of embroidery designs too.

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