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Looking Back on 2023

As we dive into the new year, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the new products we introduced in 2023:

Westalee Design Starry Nights Full Collection & Star Connector

Star Connector: $15, Block Set: $70, Individual Templates: $12-$45

In 2023, we released Westalee Design Starry Nights Full Collection, including Star Connector!

The Starry Night templates are offered as both block sets and individual templates. The Starry Night Block Sets allow you to enjoy the amazing features of the Starry Nights 16 Block Quilt two blocks at a time.

With the block sets, you receive the unique Templates to make that block along with the two block patterns from the full book along and the 2 hour video based class. You also receive the two full embroidery collections for each block in the set and the Bonus video based education for each set. That is right each block set is full of bonuses!

The Star Connector Template is designed to connect designs in the Starry Nights project. The Star Connector Template includes 5 pivot points, which work in conjunction with the slots to offer multiple connecting stitched line sizes.


Sew Biz Filler Paddle


The Sew Biz Filler Paddle allows you to create template designs in a circular pattern. The numbers on the paddle are only for reference and do not represent units of measure. Use the paddle to fill the opening outside of the design and position one of the holes in the Paddle on a thumb tack in the middle of the design area. Not all templates will have the type of opening to use with the paddle. However, you can still tape the Paddle to the template.

The Filler Paddle has been designed by Donelle McAdams for use with Templates with a 1/2” width space to allow for the Filler Paddle.


EmbroideLee Sampler, Mini and Starry Nights Collections

Mini: $25, Sampler: SALE! $149, Starry Nights: SALE! $379

Create out of this world embellishments with our new EmbroideLee Sampler, Mini and Starry Nights Collections collection of beautiful embroidery designs inspired by Westalee Design’s ruler work Starry Nights series of templates. These designs will make your patchwork, quilting and garment projects shine to elevate your creativity. Designs are sent on a USB with a printed copy of the EmbroideLee Look Book of the collections.

Ruler work and embroidery work in tandem to create beautiful projects in a variety of sizes, which is why these embroidery designs are sized to fit into 4”, 6” and 8” hoops. Fill, edge to edge, bean stitch and true to size designs are included in this series. Get 3 free classes for this collection next year from an EmbroideLee Club Location!


Westalee Design Angel Wings Template Set


The Westalee Design Angel Wings Template Set includes 1 Wing Template and 4 Inserts, which aid in different sizes of concentric design. These Templates allow you to create both rotating / concentric designs and border designs. Consider trying the Angel Wings at Christmas Table Runner class by Helen Sullivan.


Sew For Less Fire and Ice Templates

Fire: $50, Ice: $30

These AMAZING Fire & Ice templates designed by Sew for Less includes a four pc set of fire templates and a two pc set of ice templates, sold separately!

Fire Templates can be used to create concentric rotating designs and border designs. This 4pc Set includes 2.5”, 3.5”, 4.25” & 5.25” designs.

Ice Templates can be used to create concentric rotating designs and border designs. Each Template includes a foot rest on each end to allow for various angling of the Template to create different ice shaped designs.


Westalee Design Artisan Bonus Set


The Westalee Design Artisan Bonus Set is a 4pc Template Set, including: Artisan Curve #63 Oval 2.5″, Artisan Curve #73 Marquise 1″x 2.5″, Artisan Curve #87 Curved Marquise 2.5″x 4″, Artisan Curve #5 a 2″ Circle.

Consider trying some of our amazing education using this set! These classes include the Artisan Bonus set and paired it with the original Artisan Sampler to help you create stunning projects and designs using the TempLeeQuilt to wow you! Artisan Nights by Ann Moore, Artisan Lace Revisited by Janet Collins, Vertically Challenged 24″ X 36″ Table Runner by Diane Russel


Westalee Design Summer Sampler

SALE! $65

Summer just got better with the release of the new Westalee Design Summer Sampler, including the Westalee Butterfly Template. You will find summer sensational block designs that will be perfect to finish any quilt. Learn how to finish quilts with these block designs and experience how the designs can pop with TempLeeQuilt a method of reverse applique with rulers.

The Westalee Design Summer Sampler Includes: Honeycomb Template (Create Block designs from 3.5” – 15.5”),
NEW Circles On Quilts Butterfly Template (Create 11.5”, 10.5”, or 9.5” Block Designs), Spinning Branch (Create a 11.5” Block Design), Mini Spin-e-Fex #12 (Create 1.5” & 2.5” Designs)


Butterflies and Bontanicals by Designs to Di For


Create the ultimate summer garden designs with thisButterflies and Bontanicals by Designs to Di For 5 piece sampler set. In this class learn how to combine these designs to make beautiful garden designs and see how the project pops with TempLeeQuilt Technique a form of reverse applique.

The Sampler Set includes: Butterfly Wings (4.5” tall x 3” wide design), Butterfly Body (3” tall & 1-3/4” tall designs), Daisy Pointed Petal-Small (2” design) & Large (3-1/4” design), Plumeria Full Pointed Petal-Large(4” design)

Check out the class included with this set: Into My Garden


Westalee Design Good Night Pillow Template Set Class & Embroidery Design

SALE! $25/h3>

Create the Westalee Design Good Night Pillow that is sure to light up any room! Pam Varner, Westalee Design Accredited Teacher, has created a fun Ruler Work & Embroidery Project! In this project you get the “Good Night” Font from our using Starry Nights Font Collection & two new templates never released before: the Starry Nights Series 2.5” Star #3 Template and 1.5” Star #4. Glow in the Dark Thread Sold Seperately!


Westalee Design Stepping Out Series


The Westalee Design Stepping Out Series is a 5pc template set that includes Ovals, 1.5″ Bud, 1″ Petal, 1.5″ Petal, 2″ Petal.


Westalee Design Continuous Diamonds


The Westalee Design Connecting Diamonds Set allow you to create borders, block designs and edge to edge quilting with ease. Template comes in 5 sizes and a 5 piece set: 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, & 5 Piece Set

The December Table Topper by Kathy Clawson kicks off these FREE with purchase of the full set!


DMQuilting Triad Diamonds Templates


The DMQuilting Triad Diamonds Templates collection is the first in the TRIAD series which has 3 specific shapes that work together or independently per size. There are 7 total templates in this collection. The small 2.5″ group is contained within one template – a 3-in-1 template! Available individually and as a 7-piece SET containing all templates in the collection. Sizes: 2.5″, 3.5″ & 4.5″

Created by DMQuilting.


DMQuilting Triad Miniatures Templates


The 1.5″ tall DMQuilting Triad Miniatures Templates is a smaller version of the original Triad templates. The set contains 3 differently shaped templates, TEARDROPS, DIAMONDS and OVAL and are the same 3-in-1 combination as the larger 2.5″ size templates.


DMQuilting Triad Teardrops


This DMQuilting Triad Teardrops collection is the second in the TRIAD series which has 3 specific shapes that work together or independently per size like the Triad Diamond templates do. Available individually and as a 7-piece SET containing all templates in the collection.

Stable Tape included.

We wish everyone a safe, prosperous and creative 2024!

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