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Kathy DeBoer


CHRISTMAS IN JULY: Part 1 – DMQ Mrs. Claus Templates 

It’s time to dust off those jingle bells and get ready for a merry celebration like no other. Yes, my festive friends, it’s Christmas in July, and we’re about to make it the most dazzling one yet! And what better way to deck the halls in midsummer than with the magical Mrs. Claus Template Set from DMQuilting

 The Mrs. Claus Template Set is not only a gateway to summer Christmas dreams but also a tool of creativity and precision. Crafted with care and made from high-quality materials, these templates ensure that your stitching adventures go smoothly and flawlessly. Seamlessly maneuver through the fabric as you create stunning motifs that capture the essence of a sunny holiday season. Your quilts will radiate the joy and magic of celebrating Christmas in July! This incredible set features a 3″ x 3″ Stepping Stone pattern, Holly Leaf templates in 1″ and 2″ sizes, a delightful 3″ Ribbon Candy design, and charming 2.5″ and 3.5″ Bell templates. Unleash your creativity and bring the holiday spirit to life with these versatile and captivating designs.

 So, grab your Santa hat, put on your favorite Hawaiian shirt, and let the Mrs. Claus Template Set transport you to a midsummer Christmas wonderland. Whether you’re snuggled up indoors with the air conditioning blasting or enjoying a backyard barbecue, these templates will add a burst of festive spirit to your quilting projects. It’s time to embrace the joyful warmth of Christmas in July and spread the cheer to all who behold your delightful creations. Happy stitching and a very merry Christmas in July to you all! 




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  1. Your sew Steady University and YouTube channel is very educational and inspiring. I watch past and current events and demonstrations. I save as much as I can to my library to reference back to. Looking forward to seeing more educational and inspiring videos. Christmas in July is so awesome.

  2. I love watching all that is offered. I’m learning so much on creativity and techniques. I really want the Christmas templates and spin effects. I just received all of the Cross hair square sets and additional rulers that I recently ordered.

  3. The WestaLee template set looks like so much fun! Ann’s Tshirt Christmas tree idea is so cute!

  4. I would like to try the holly template to make a wreath reveal with picky placement of fabric to reveal underneath

  5. I am still learning but it sure is fun. I can’t decide if I want to work on my long arm or my Janome 15000. Both are fun.

  6. Loved Ann’s class this week and the placemat she was presented. I love the holly leaves and bells also. It’s time to get a jump on the holiday.

  7. I’m always yearning for more templates yet my quilting budget doesn’t support everything on my wish list. I love watching all the education and thank you for and all the educators for doing them.

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