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Sew Steady / Westalee Design University

Sew Steady University:
Your Complete Education Resource for Quilting and Sewing with Rulers

Are you ready to bring your ruler quilting to a whole new level? Or, if you’ve always been intimidated by free motion quilting, now is the time to try! Sew Steady University is for you! You’ll be able to revolutionize your quilting by using the Westalee Design rulers.
Why Westalee Design?

Quilting with rulers isn’t free motion, it’s guided motion! These rulers guide you to create beautiful quilted designs, with repeatable results!

Elevate your creativity by learning with Sew Steady University. Our mission is to provide a variety of education, tools and techniques from beginning to advanced quilting and sewing. Our Sew Steady University will connect you with some of the industry’s BEST educators to complete step-by-step quilting and sewing projects. You’ll receive online instructions, videos, blog support and certificates as you complete courses and progress from beginner to an advanced enthusiast.

Join in the fun!






Current Courses:

  • New Essence of Tradition Design Club (1st Quarter release) Modern Quilting on Traditional Blocks
  • Ruler Work 101 – Perfect Beginners Course for Quilting with Westalee Design Templates
  • Circle Sewing – Learn to sew circles and seams with ease using our amazing new Circles & Straights Tool!

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6 thoughts on “Sew Steady / Westalee Design University

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  1. I got the Westalee starter kit for my birthday. I’ve tried putting in the code for the free Leonie West Quilted Star pattern that should be free , but the code is not recognised. Please can you help?

  2. I have completed Janet Collins class From First Stitch to the Last in April. She mentioned that we would be able to access the class any time. Did you send out a code for the class so we can access it?
    Also I finished Donelle McAdams class Next Step. I see that it is now on Sew Steady University. Will we get a code so we can access the class any time. I have 15 more blocks to finish, so I don’t think I can finished by the first of September,
    Please let me know so I can quit fretting about it.

  3. How can I receive credit for the courses I have taken. I completed the 8 week beginner course with Donelle McAdams but do not see it as completed on my courses completed . I am currently enrolled in the next steps course with Donelle.

  4. Am now getting started. Still having trouble to get into my class without a lot of playing around. Am excited. Just got my Sew Steady insert for my sewing cabinet. Should make things much easier to do ruler work!!

  5. I have already purchased the class New Essence of Tradition Club through DMQuilting. How do I get started?

    1. Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us. You should have a coupon code in your binder that will give you access to the class.
      Sign-up for the class on our University and when you go to purchase there is a place to enter your code to get the course for Free, with your purchase. Please feel free to contact or call us if you need further assistance.

      Regards, Sew Steady Team

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