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Spring Fever? Let us help! See what’s blooming with Sew Steady

Spring Showers bring April…Inspiration!

With the recent effects of COVID-19 many have found comfort helping those in need.

Amidst this crisis, the sewing and quilting community has come together to supply thousands of needed masks for those in need.  Sharing resources, patterns, and skills to the benefit of our communities and we want to say….



Now that Spring is here, have you found yourself pulling out those unfinished projects or even starting a new one?  We want to hear from you! How have you kept busy? What projects have you been working on? 

With so much beauty around, spring time is perfect to really get those creative juices flowing~~~~~

Have you ever looked at a beautiful blooming flower and thought that would be a perfect shape or design on my quilt project?
Us too…

We hope you find refreshment, encouragement and enlightenment as you take time to appreciate the endless opportunities that can fill our imagination and our own projects with beauty.
Westalee Design COQ Spinning Wheels, COQ Wreaths, Spin-E-Fex, and our Spinning Branch are great tools to showcase natures designs.


Update on the latest classes on our Sew Steady University!

Now with over 43 Classes and 1200 Students this is the place to stay SEW connected

We are pleased to have a variety of wonderful instructors who have spent considerable time creating these great projects, some of which are FREE.

If you have not had a chance to meet some of our educators, Click Here to see all our Sew Steady /Westalee Design Accredited Teachers, Promoted Instructors and Industry Partners.


Tune in EVERYDAY at 2:00pm PST and catch a Sew Steady Facebook LIVE
Learn, Create, Win, and More.

Can’t join us Live? Don’t sweat it, our FB Live videos are available at anytime on our Facebook page.

Want us to feature your favorite Westalee Design Template, or is there a Template you already own and would like more instruction? Please leave a comment below.

We look forward to seeing you there!


We have many new projects, templates and products coming soon, Stay Tuned!

Don’t forget to checkout our current Specials and Promotions!

Last but certainly not least, each week Sew Steady has been highlighting a different Instructor and Reseller for their amazing efforts and support in promoting Sew Steady and Westalee Design.  Check out our Sew Steady homepage each week as we thank these hard working industry partners.

This week…..

The Sew’n Place in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania 

Westalee Design Accredited Teacher, Susan Moore from Bristol, UK.

3 thoughts on “Spring Fever? Let us help! See what’s blooming with Sew Steady

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  1. Has anyone come up with a class or instructions on Leonie’s Selection – I purchased it and would like info on it – I am especially interested in the butterfly

    Thank you very much

    Linda Carter

    PS – I asked this a few months back, but thought I would ask again

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thank you for reaching out. I don’t believe we have any videos at this time, but I will reach out to some of our educators and see if they have any previous class videos or perhaps something coming up. I will keep you posted.

      Thank you ~ The Sew Steady Team

  2. I just bought the Echo Guides. In one of the videos I watched one of the educators said it was a must have. But now how are they used? Will someone do a class on using them? Please!!!

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