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Kate Quinn

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Westalee Design Accredited Teacher

New Mexico (willing to travel)

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My fascination with quilting began when I received a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt as a wedding present in 1991.  The gift of a second scrappy quilt further solidified my love of fabrics and colors.  I made my first quilt to celebrate the birth of my first child around 1993.  I had loved quilting ever since.  I love all styles and types of quilts from art to modern, from traditional pieced to applique.  I also love how quilting is a connection through the ages and across generations.

Originally a native of California, I graduated from West Point in 1991.  Right after graduation, my husband Patrick and I began our life together by serving in the Army.  I left the service in 1998 to be at home with our 5 children.  For the next two decades, quilting became the bridge that helped me to build relationships in each new community.  Though I have moved more than 20 times during my family’s military service, quilters are a welcoming group and I have been so thankful for them.

As my kids have grown, so have my quilting skills.  I now have more time available to share the quilting skills that I love.  I started teaching about 16 years ago.  After our last move, I began working and teaching at local shops and guilds on a consistent basis.   In 2016, I also became a professional longarm quilter, opening FabriKated Quilts.

In 2016, I was first introduced to Westalee Designs Quilting Rulers and Templates.  I was instantly hooked!  Rulerwork tools have helped me advance my quilting skills more that I ever dreamt possible.  I am thrilled and proud to be a Sew Steady Education Ambassador and a Westalee Design Acredited Teacher.  The freedom and creativity generated by these tools is so satisfying.  I want to give that power to quilters everywhere.

I love sharing my passion for quilting and art, passing on a centuries old tradition, and creating beautiful items of comfort.  Let’s start FabriKating your next quilt!

Click Here Learn more about our New Fun & Fancy Collection by Westalee Design and Kate Quinn

Additional Patterns and Courses Available on Sew Steady University By Kate:

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Leave a Review
  1. Attended the class on Feb 16th in Fresno at Authorized Vac & Sew. Good class. Kathy was very patient and willing to help anyone that needed it. Liked the idea that you went home with a completed project. The staff at Authorized Vac & Sew are gems.

  2. Just took the class at Vac and Sew in Fresno. It was great. Learned Everything, cause I knew nothing.
    I liked the project and practice stuff–learn by doing, and expanding on what you just learned.

    Now to convince Vac and Sew to offer a monthly class on ruler work/projects to reinforce and expand my learning!

  3. I attended the Sew Steady class on rulers in n Tucson the weekend of October 28. This was also sponsored by Cathey’s Sewing store. I felt that the class was very informative and gave me more opportunities to decorate my projects. Well instructed.

  4. I attended the Sew Steady Rulerwork Party hosted by Cathey’s Vac and Sew on October 27and 28th.
    I have been wanting to to a rulerwork class for some time. I had purchased the rulers but this class did so much for
    my understanding and ability to use these for quilting. The Instructor had numerous gems that made the class interesting
    and valuable.

  5. I attended a class by Kate on Janome Ruler Work sponsored by Cathey’s Sewing in Tucson, Arizona, on October 28 – 29, 2023.

    Kate is a consummate professional. Her love for teaching shines through her patience, kindness, and clear instructions. I appreciate that she did not rush us through the class, nor hold us back when we were ready to proceed. She gave lots of useful tips that I can apply to all my sewing and quilting projects.

  6. Kate is a fantastic teacher. Friendly, relaxed, informative and she took her time with everyone! Will definitely take another class from her!

  7. I attended Kate’s Janome Cozy Pillow Project class on November 10th at The Stitch House in Plano , Texas. It was a wonderful class. Kate is so easy to learn from. Here ability to multi task to keep the class engaged whether you’re doing ruler work for the first time or you have been doing it for years. She is very down to earth & practical. The project was fun. I learned some great tips about my Janome machine, which up until now, I have used just for ruler work quilting. Now I may choose to take it out of quilting mode and do other things with it that I have used my Viking machine for in the past.

  8. Kathy,

    Thank you for the helpful tips and your great explanations on techniques that I can’t wait to try on my own!

  9. I loved how well Kate was able to teach to all skill levels in the same class. I am looking forward to putting into practice some of the new skills I learned over the weekend.

  10. I attended a class by Kate on Janome Ruler Work on October 28 – 29, sponsored by Cathey’s Sewing in Tucson, Arizona

    Kate is a great instructor. She is incredibly patient and was willing to go over the steps multiple times for those that needed a little extra instruction. She has an amazing talent and ability to explain the details to students that are new to ruler work. She was encouraging and supportive to everyone and saw the “good” in everyone’s work.

    I learned so much and am excited to use my rulers on future quilt projects.

  11. I was in Kate’s class, Ruler Work Party for her Beginner Ruler Work instruction, on October 27th and 28th. This was hosted by Cathey’s Sew and Vac in Tucson, AZ. I found Kate to be an excellent instructor. Her directions were clear and easy to understand and follow. She provided a tremendous amount of information over the 2-day class. All of this was provided with detailed step-by-step instructions given with encouragement and a great sense of humor. I learned so much and can now at least begin to use my domestic machine to do projects using rulers – which I managed to purchase while at the class. There was lots of support from several very knowledgeable assistants from Cathey’s. Kate gently guided us through the completion of a pillow project using several Westalee rulers. It was easy to see improvement from Friday into Saturday. I really enjoyed the class and would attend anything that Kate provided in the future.

  12. Your Starry Nights Class instructions were so informative! I always learn so much from you!
    Thank you, Kate for all you did in helping us learn through the process of this class! I know it is a lot of preparation to get a class video completed for us!
    I enjoy your classes!
    Granny’s Stitches
    Sioux City

  13. Just started seeing your TUTORIALS on Pinterest. They are great I have pulled out my Westalee templats I’ve had for several years and had not got much use out of, I have now bought several more. Your tutorials have showed me a lot and gaining more confidence and information on how to use and not try to go fast,
    think that was one of my problems before. I would like to know if you ever make it to Oklahoma City for a class.
    Thanks Carla

    1. Hi So sorry to see this message so late. Just complete classes last week in Cache Ok.

      I will likely be teaching for the Stitching Post Great Plains event in October. I will post more info soon. My business page is FB FabriKated Quilts.

  14. I wished she would have used a different color 0f thread. i couldn’t see the design when she was sewing. I always enjoy her classes .

  15. Kate is a fantastic instructor. She speaks clearly and is easy to understand. I love how she carefully goes through each step of the ruler work process explaining her thoughts, vision and ideas on why she has chosen the particular ruler she is using at that time. When a mishap in the design occurs, she shows us what other options we can try. (As in Titan Block 1 feathers). Kate is very knowledgeable on how to use all parts of the rulers in the designs I have seen.

  16. You may have seen my name before because I try to view everything that Kate does. She is ALWAYS the best in demonstrating her work. I never fail to pick up a new tip. The best‼️

  17. I Love Kate’s classes! She is sooo patient and explains things so well! If someone wants her to go over something again, she always does it with a good heart!

  18. I always enjoy watching and learning from Kate and the other instructors as well. Kates classes are full of good easy instructions to follow and good tips as well. I love the way she make me feel as I can accomplish this and other projects with confidence. Knowing if I make a mistake it is not the end of the world, and there is always a way around it or a bombom for later to take care of lol. Thank you Kate and thank you Sew Steady for all the videos on ruler work!

  19. There isn’t a class that I would purposely miss of Kate’s. Her presentations are #1! If you want to learn or be encouraged, then she’s the one you want.

  20. Kate’s classes are #1 in my book. She wants to make sure everyone understands how to do what she’s doing. She encourages you to do something what is right for you. She will repeat something if asked, expand on something she’s doing just so we can understand. She has a pleasant voice to listen to. I highly recommend any of her classes and videos.

  21. Kate,
    Does a great job on how to use quilting templates. She explains the how and why on all of her classes.
    I always enjoy and learn a lot from Kate.

  22. Kate did a wonderful demonstration as she always does. She has taken the time to organize her classes so she is able to cover the use of multiple rulers needed to complete the quilt block.

  23. I love Kate. She explains everything very good. I rewatch YouTube videos every night in my sewing studio. All of your instructors are great. I mostly watch Ann Moore , Donelle McAdms and Kate Quinn
    Please keep the education coming it is wonderful.
    Judy Deveney

  24. Kate is so inspirational. She is not flustered when things are exactly perfect and encourages us to have fun and enjoy the process.
    Kay Cornwell

  25. Interesting block.

    As usual Kate gives explicit directions on the how, and why of working with templates.

  26. Kate is always a very interesting teacher; she keeps the student involved, even if you are not sewing along. She uses many different templates both new and old so the student can get the idea that sew steady templates are very versatile and you are never limited to a partial design.

  27. Kate is always delightful to learn from. She gives great tips and is innovative, creative, and encouraging.

  28. I try not to miss any of Kate’s classes. She always has so much info to share and her inspiration is the best.

  29. Kate is a great instructor, she is very patient and very knowledgeable love to watch her videos i have learned so much from her

  30. Kate Quinn as always is a fantastic instructor. I’ve learnt so much from her, and I love watching her lives and videos. Her skill is outstanding and her sense of humour shines through in all her shows.

  31. Kate’s videos are excellent. The camera is always positioned so what she is demonstrating is very clear.
    She explains the techniques clearly & I always learn something.

  32. Kate is a knowledgeable instructor and educator who shares her love of quilting and I enjoy every minute.
    Thank you Kate!

  33. Kate was as usual amazing. I really enjoyed this class so much I bought the pattern! Kate is easy to follow and always shows different was to do things so you have another way to do it if you want.

  34. I Love attending Kate’s classes! She is so patient and explains everything with such precision and patience.

  35. Kate is always organized for class. She is clear and concise in her directions and explanations. I love taking her classes as I always come away excited to try what she has shown and also apply the information to other quilts.

  36. Kate is one of the best instructors on Sew Steady. I have learned so much from listening to her classes.

  37. Kate is an amazing teacher. She talks the viewer through every step as she demonstrates the template and design. I have learned so much from watching her videos.

  38. As always, Kate’s classes are well organized and full of useful information. Thanks to Kate, quilting with rulers is fun for me and I am able to make quilts that I am happy with.

  39. Kate continually gives us so much information and ideas of how versatile the rulers are – always something new in her videos – thank you so much!!!!

  40. Kate is one of my favorite instructor. Her excellent instructions, demonstrations, and hints make ruler work much easier. Try not to miss any of her classes.

  41. Kate is an amazing teacher. She breaks down each of the elements involved and describes the method for success verbally and visually.

  42. Kate is the best! She makes learning a breeze and she has the most amazing ideas! I love that she show us how to think out of the box and encourages us to do so. Thank you Kate!

  43. I absolutely love watching Kate teach. I have learned so much from her classes. Sew Steady is fortunate to have her as an educator as she is the very best. Every class is presented full of enthusiasm and her creativity is unlimited. She is always concerned that students have the best view she can provide and the best understanding of what she is presenting.

  44. Always an excellent class. Kate is fantastic at explaining about what she is doing and showing exactly what she talks about. A great creative mind with new ideas and how to think outside of the box. Its a pure joy to watch her classes.

  45. I am mostly a scrap quilter and Kate’s new quilt opened my eyes to new possibilities. Her fresh ideas, clear instruction, and creativity make her a great teacher.

  46. Kate is the BEST! Her approach to teaching is very logical and organized. She focuses on the student — their view, their questions, all skill levels. I watch as many of her videos as I can. Highly recommend any of her classes.

  47. Kate is an amazing instructor. Her creative ideas and showing how to use the rulers makes her classes informative and fun.

  48. Love listening and watching Kate. She inspires me to try everything. I am a beginner and look forward to mastering the westalee templates with Kate’s videos. Thanks

  49. I have learnt so much from Kate’s videos, she explains everything so well. I live in New Zealand so to have access to a teacher of her calibre is amazing. I can’t thank Kate enough for the information she gives.

  50. Such a wonderful quilt. I love the Equilateral rulers add plan to buy the lot of them, The other day I needed to make a 9”Triangle and wished i had the ruler already.
    Kate Quinn is a great teacher.

  51. Excellent educator. Kate is very easy to follow and she is so creative with the projects she presents.

  52. Kate is the BEST I learn so much from her and enjoy all of her classes. I found Sew Steady from watching Kate’s videos on YouTube!she is so easy to understand and also let’s us known that different ideas.

  53. I LOVE all of Kate’s instructions & Ruler-work events & I’m always looking to see if there’s one class I’ve missed. I learn so much from her easy-going manner & practical tips along the way. You can tell she loves what she does & she easily moves from traditional to modern quilt styles. This latest Triangle Splash is a wonderful “scrap-buster” inspiration. A friend recommended I look into ruler-work a couple of years ago, so with the library of rulers I have accumulated, I should be well on my way…. Time is all you need — AND a bit of practice! Thank you for having such an excellent line-up of instructors – especially Kate!

  54. The class was wonderful, as all of Kate’s classes are. She not only teaches techniques she broadens thinking with her amazing creativity.

  55. Kate is a wonderful instructor. Precise instructions, imaginative designs, gets to the point without delay. Should she make an error she doesn’t hide it, instead she either shows you how to fix it or depending on time will tell you how. Great Classes.

  56. I really enjoyed this triangle patchwork class with Kate. She is helping me to think outside the box and create my own patches to quilt. Her approach to teaching seeems o match right up with my ability to learn. Thank Kate.

  57. Excellent work as always, do fun to see new creative ideas. Let’s me think out of the box. Will continue to watch. Thank you.

  58. Kate teaches in a way that makes using the templates fun and successful. She not only teaches the original intention for the templates, but how to use them in many different ways. She is generous in sharing her knowledge so that we, too, can do beautiful quilting. Thank you, Kate.

  59. Kate always does an amazing job showing so many ways to use our rulers. She explains how and why she does things while encouraging students to be creative and experiment. I’m also impressed with how she can keep the flow of instruction while monitoring for questions that come in. I hope that someday she will make it out to the Phoenix area for some live classes!

  60. Kate is always fun to watch; always a learning experience. Her artistic mind goes in directions I could never dream of. Thank you, Kate. I look forward to the class on quilting your interesting triangles creation.

  61. I like how Kate showed us how to use the rulers in a different type of quilt. Lots of great ideas. Thank you for reminding us that we can be creative on our own.

  62. Kate always does a fabulous job. She is so enthusiastic so she keeps your attention thruout the whole class. I try to never miss any of her classes! I give her 5 stars!!

  63. This presentation was a great surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed being challenged to be inspired and “not just follow and do what I do”. The information and ideas were spectacular. You are a terrific and gifted instructor!!! Thank you so much.

  64. I love Kate the way she teaches it is easy to understand. She keeps it simple and very effective.

  65. As always Kate presents good instr, many ideas & inspiring ideas. She is the best by far in teaching.

  66. Love learning all sorts of design and technical tips and tricks from Kate . Her tutorials are always objective-led and focused . She is a consummate professional in her approach and teaching style. She keeps things real , whilst at the same time , inspiring us to advance our creativity and courage to have a go at new designs. She has an uncanny skill in answering the questions I want answered as she teaches .Like all good teachers she knows the stumbling block areas and builds tuition around these. I have learned so much from her tutorials and feel more confident in my quilting and ruler-work skills. Thanks so much Kate.

  67. The class was wonderful and Kate is a great instructor! I learned so much and look forward to taking more classes from her. She is awesome and gives great details. Her explanation make it easy to understand what her process is. Thanks Kate!

  68. Kate is the absolute best! I learn soooooo much from her! I take every class I can from her! She is so easy to follow and her instructions are clear and she always gives you options.

  69. Kate is absolutely the best instructor. Her warmth and personality shine. Her instructions are clear and precise.

  70. Thanks, you teach very well, I learned how to use the little spacer! And I love the use the rulers with ”no Rules”

  71. Kate always shows something new about the rulers each time I watch her videos and I re-watch as a refresher – she shows us that she is not perfect and shows us what to do when we make a mistake – thank you for your wonderful and enjoyable videos.

  72. Kate is your best educator! Her lessons are always clear and well-presented. I watch many of them over and over.

  73. As always Kate takes us step by step through the project. Loved watching and rewatching her lessons!!

  74. I struggled with my ruler work on my sitdown Q16. Kate Quinn has been an excellent teacher because of her I am happy with my quilting. The Westalee rulers I have purchased here in Australia are wonderful.

  75. Love Kates class she is and execellant teacher and she will give you the confidence to give a go, and she if definately right practice, practice, practice. It is fun and relaxing.

  76. Love Kates class she is and execellant teacher and I she will give you the confidence to give a go, and she if definately right practice, practice, practice. It is fun and relaxing.

  77. 5 Stars for sure! this class on Crosshatching opened my eyes and was so informative. Kates videos have inspired me to try something different…thinking out of my little box! thank you very much.

  78. Kate ALWAYS teaches us something fantastic using the templates. Her precise descriptions and detailed designs makes it easy to follow. She makes it fun to learn how to make the most of the templates. Thank you Kate!!!

  79. Kate is a wonderful teacher. Her classes are very well presented and easy to understand. I thank Kate and sew steady for such wonderful virtual classes. I would never have gotten into ruler work without virtual classes.

  80. I love Kate’s teaching! She explains things well. She also has ideas to use templates for different designs. Thanks Kate.

  81. Kate is a fantastic asset to Sew Steady. Her teaching skills are supurb. Concise and on point, always full of tips for you to get the best results on your project. Kate is always easy to understand and answers all questions confidently.

  82. Kate has a wonderful way of teaching and her projects are always very interesting and often are traditional quilting updated with use of current quilting tools.

  83. Thank you Kate for a great instruction and making me feel like I can accomplish anything – you give us so much information and little tips along – always learn something new in your videos

  84. Her presentation was wonderful! I ended up purchasing the table and some templates. I can’t wait for them to come so I can get started with one of her classes. It’s amazing what the templates can accomplish!

  85. I love Kate Quinn’s classes. I did the feather fantasy class and was so surprised by how well she explained the techniques she used. I love the sampler! I got to see her in person at the Quilt Festival in Houston and it was amazing!!

  86. Kate is a very informative teacher. Very through and has new ideas how to use templates in different ways. I appreciate. Her ability to put together designs from different templates to come up with something new and to show them on an actual quilt.

  87. Love Kate’s classes! She always explains things so well and we can see everything she is doing.

  88. Great class. Katie is very clear and does step by step instruction so the learner is able to be successful when making their project look professional. She does talk about each product and different ways to use them which I found very helpful.

  89. Hi, I am still learning everyday with Kate’s virtual courses. She show us every steps how do to use Templates & all type of designs. Thank you Kate. I am learning everyday & love to watch videos. The communities, quilters on FB or watch the shows alive, we all chats & asking questions. Got the answers right away. I was using my iPad to watch & read closed caption (cc) from my iPhone note with the speaker while Kate talks. I understand now. Thank you so much. I will keep watching the alive.

  90. I love this class on feathers. Kate makes using the feather templates clear and I understood exactly what she was doing and was able to make a project I am proud of. Showing the many ways feathers can be done and varied was very helpful. I appreciate these online classes so much as without them I would not have the opportunity for learning to use the templeates.

  91. Katie’s instruction is so easy to follow! She has enabled me to reach new heights in quilting! So pleasant to listen to, giving me more confidence with every lesson. Love you, Kate!,

  92. Kate have been a real mentor, I learned not to sweat the small things and enjoy what I do, how to think outside the box. She is a great teacher and helpful person, always do her best when you have a question to give you an answer. I love Kate way of encouragement to everyone and I enjoy very much her ideas.

  93. So enjoyed the class. Gave me the courage to grab my brand new westlee designs and try them on some pot holders (gifts -for my boss). Was so happy with the results. I practiced some on some scraps but was so pleased. I now have to figure out how to do a heart it came in my ruler set and I am not getting the hang of it. I need one of your videos for them. Can’t wait for my paisley ones to come in!! I am very new to quilting. Not to sewing or embroidery but quilting yes. So thanks for not expecting me to know it. And showing the how and why.

  94. I have enjoyed every video that Kate has produced. Looking forward to more more videos on other templates and designs. I always learn something new.

  95. As ALWAYS Kate manages to bring the best instruction on a level everyone can understand. I am inspired by Kate’s ideas, designs and abilities. Keep up the great instruction!

  96. I love watching you work and your teaching style, you make it fun but still get so much accomplished I will continue watching anything I can find from you. It is so much easy to watch and learn from someone that makes it so interesting to watch. Thanks so much for the time you put into teaching.

  97. Kate you are so fun to watch and give instructions so effortlessly and sincerely! I just LOVE watching your videos! You have given me so much inspiration and I have loved learning and doing ruler quilting!
    Thank you so much! Keep up the wonderful videos of instructions!
    I have also learned a lot from Donna!

  98. I have watched most of Kit and Caboodle, a border lesson, and the first part of the feathers sampler. I plan to use what I have learned to create a border for a large QAYG quilt I am finishing. Feathers have never been my favorite design but now I see how I can use them with other designs. I am planning to adapt Kit and Caboodle blocks to create a window covering. As you can tell, Kate is a big inspiration. She is also an excellent instructor with clear explanations and demonstrations.

  99. I idolize Kate! She has taken me from a not so confident quilter to “sure, I can do that!” Kate demonstrates the use of the templates clearly and even made me want the suspension system, if only I had the proper sewing table to use with the clamps. Thank you Kate and Sew Steady for sharing your knowledge.

  100. I wasn’t that interested in quilting until I started to watch the crew from Sew Steady and see the Westalee rulers. Well, I may never make a quilt but…. those rulers come in handy for a lot of sewing designs. The instructors ……ALL OF THEM….. make you feel comfortable with giving it a try and point out things you might have to ponder a long time to get right (like — where to place your hands or put the stickers for easier guiding).

    I watch in parts from my job then have to stop and come in later or even watch a replay (better than SB halftime — right?)

    So you never dissappoint. I always pick up a terrific pointer. Keep up the AWSOME work.

  101. Loved the day of classes on Valentine’s Day. Looking forward to using the new ideas Andy the suspension arms.

  102. Another good class from Kate. She always makes sure you can see what she is doing. Her explanations and hints are always clear.

  103. I watch Kate on a regular basis and always learn something new. She is very through in her explanations and very dedicated to her audience.

  104. Thanks for great instructions and explanations. Really enjoyed the class. Looking forward to working with the templates

  105. Kate is a great teacher. She is organized and explains things step by step. I like how she shows you how to use the rulers in new and different ways.

  106. As always a great class with lots of clear informative information and tips. Thankyou Kate, looking forward to more in the future.

  107. I just Love watching Kate! She has a knack of explaining it so that we can understand it and not too much information in one go. She also angles the camera so that we can see everything all the time!
    Now that your clocks have gone back, the webinar is at 9pm – 11pm for me and I can’t stay up that late. I watch the recording the next day but I don’t feel that I miss out on any information!
    Thanks Kate for all the work you put into your lessons. I am an avid fan!!

  108. I look forward to Kate’s presentations. The camera angles are very good, she is clear in her descriptions and thorough in instructions and actual use of the templates. Her alternative ideas/uses are great and very inspirational. Thank you!

  109. Kate is an excellent teacher. Her approach to teaching is simple and logical. She breaks down every step into easy pieces. She even thinks of questions that haven’t been asked but solve potential problems. Always look forward to her classes and I think I have become a Kate Groupie.

  110. Kates classews are always well organized and instructive. Her ideas for using templates several ways inspires me. Thank you for offering this format to enable us to learn to use these valuable tools.

  111. I have viewed and enjoyed several of Kate’s classes. I have always benefited from her expertise and talent. Thank you

  112. Kate is one of my favorite teachers. She explains things clearly and makes sure we can see what she is doing. I love how she takes the rulers and uses them in new and creative ways which means I have more ways to use the rulers I already have instead of needing that next new thing every time. Can’t wait to make a few of these borders on my next quilt projects. Thanks so much for a wonderful border class, Kate! Not sure if my rating button is working below but she’s a 5!!

  113. This was the 1st Sew Steady presentation I’ve attended and learned so much. Kate gave an excellent presentation. Looking forward to seeing more!

  114. Kate, You are an amazing instructor. Your instructions are so clear and understandable. Always enjoy watching your videos. Keep up the good work. Good health and happiness for 2022.

  115. Kate is an excellent teacher of ruler quilting. I especially liked her New Years Border Fiesta virtual event class. Besides the normal border designs, Kate is always coming up with a new way to use a template. I loved this class.

  116. She was great. She is so creative and helps me think of ways to use the templates. I giver her a 5. The computer would not let me press the number.

  117. Kate is one of my favorite teachers from Sew Steady.
    I always learn something new. She is organized and presents well.
    Thanks for the virtual learning!

  118. I learn so much from Kate Quinn, this is the 3rd class I have watched with Kate, as well as many of her YouTube presentations. I will definitely take more classes from Kate.

  119. Kate did a wonderful job demonstrating the use of the templates for doing borders. Learned a lot, and she makes working with templates look doable! Love listening to her explanations and seeing how she moves around the templates and lines them up.

    Trying to rate her presentation a ‘5’ but the selection is not working.

  120. I have yet to take one of Kates class and not learn something. She has such a calming gentle voice. Her ideas are out of this world. Her tips and techniques are fabulous. Thank you Kate for always giving us so much of yourself.

  121. I totally enjoyed this event. I appreciate that Sew Steady and Sew For Less host these events so we can get the most out of our tools. I love to support companies that do that.

  122. Kate is so thorough in her explanations. She makes you want to try things. Excellent teacher. Her border class was so helpful.

  123. I love Kate! She’s so real and she describes things so that they’re easy to visualize and replicate!

  124. Kate is a great teacher who patiently explains how to effectively create ruler work designs. She illustrates how to use the rulers correctly and provides a discussion on how to deal with typically encountered problems. I’ve enjoyed every class of hers that I’ve attended.

  125. Kate is an awesome instructor in which she explains in detail, also she amazes me with such beautiful designs with simplicity, I try and watch as many videos as I can thanks Kate

  126. Kate is hands down my favorite instructor. Her demeanor is absolutley positive! She has given me so much confidence in my ability to do ruler work! Love the fact that bon bon moments are included! Makes mistakes seem so much less frustrating. Kate’s positive attitude, ability to communicate in a friendly, clear, and consise manner equals success for all those who follow her! Thanks Kate! I look forward to each and every tutorial!

  127. Kate is an awesome instructor and one of my favorite see steady instructors. Her passion and knowledge always comes through. She explains things step by step and makes it easily understood.
    I have enjoyed every class I’ve watched.
    Thanks Kate!

  128. Kate you are very inspiring teacher and love how you explain all avenues I will continue to join your classes, you are awesome 👌 Thankyou

  129. Kate, your are one of the very best teachers I have ever had! With your fun and great enthusiasm you put into teaching each of us along with the personal touches such as: “we are all human” and “Bonbon” moments has helped me and many others know it is OK to make a mistake. Learn from that mistake and move on to make beautiful quilting. I have so much more confidence in myself as a quilter because of you!
    Thank you,
    Suzanne from NW Oregon
    PS: I cannot get the Rating to work but you are the best!

  130. Kate, I watch everything you present, generally many more times than once, because you always have such useful information, explanations, and tips. I also appreciate your prompt replies to my email inquiries. Thanks to both you and Patrick for your service.

  131. I just got through the Christmas Tree Event and am so excited to not only do this beautiful project but to watch and quilt more of Kate’s classes. She is a wonderful instructor and makes everything so simple to understand, that I feel that I can do it too. Just bought the fun and fancy templates and book and now can’t wait to get them in my hot little hands. Looking forward to more classes.

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    Her camera setup is the bomb !! So clear and always where it needs to be
    Thanks Kate 🥰

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    Thank you Kate. I’m a forever follower.

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    Kate makes it seem so simple that even I as a beginner could do this!

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    Her tips or reminders of basic skills are important for all levels. Taking a class from her is always time well spent.

    Will watch this lesson as many times as I can squeeze in. Each time I’m able to gleen a bit more confidence and a bit more “hidden” information from Kate!

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    1. You were a stellar student and it was so fun to get to know you. Thanks also for helping others is the class. You are a Joy! To be around.

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  236. As always Kate outdid herself with her demonstration and explanation and TEACHING in this class.

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  253. I taught quilting classes and workshops for over 35 years (beginning, quick piecing, paper piecing, projects). I recognize the qualities that make a teacher extraordinary. Kate is prepared, can change direction or answer questions without hesitation, is clear on her spoken guidance and stitching, and makes the class fun. Five stars for Kate!

  254. Kate, my favorite, I wrote a review, but neglected to leave the stars, to here is a repeat with stars. Kate is awsome! She was my first instructor at Sew Steady and wow, I was hooked. Kate is fun, knowledgable, lots of ideas, so easy-going, makes a beginner like me feel, “hey it’s ok, I can do this” Thanks Kate. When I first bought the beginning set and looked at all those lines, I was regretting my purchase. Then I found Kate. Now I can’t wait to play and learn. Thanks a million thanks Kate and Sew Steady for Kate. Kate is a keeper for sure. My only regret is Kate is on the other side on the states, too many miles to drive. 🙁

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  260. I’m so excited to start practicing what I learned from Kate. I move to my new house tomorrow and can finally have the use of my sewing machine. I was so impressed with Kate. She is a marvelous educator. She is clear and precise with her instructions as well as the order that she teaches. I love the opportunity to take the classes virtually as it gives those of us who wouldn’t be able to attend a chance to learn. I hope more virtual classes will be available. Kate gave us numerous tips along the way and things not to do and way. I can’t wait to take another class from Kate. I’m sending in my order in the next few days and will anxiously await its arrival!

  261. Great instructor – explained everything in great detail. I had no intention of making a purchase, thinking I didn’t want to learn another quilting technique….but, ended up ordering. I hope my package arrives in time to watch the video again before it disappears.

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  265. I took the Feathers class with Kate, and what a wonderful instructor! So many creative ideas, wonderful explanations of the rulerwork techniques and different designs… I also thoroughly enjoy watching the Sunday Facebook lives! As a newby to rulerwork, I’ve been learning so much and am so appreciative that the instructors do what they do. Thank you so much!

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  268. I’ve thinking about the quilting rulers as a way to free motion quilt in a more creative way than jut stitch in the ditch on my domestic machine. After watching Kate’s presentation I am seriously interested in these rulers as she surely made it look like a doable process. Thank you or that show.

  269. Another great class with Kate. Even though it’s a beginner class, there’s always something for everyone to learn. I try not to miss any of her classes!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I have been using rulers for more than five years, but every class I see, there is always a great tip or two. Kate’s feather class is just out of this world. I love Kate’s calm presentation.

  270. Kate is my favorite Westalee Instructor. When I received my starter set I was excited to get started. So I drove in without any instructions and quickly became confused and frustrated. SewSteady & Kate to the rescue! Kate’s delivery is calm, clear and lighthearted. A great way to learn a new skill. I’ve been a sewer/quilter for over 50 years. I’ve never, however, been able to master Free Motion quilting. I now have the confidence to pursue a new method of FMQ. Thanks, Kate!

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  275. I’ve quilted for years, but I’m new at ruler work. I love to watch Kate (my granddaughter’s name also) and have learned a lot of things. Kate is very quiet and gives me great confidence . The lessons are easy to follow and understand. I’m just getting started in using templates and rulers so it’s wonderful to watch someone else and learn techniques and new ideas. I have bought several of her ruler sets and I’m trying to get going. Thanks,Kate.

  276. Kate couldn’t be more wonderful! As a life-long educator, I recognize great teaching and that is Kate in a nutshell. She has an easy way about her, shares tips and tricks, and her pace is just right. Not only that, but she is willing to answer questions outside of class. First rate!

  277. I was truly impressed by the depth of this class. Kate is an excellent instructor, friendly and enthusiastic, clear and concise. The content far exceeded my expectations and was well paced. I am well motivated to learn more of this technique and plan to take more classes with Kate! Many thanks to Kate, Sew Steady, and my local shop (Moore’s Sewing and Vacuum, Huntington Beach, CA) for offering this class!

  278. I think that Kate is an excellent instructor and i have leaned more from her that any teacher that I have had classes with .

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  280. Kate,
    I have watched a few of your videos. I love your enthusiasm and expertise. You communicate very well. Your instructions are fluid with your stitching. You inspire to do more quilting with rulers. Thank you!

  281. An EXCELLENT teacher! Very clear instruction on how to hold the rulers, which is critical. I would definitely take another class with her.

  282. LOVE it – never have been interested in QAYG but have to take this class (feather fan here) – so signed up immediately,, and my Sashlee has already arrived. Can’t wait to learn more and more – I’ve done Kate’s Fun and Fancy University class and this should be just as good. Kate is an amazing teacher – I watch every video she does and even if it’s the “same” class for a different vendor it’s not the same and I learn something new. Kate is always teaching and explaining – why, how – not just “watch me” – a true teacher. And not afraid to make a mistake and admit it – then show you how to fix it.

  283. Awesome class. I have a sit down long arm and I’m thinking, I can do this. I left the class and bought too many rulers!

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  285. I have had the pleasure learn from one of the best teachers; Kate Quinn. Her philosophy toward ruler work allows me to relax and enjoy the process as well as open my mind to new ideas and ways to use our rulers. Of course after her presentations I want to purchase what ever ruler she has demonstrated! I look forward to all her classes.

  286. I have learned so much from these fantastic virtual classes! The topics and techniques are presented clearly and with a human touch of glitches and laughter!

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  288. I loved the first class that Kate did. But this one had too many tech issues with the camera. I felt that she was frustrated and didn’t explains things as she would have liked or really listened to what we really wanted to see done over. I also felt that Stacy didn’t catch the camera issue in time to let her know that was an issue. Tech is great when it works, but when it doesn’t it can be more trouble than it is worth. However, I will definitely watch another one of her classes. But would suggest that she maybe go slower in the beginning to make sure that we all can see exactly what she is doing before she keeps going. I have never produced a virtual class, so I can’t imagine all of the hard work involved in doing something like this. Good luck with the next class.

    1. Thanks for your honest feedback. I felt that it was not up to the best standard also. I am working to improve my tool and this just was not the best. I will keep striving to bring you more content in a better way. So sorry this was not up to par. Thanks, Kate

  289. I watch every video Kate does if possible. And I ALWAYS LEARN something. And love the F&F collection so new ways to use it are most welcome.

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  291. Kate is a great teacher, many tips given. I hope that with lots of practice, I will truly enjoy this way of finishing my quilts.

  292. Kate has been so PROFESSIONAL and so RESPECTFUL during all the classes I’ve participated in! We need more Instructors like her!!

  293. Kate is a great instructor. She has the “gift” to see just one more usage for any given template. Her instructions are spot-on. A year ago, I had no concept of ruler quilting. She has given those lucky enough to have found her Sunday sessions confidence in how to use the templates and pride in the work they have done in completing their own completed quilts. To Kate all I can say in thank you so much.

  294. Kate Quinn is the BEST. I will take all the classes I can. I do take other teachers, my very favorite if still Kate Quinn. She has the bestest way of teaching, explains along the way. The only thing I regret is I live on the east coast and she doesn’t. Keep teaching Kate, I will keep watching, and buying, just need to tell hubby how much I NEED all those rulers.

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  297. Wonderful instructor. I’m looking up all the Kate Quinn Videos I can find and signing up for all the virtual classes she teaches. She is very easy to listen to, she teaches at a pace that is easy to follow, not too fast or slow. Her speaking voice is easy to listen to. I find her to be organized and thorough, hitting on the basics like thread, marking, batting for the beginners but not spending too much time for the more experienced sewers. Her enthusiasm inspires me not only to master the basics, but to then break out and experiment on my own

  298. Kate Quinn is an AWESOME teacher. Just Sew Happy had a virtual class on feathers and after watching Kate’s class, I feel confident to make feathers!! Would love to see more of her classes!!!!

  299. Great instructor. Have taken 3 of her classes and have learned something new each time. She is also pleasant to watch. Love the virtual classes as I would probably not be able to attend otherwise.

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  301. Kate Quinn is absolutely fabulous. Kate has a wonderful style in her ruler quilting as well as being a very knowledgeable teacher.

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  305. I was first introduced to Westalee rulers by another Sew Steady instructor and found Kate through the Sew Steady University. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way Kate teaches. Her virtual teaching (videography and vocals) are so clear. She teaches at a nice rate – not too fast or too slow. I purchased her Fun and Fancy book and the ruler set as a result of watching just one of her classes. I plan to do many more.

  306. Kate, you are an excellent instructor! I love watching and rewatching your presentations. You are so inspiring and reassuring. As a beginner, I am learning so much and feeling like The Little Engine That Could, I think I can, I think I can,and I AM!!

  307. Kate is a fabulous teacher – explaining what she’s doing each step of the way, and pointing out any tricky steps in the process.

  308. I learned alot from the class. I bought a longarm & just haven’t been brave enough to try the rulers but this helped me alot. I use my rulers all the the time on the Jazz Babylock without any issues. I would certainly love more classes on the longarm.

  309. Kate is one of my favorite instructors. I always learn so much from her. Waiting on my fun and fancy order of rulers and her book.

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  312. Kate is definitely the best instructor I have had so far on Sew Steady products. Her down to earth style is refreshing and she’s not afraid to try new things to show us the wide range of uses your products have. I keep signing up for any class she does because even the same class is somewhat different each time. Way to to Kate!

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    Thank you!!!

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  318. I am new to ruler work and have found Kate’s videos quite helpful. She has a knack for answering my questions right about the time they come to mind. Her voice is very soothing and reassuring. She drops lots of little tips and tricks into the conversation that I have found very helpful. I look forward to events where she is the instructor.

  319. I watch Kate whenever I can. Whenever I am struggling with a technique I search her classes/videos first. I learn something new every time I watch her.

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  322. I watch every video Kate does – even if it’s a new class with same “feature” as before because I always learn something new, she is always teaching. AND seeing her do things just a little differently – per make a mistake and fix it – teaches me a lot.

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  326. Kate makes it so easy……I can really follow her instructions easily and then actually do it myself!! Yeah – love her easy manner and excellent camera angles so that YES I can do it!!

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  328. Kate is a wonderful teacher. You get the sense that you are in the room with her, even though the class is virtual. She has a lovely manner and explains thoroughly, including what errors might occur and how to avoid them. I try to take as many classes as I can with her.

  329. Ruler quilting captivates my soul; Kate’s teaching skills bring me hope and inspiration that one day, I too may….

  330. Kate you are just brilliant in explaining and teaching your methods. Building confidence and showing us to challenge and achieve goals. Cannot say enough how much i have learnt plus enjoy your classes, always something to learn .. heartfelt thanks for the dedication to us… your students .Truly a great teacher..thankyou

  331. Kate is one of SewSteady’s best instructors. I watch her as often as possible and learn new things every time. She has a calm down to earth attitude with clear explanations of what she is doing and why. I love how she thinks out of the box and encourages us to play with our rulers and try new things.

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  337. ALWAYS love Kate’s videos. She is constantly teaching – telling how and why. My hearts just arrived and I can’t wait to try some of these things. I got my feathers for Christmas. 😉 I’ll be watching every video she does, even if it’s the “same” class she does just a little bit differently and I always learn something.

  338. It was a very informative class! She shared great ideas and tips. I loved it and plan to take another class with her.

  339. Hearts and Feathers…..before listening to Kate I thought these were beyond my poor attempts. She is such an educator: one who talks clearly, repeats questions every time, goes slow enough to impart the point yet is never tiresome. My resolution is to keep trying and Kate is the one who encourages me.

  340. Kate is the best instructor for ruler work, for sure! She’s also very good at explaining free motion quilting.
    She teaches in a friendly way and encourages us to try things we would have never thought of on our own.

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    Truly the best ruler class I have ever taken.

  343. I the fall of 2019 I had the opportunity to take one of Kate’s in person classes. Kate has the unique ability to explain things that everyone can understand. It is obvious she loves ruler quilting and her enthusiasm is contagious. I have made it a point to attend as Amy of Kate’s virtual classes in 2020 and can’t wait to attend an in person class again.

  344. I have learned a lot from Kate. She does an excellent job of explaining the how’s, why’s etc of doing quilting. Her classes are informative and can easily be applied to my work.

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  346. Kate does a great job! She really gave me some ideas I had not thought of before. She’s thorough, covers info important to beginners without being boring to more experienced folks. I try and catch all her lives.

  347. Kate is the sweetest person!!! While watching her teach you just know how passionate she is about quilting with rulers! And how passionate Kate is about teaching the skill that she loves so much! She explains things so well! She is slow so you can see what she is doing! Just a terrific teacher! We are blessed to be able to have her as a teacher!!! Thank you Kate

  348. Great learning experience. Kate’s instructions are so detailed that I feel I’m able to do this. Thank you so much

  349. I really enjoyed Kate and the hearts and feathers virtual workshop. It was fun to learn different ways and how to get nice feathers.

  350. It seems like I learn something new when I watch any video Kate does. I’m glad I took the Feathers and Hearts class as I learned I can use the heart to make clamshells as I have trouble using the true clamshell ruler. Thanks Kate for all the classes you put on.

  351. Just finished watching my first video for the rulers. Kate was excellent. Her tips and skills with the rulers were amazing. I am anxious to try the rulers out and watch future videos or in person demonstrations.

    1. I am a self taught quilter although my grandmother and Mother both made blankets with small squares. They used old clothing to make these blankets and were beautiful. My Mother passed in 2000 and I, at that point, became a blanket maker. In time I searched the internet to find different patterns that I loved and jumped head first into making quilts. Discovered Westelee templates and ruler and guess what?? I jumped right into it. When I found the FB page about using these templates along with Kate I was thrilled since I now had someone who could teach me how to use those rulers!! Kate you made my life so much better. Last month, January 2021 I actually did my first quilt using a template because Kate gave me the faith that I can do this!! It is a king size quilt and I used the circles and bullseyes all over the quilt!! Lol I love it! Now I am trying to master the feather template so I am watching any Kate videos that I can find! LOVE Kate!

  352. Kate is a fanominal teacher. Every time I see one of her classes, I learn so very much. Her little side tips are great too. She is very personal as well as knowledgeable.

  353. Kate Quinn is one of the best teachers I know. I have taken in-person classes with her and the atmosphere in her classroom was relaxing and fun. This last year I have watched her grow into a very competent virtual teacher, and she has maintained the same relaxing atmosphere in her on-line teaching as she deals with how to correct mistakes and lets you know that it is OK if your sewing is not perfect the first time you try it while showing you how to improve. She is very patient with her students and fun to be around, and I’m hoping to take more in-person and virtual classes with her. Best of luck in your future, Kate!

  354. Kate, you are amazing – I learn something new every time I watch your videos – with Fun & Fancy you gave a completely different class a few days apart – explain so well and you have hicups just like all of us – thank you for your great teaching- I give you 110%

  355. Kate is one of the best, if not the best, teachers on Ruler Work. She describes everything in detail, and she is very organized while teaching. I really enjoy her classes and have learned a lot from her. Now I plan to rewatch a video and sew along with her.

  356. I have recently stumbled on Kate Quinn videos and classes. I’m fairly new to FMQing and find she gives a lot more details than several other educators. Thanks for sharing your skills with us so we can learn to.

  357. Thanks Kate. I miss seeing you at Ann Silva’s but seeing you in this class was a treat. You demonstrate everything so well and your explanations are crystal clear

  358. I have always learned alot from your classes. I liked how you showed us how to cover up a mistake with a new addition to the original design plan. It was good to see you have issues when the machine when you are in your groove too. The spirals from the little circle template were really a nice added touch for inspiration.

  359. Every time I watch a video class by Kate I learn something new, even if it’s another class on Funand Fancy etc. Always teaching, explaining, inventing new ways to use templates. Thank you Kate.

  360. Every time I watch a video class by Kate I learn something new, even if it’s the “same” Fun and Fancy class etc. Each is a little different and there is more to see and do. Thank you Kate!!

  361. Kate is an awesome instructor. She’s so knowledgeable about the rulers. I alwas learn something new. I plan to take more of her classes in the future.

  362. Kate Quinn is an excellent instructor. She makes it easy to understand. I always look forward to any and all of the virtual live classes and look back to classes from a while ago. She deserves an A+.

  363. I love watching Kate Quinn teach. She’s always has a positive approach. She is very clear in her instruction and makes it look so easy. She is great at offering tips and tricks and never makes you feel like everything has to be perfect. Sometimes things happen and you just do the best you can. She is a great inspiration and I have learned alot from her. She always makes my wish list grow!!!

  364. Kate is an excellent instructor with a fantastic attitude. Her teaching style is relaxed but constantly reviewing best practices and encouraging us to think outside the box.

  365. Kate is an incredible instructor. Her calming voice makes learning the rulers as a beginner so much more easier. She is very through. She shares her tips, both basic and advanced. She shares her personal experiences. Just love watching her. So grateful I found her. She is the best medicine during this time of SIP.

  366. I love how calm and reassuring she is. Her sense of humor makes a real diffieence in how I veil the whole idea of quilting with rulers. She inspires me to try new things. My favorite instructor.

  367. If you have not taken a class with Kate you are missing out on a great opportunity. Kate is an enthusiastic, practical, and generous teacher. Her presentations are well planned and she shares tip and tricks generously. Thanks Kate and Sew Steady for providing wonderful learning opportunities especially during the Covid shutdown.

  368. As usual Kate was GREAT – but midway in the video went blurry and you couldn’t really see what was going on – had to give up.

  369. Kate is a great instructor. Very detailed. Have learned alot from her. Will try to attend all her classes

  370. I am always amazed by Kate’s videos. She really cares about getting the content across to the viewer. She shows many tips and tricks. Her explanations are clear and easy to understand. The instructions are didactically well structured and inspire me to expand or change the quilting patterns and adapt them to my project. Her enthusiasm for quilting with templates is contagious. Your videos have helped me reach a new level of quilting. Thank you Kate.

  371. Kate is phenomenal! I’ve attended multiple of her demos and they’re always really informative and inspiring.

  372. She is the greatest! Watch as many of her classes as possible . Her instruction has given me confidence and must say, I have improved a great deal because of her. Thanks you for all the hrlp.

  373. Kate has taught me a lot about quilting, and the best thing is not to worry about the details. Little mistakes don’t matter,”Bon Bon time” and not to stress over not having a perfect quilt. Kate is a very knowledgeable and fabulous instructor. Love watching her lessons

  374. I love learning from Kate! She is very clear and thinks about what we may go through when we quilt with the ruler. I love to watch and learn! Thank you for being able to offer free classes to learn and I even have a lot of templates on my wish list!

  375. As a senior, I have taken many classes & LOVED about half of them. I love Kate’s classes as I have always learned something. Kate bring expert knowledge, lots of fun & information to every class. I enjoy the fact that Kate is very relaxed & encourages everyone to use the rulers in many different ways. When things “go wrong” she uses it as a teaching moment & does it a different way.

  376. I don’t think people realize that Kate isn’t just a good teacher, she is a great teacher. As someone who presents seminar, teaches classes and has gone to many many over the years (not sewing, new at that but AKC Judging, dog training, Bible Study, Cooking, weaving, spinning and Pysanky) I’ve seen some wonderful instructors and some who could do the craft but not teach worth a darn. Then there were those who were absolutely outstanding and Kate is one. She goes into detail, repeats things, shows us several times exactly what she is doing and tells us WHY to do it or why NOT to do something else. Her plan for the class is clear and well thought out. She doesn’t skip from A to B but fills in the little things between the two – which is important for those of us who are new, doing this on our own and struggle with many of the concepts because they are so “foreign” to us in this new craft.

    So many instructors don’t bother (or realize!) that it’s the tiny little things that make or break it for some of us – exactly where you do something and why they are doing what they are. Putting your fingers her on the template – putting the little fold in the scotch tape on the template, figuring out where to put the stable tape, thinking outside the box and encouraging us with the fact it’s not all about perfection. (And she isn’t afraid to adit when she makes a mistake, and shows/tells us how to fix our goofs.)

    Kate is easy to understand, doesn’t try to impress us just wants to help us. You can see/feel/hear her love for what she is doing and her enthusiasm for doing it and teaching it come through with every stitch. She has a true gift for teaching.

    1. Thanks so much for that glowing review! I want to show my mom who was also a teacher. I appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback and as always-Happy Quilting 🙂

    2. Ditto to all you have said about Kate – she is an awesome instructor. I took a beginning class here in Albuquerque a few years ago – Kate has gone from good to “FANTASTIC” – you explain everything and respond to questions – I have learned something new each time I watch you – even when a few days apart the Fun & Fancy – thank you for inspiring me and so many quilters!!!!

  377. Another great feather class by Kate. She demonstrates the use of the templates so thoroughly giving alternative designs. Love her classes and will take more.

  378. I always enjoy the presentations by Kate. I come away with new ideas and creative uses for the templates. Great!!

  379. A wonderful instructor. Instructions hi are clear and concise. Every class I learn so much new designs how to really get the most out of the templates.

  380. A very good teacher. You explained things step by step in a manner easy to follow. I enjoyed the class and am ready to try ruler quilting with my domestic machine.

  381. On a scale of 1-5 Kate is a 10+. Her up-beat attitude as well as her knowledge + creativity + teaching style = enjoyable classes where I always learn something new.

  382. I watched your Feather Fantasy class and it was wonderful! So many different and creative ideas. There was so much info that I need to watch it again while the video is available – and while I can pause it to make notes. I definitely want to watch more of your classes!

  383. A wonderful tutor and this presentation was exceptional. Always well prepared and explains each step as she works and offers a lot of advice and ways to utilise the rulers. I highly recommend her videos. Please come to Australia and do some classes here!! Thankyou Kate.

  384. I love listening to all Kate’s classes. She has been so inspirational on my own journey to learn ruler work quilting.

  385. Kate is consistently a great instructor. She provides clear and detailed instruction that include using the rulers, machine setup, and trouble shooting. I’ve been especially impressed at her responsiveness to questions and her demonstrations of multiple ways to use individual rulers.

  386. Kate is an inspiring teacher. She explains everything in detail. Everything she does is extraordinary. I love the way she teaches.

  387. Thank you Kate for teaching this wonderful class on Ruler Work & Feathers. It was a very informative, detailed class and I learned so much. Some of the techniques that she taught, I’m currently putting into practice on my latest quilt top.
    Happy Quilting.

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  389. |I’ve only just got back into sewing and quilting and rulker work has appeared in my 12 year absence. I’ve been watching Kate Quinn’s online tutorials for the past 3 months and she’s a great online teacher. She always prepares her sessions well and is also willing and able to answer all sorts of questions thrown at her during them. A very talented quilter and a teacher that is warm and friendly. She makes everything look easy and isn’t embarrassed if things don’t quite go right on live demos therefore making us learners feel better about our own work. Looking forward to more tutorials especially now I’ve jsut seen that my ‘Fun and Fancy’ ruler set seems to have arrived in the UK (ordered September from UK supplier). Keep up the good work Kate.

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    1. Hi Terri, thank you so much for your kind words. I wanted to let you know that you can try using your low shank templates with your high shank machine. You should not have a clearance issue. This is possible for most machines as the low shank ones have less chance of obstruction. If your foot height is set properly there should be no possibility of the ruler slipping under the foot. This may give you more use options.

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      1. Thank you both. I consider it a priviledge to share this passion and artform. I am thankful for all the people that have educated me and very grateful for the chance to pass on some of that knowledge to other. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Sincerely, Kate Q

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