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Kate Quinn

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Westalee Design Accredited Teacher

New Mexico (willing to travel)

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About The Instructor

My fascination with quilting began when I received a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt as a wedding present in 1991.  The gift of a second scrappy quilt further solidified my love of fabrics and colors.  I made my first quilt to celebrate the birth of my first child around 1993.  I had loved quilting ever since.  I love all styles and types of quilts from art to modern, from traditional pieced to applique.  I also love how quilting is a connection through the ages and across generations.

Originally a native of California, I graduated from West Point in 1991.  Right after graduation, my husband Patrick and I began our life together by serving in the Army.  I left the service in 1998 to be at home with our 5 children.  For the next two decades, quilting became the bridge that helped me to build relationships in each new community.  Though I have moved more than 20 times during my family’s military service, quilters are a welcoming group and I have been so thankful for them.

As my kids have grown, so have my quilting skills.  I now have more time available to share the quilting skills that I love.  I started teaching about 16 years ago.  After our last move, I began working and teaching at local shops and guilds on a consistent basis.   In 2016, I also became a professional longarm quilter, opening FabriKated Quilts.

In 2016, I was first introduced to Westalee Designs Quilting Rulers and Templates.  I was instantly hooked!  Rulerwork tools have helped me advance my quilting skills more that I ever dreamt possible.  I am thrilled and proud to be a Sew Steady Education Ambassador and a Westalee Design Acredited Teacher.  The freedom and creativity generated by these tools is so satisfying.  I want to give that power to quilters everywhere.

I love sharing my passion for quilting and art, passing on a centuries old tradition, and creating beautiful items of comfort.  Let’s start FabriKating your next quilt!

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167 thoughts on “Kate Quinn

  1. The instructor seemed so thrilled to share the products with us. I think we may have went a little over the class time because there were lots of interested people and thankfully she spent the time to answer them all!

  2. Kate is an excellent teacher. As a retired teacher myself, I can identify with all the opps moments and frustration of a live presentation.
    She handles them all beautifully! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  3. Kate is a wonderful teacher. Explains things very well. She also gives us permission not to be perfect. Love her bon-bon time.

  4. Just got around to watching the class…Kate is an excellent instructor and I highly recommend her classes to all. She clearly knows the products and subject matter, and articulates exactly how to develops one’s skill in using rulers. Thank you for an excellent class.

  5. It was a very great class. Kate Quinn was very detailed and explained everything so that I was able to understand her and what she was doing.

  6. Kate teaches succinctly and clearly, and in this video-class format is able to answer promptly any questions asked by participants. I have appreciated her work in the past, as well.

  7. I loved watching Kate’s Ruler Class. She did a great job teaching the skill. I learned more than I thought I would watching an online class.

  8. Kate is an awesome instructor! I learned more in her 2 hours class about free-motion quilting and using templates than any other demonstration I’ve participated in. Her presentation was content rich with lots of great tips. Her steps for using the rulers were succinct and I felt, after watching her, that I, too can do this!
    I was wondering about the online format and found I had a better view of what Kate was doing at the sewing machine with the close-up camera. No need to strain and stretch my neck to see what the instructor was doing as in a live demo. We all had the best seat in the house.

  9. I watched Kate’s class and she is an excellent teacher. Learned so much She is so thorough and answers the questions we have very well. Can’t wait to use my rulers that I have had for about 3+ years. Couldn’t find a class to learn about them. So grateful for this class!

  10. Kate has taught for us in our shop in the past, so that’s why I requested her for this class. She is very positive, energetic, and inspirational. She is organized and keeps things moving. She speaks well…no uh’s, etc, which is important to me. Kate explains things very well so that students learn quickly and easily. I would have her teach here again in a heartbeat!

  11. Well, a lot of people have already said what I would write. Love your explenations, perfect way to attend your class from the Netherlands, Europe🥰

  12. Kate loves to teach us, challenge us, and encourage us! She is a wonderful teacher. Can’t say enough good things about her.

  13. Kate is a great instructor. She is clear in her directions. Makes it easy for a beginner to understand. Thanks for the classes

  14. I recently watched a few of Kate’s classes online. She did a great job in explaining the process step by step so it was easy to follow. She has great ideas and always made sure to answer questions. I can’t wait to watch more!

  15. Hello, I loved the clarity Kate applied to present the techniques. She gave good comments without overwhelming the viewer.

  16. Kate is a wonderful, informative instructor. I will attend (virtual) any class she wants to instruct. The beginners class was a great reminder on what I need to do to be successful. I just completed my first ruler quilt and thank you Kate as I couldn’t have completed without your wonderful instruction. You Rock!!

  17. Kate is a very good instructor… organized and easy to follow. Her voice is very clear and not too fast or too slow. The video was close in fact probably closer than you could get in a classroom environment. Kate answers question concisely and makes sure that the answer is what the student needed. I look forward to taking more of her classes and especially want to take a “hands on” class because I learn better that way. However, given the pandemic this was an excellent introduction. Thank you.

  18. Katie is a fantastic instructor. It was easy to follow her. I like the virtual so I can go back and view techniques again. Looking forward to more virtual classes.

  19. Kate did a wonderful job of presenting the information on how to use the rulers. The ability for her audience to watch her movements while she demonstrated the rulers and exactly how to use them gave me the confidence to use them.. I loved how she kept on track with here explanation it kept me from leaving the program. Great job Kate!

  20. Kate is a great teacher. The Westalee class was so helpful in understanding how to use ruler’s. Kate seems to know what questions we will ask before we even ask them.

  21. I always enjoy learning from Kate. Even when some of the material is repeated from other classes, I always learn something new. She has the Virtual technique down.

  22. As an instructor, Kate provides the perfect blend of knowledge, guidance, detailed yet clear and quick paced observations and instructions, encouragement and enthusiasm!

  23. Great class. I purchased the rulers a few years ago and never followed through on learning to use them. I’m inspired to watch the video again and work with them.
    Kate, thank you for your service! I sew with Quilts of Valor.

  24. I have been watching Kate for several months during this pandemic. Her style of teaching is phenomenal! She is so knowledgeable and provides info to beginners to experienced ruler users. I feel I learn something new each time I watch her. She is full of day to day useful tips and her work is beautiful!

  25. Excellent presentation! The visual camera set up really allows the student to feel as though you are standing right over Kate while she teaches each component. Thank you Kate!

  26. This was an excellent virtual class. The instructor had a great camera set up, and took logical steps as she showed us how to use rulers. I found it easy to follow and I am excited to get started.

  27. She is amazing instructor. I purchased my rulers several years ago and took a paid class at my LQS. I did not feel confident and my rulers sat in a bag. After Erin’s class I’m excited, sewing and buying new products. Thanks

  28. Kate is an awesome instructor. She is so creative and inspirational. I met her in Albuquerque NM at a quilt show and she is so personable and helpful. Keep up the great work.

  29. This online course was awesome. I paid a lot of money locally and signed up for ‘classes’ which turned out to be a short demo at the shop, and a copy of Liona’s video on a thumb drive to try at home on my own. I had my computer volume on 100 and still could not hear the videos well. The camera was never close enough to the sewing to really have a close look at what was going on.

    You did an terriffic job explaining and showing everything. I feel ready to get out my starter kit and try ruler work again. Thank you very much.

  30. Really enjoyed the class. I feel like you are a really great teacher. Will look for more of your you tube videos and future classes. Do you use a bobbin holder with looser tension when machine quilting. Like a blue dot bobbin holder?

  31. The virtual class was time well spent. I’ve had the templates for some time, but reviewing how to use them is valuable. I especially appreciate the fact that the video is available after the class for double-checking what was heard and for stopping it to practice the steps. Thank you!

  32. Really, really enjoyed the class. I found the instructions very clear and detailed. As well as more advanced aspects of using the rulers, great tips were given about utilising such basics as the 1/4″ spacing guide, which I had been struggling to use properly! Now it is so easy and obvious. I would love to do more virtual classes please! Thank you.

  33. Excellent course! Kate Quinn is very thorough in her presentation. She has a clear voice which makes it easy to follow her instructions. I would like to be notified when she will be teaching another class using the Westalee rulers. I have the Template Sampler Set and the Border Sampler Template Set. I took very detailed notes on her presentation of the Spinning Wheel 5.5″, Spin-E-Flex No. 4 31/2″, 12″ Arc, and 6″Spiral. I would like to learn how to use the Circle 2″, 4″Arc, and .5″x1.5″x3″ rulers that come in the Template Sampler Set. Kate does a wonderful job presenting. She really removes the fear of using the templates. I am purchasing the book that she recommended by Janet Collins – Quilt Design Book. Hopefully this book will have detailed instructions for using each of the templates in the Sampler Set. Thank you for this class.

  34. I took the Ruler Work for Beginners virtual class and loved it! Learned so much. I had done a ruler work class locally and Kate explained so much more! Fabulous instructor!

  35. I really enjoyed Kate’s teaching style. She covered the basics and gave great tips along the way. I have had my rulers for some time but now and more motivated to use them. I am looking forward to expanding my ruler library and trying more designs. Thank you!

  36. I love the way Kate teaches, very down to earth. I’d really like her to do a class that goes beyond the beginner stage.

  37. I love the way Kate teaches, very down to earth. I’ve seen plenty of the Beginner Ruler Work classes and I wish she’d do a “Beyond beginner class” or whatever the next step to a beginner is.

  38. I loved this virtual event. Learned about a new skill that I am anxious to try. Kate had to a very good mastery of the subject. Keep it up. Thank you.

  39. Kate is an excellent instructor. Her explanations are clear and concise, easy to follow. I learned so many things from her class. Thanks so much!

  40. I really enjoyed the class, my first virtual class! Purchased a set of rulers awhile back but didn’t have enough courage to actually use them, feel like now maybe I do. You made it look so effortless, and you were easy to understand and follow throughout for a beginner like myself.

  41. Kate Quinn is a great instructor. This was my second class and I’ve learned something new in each class.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the class.
    Thanks for the virtual presentation.

  42. Wow! Kate is an excellent instructor. I purchased the starter package, template set, and the crosshair ruler from my local quilt shop, but never really learned how to use it. This was a great overview and it made me interested in learning how to use these tools. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I look forward to learning more from you in the future!

  43. Fantastic educator!
    She’s so patient and eloquent.
    I’d love to watch many more of her videos.
    Hope to get my rulers soon so I can follow along.

  44. Kate is a very thorough instructor which is very helpful to new quilters as well as more advanced. She is willing to answer all questions and isn’t flustered when she has a problem like thread breaks or runs out of bobbins that happen to everyone to show it happens to the best.

  45. I love watching Kate teach me how to use the quilting templates. It has been a joy, she is a wonderful instructor! I am so anxious to use the Fun and Fancy patterns and templates, they are beautiful! Kate, thanks to you and your husband for your service. I am an Army brat, old one anyway, so I know the sacrifices y’all have endured!

  46. Great Presentation. Have enrolled in the Fun and Fancy class and am looking forward to it. So glad we have the ability to have these classes online.

  47. Thank you so much for the great presentation. I bought the presser foot and templates more than a year ago and could not figure out how to use them. I was not available for the original class but have been glued to my computer screen while watching the recording. I learned a lot and am anxious to start practicing with my templates. Would love to attend a live class at some point. Gayle

  48. I try my very best to NOT miss a Kate Quinn class. In each of her videos she doesn’t fail to teach me something new. Her voice is easy to listen to. Her ideas a super and she will answer any question asked, even if it’s after the video is over. Watching her makes you feel like she REALLY wants the viewer to learn. I can’t imagine not watching Kate weekly. I love to rewatch her videos over and over. Sew Steady is fortunate to have a teacher of her caliber.

  49. I really enjoyed the class. I wasn’t going to watch as I felt that I didn’t have time. I am so glad I watched!!! WOW You taught me so much about rulers. I purchased a set of the beginners rulers from someone on the internet and didn’t have a clue how to use them. I tried and failed. Then you showed me how to use them with the 6 point crosshair. I was missing that! I have ordered it from Sew Steady and now I can’t wait to get it to really start using my rulers. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I loved how easy you made it look and how exactly they are to be used.

  50. Thank you for the well presented ruler class . You certainly make it look very doable. Your class cleared up many questions. I am ready to start my adventure into doing my own machine quilting!

  51. I think Kate is a great teacher. I’ve signed up for a few of these classes and I learn something in each one.
    I wish she’d do more than a Beginner Class to Rulers.

  52. Kate, I would just like to say thank you for sharing so many tips with us, even though I’m in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 UK and the time difference I do try and watch your live class as I have learned so much from you, you really do take the time to explain things even if that means more than once, If you have never watched kate’s class I highly recommend them. Fantastic Teacher. 😊

  53. Great virtual class. I have done one all day in person Westalee Beginner Set class before and I still learned a lot from Katie. Thank you!

  54. Kate is a fabulous instructor. She just has a way of explaining things so that they stick with you. Her designs are beautiful and I love how she explains why she makes the choices she does.

  55. Thank you for a very informative and fun class. I really enjoyed the virtual experience as I am in Canada and otherwise would not have been able to attend. I am so excited to do more with my rulers–deep breath and go for it!

  56. Kate always does a nice job in explaining different ways to use a ruler that I have not thought of. She is so very easy to follow in her instructions. I always look forward to her classes.

  57. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I’m anxious to try techniques Kate showed, tho with my hand in a cast for a month, it won’t be as soon as I want. I look forward to other virtual classes with Kate.

  58. That was my first ruler class and I think I am hooked. Kate did such an amazing job to make it look so easy. I am anxious for my rulers to come, so I can get started. Looking forward to more of Kate classes.

  59. Kate was an excellent teacher. She made quilting with rulers seem easy. It have scared me for a long time. I have had the rulers, but did not fell confident enough to try on my own. I will watch the webinar again to help me gain more confidence.

  60. Great virtual classes with Katie! I can’t believe how much I’ve learned. I ordered the Fun and Fancy set, so can’t wait to try it all out! Thank you!

  61. I have enjoyed ALL the classes Kate has done. She explains clearly the questions answered. I really enjoy how she is teaching “How to think outside the box” technic. Sometimes you see a ruler but then think you are limited to one design when there are more. She encourages one to “play” and enjoy the quilting process.
    Years ago I purchased the starter set and would like to learn more on how to use them. The quilt shop I purchased them closed so I was trying to learn on my own but lost interest, but with what she has shown will help me along.
    I did purchase her book “Fun and Fancy” so excited to see where that leads me. Thank you Kate!

  62. What a great and patient teacher! I had bought the kit 2 years ago and played a little, but this class made me feel more at ease in using them!!

  63. Kate is an awesome teacher! I really enjoyed the class. This was the second beginner class I’ve attended and Kate demonstrated some different rulers than the first class. Great class! Thank you Kate and Sew Steady.

  64. I’m just learning about the Westalee rulers and was looking for a class to aid in my journey. Kate’s class was perfect. Not too fast paced and full of tips and ideas. I can’t wait to get my rulers and book so I can start putting my new knowledge to work. Definitely will be looking to attend more of Kate’s virtual classes!

  65. Very good class with good samples. The techniques were easy to follow and I am anxious to try to do some of the things I saw on the video.

  66. This was my first virtual class. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kate made everything easy to follow and understand. I would definitely take another class with her. Thanks!

  67. I have watched your “beginning” ruler class many times and always re-learn something. You are fabulous. Love every video you do!

  68. Kate never disappoints me. She is so creative and her thoughts in combinations of templates are intriguing. I am loving her Fun and Fancy set at the moment.

  69. Kate is a very thorough instructor and always encourages you to expand on her ideas with some of your own. I really like that.

  70. Kate, You have sure got me thinking outside the box when it comes to Westalee rulers. I do use them and have been somewhat successful but, I now know I have tapped the variety of designs possible.
    Thank you.

  71. Kate is an outstanding educator. She is organized and relaxed. I love the tidbits she shares and watch her whenever she offers a class. Even in her beginning classes she offers a bit extra to encourage audience to expand their knowledge. If something goes awry during class she deals with it and suggests what you can do to solve the issue. Even after class she will answer your questions.

  72. I’m pretty new to ruler work and am really learning from Kate. She is clear in her instructions and is very creative. I will continue to learn from her.

  73. Thanks you to Kate and Sew Steady for all the information that has been shared the last several months. Kate is a great teacher, and love the tips. I like she want you to relax and not stress over the ruler work.

  74. Kate is an EXCELLENT instructor. She is creative and brings a lot of knowledge to her classes. She is patient and laughs at her own mistakes, making the class taker feel ok not to be perfect! I love her classes and take any opportunity to participate in her classes. I love how she makes the process realistic when she uses actual quilt blocks and projects!

  75. Thanks Kate for another great class ( Dive Deeper into Ruler Work). I really learn from your method teaching and showing all the different ways the templates can be used. You encourage us to branch out and make the designs fit our style. I am glad we can view the class for a period to go back and see some one area I might not have understood in watching the live video. This feature lets me enjoy the virtual class and keep up with the comments and jot down a few notes.

  76. I love Kate’s classes! She is so informational. Her tips and tricks are fantastic and she explains everything very precisely! Love her.

  77. I loved the presentation. There was a lot of information presented which assisted with improving my ability to use rulers. I have been watching utube videos and learning how to use rulers, but this presentation was like a one on one class and I learned a lot. Using the little measure tool was interesting and since the presentation, I have been practicing on using it and improving my skills. Thank you

  78. Kate is a phenomenal instructor. I learn something from her every time I watch her classes. She’s also a lovely person. I give her five big stars.

  79. Wow! I want to learn more about ruler work after watching her video. Very informative. Makes you want to get started on quilting right away. Nice work and well done!

  80. Enjoy her style of teaching very much! I really appreciate that I can watch later as we have family here who escaped the Oregon fires and one is a busy 3 year old, so I watch when I can stay focused!
    I have learned so much and I really look forward to using rulers! I had bought some a while ago and was self teaching but Kate has accelerated by learning!

  81. Kate , covered a lot of my questions and fears I had about these rulers since I bought them a year ago and tossed them in a draw. Yet I had to have them. Lol
    She is very professional but yet makes mistakes. She explains her mistakes to prevent us from making them ourselves. I respect that., that makes a great teacher., I will be following her and trying to learn as much as I can from her. Thank you Kate

  82. I loved the class with Kate, she put me at ease about using the ruler supplies I bought about two years ago. I wish I could download this class and keep it to follow whenever I need to.
    I’m taking the next virtual class of hers in a few weeks and it really helps that it’s virtual because I can no longer take my machine to places that hold classes.
    Thanks for the class and for having Kate teach it.

  83. Kate is a great teach. Covered all the necessary information with good demonstrations. I would definitely be influenced to take a class if I learned that she would be teaching.

  84. Kate’s class was very inspirational for me. I feel much more confident to start quilting with rulers! I’m excited to get some supplies and work through some of these techniques.

  85. I learned so many ch in just the first 20 minutes of the virtual ruler class. I now have so much more confidence and use rulers all the time now. Thank you so much Kate

  86. Kate love your lessons and down-to-earth way of teaching. Whilst I can’t always catch the live sessions because of timing as I am in Australia I do try, and it us so worth the effort.

  87. Kate was a wonderful instructor in ruler quilting. I think after watching 4 different instructors it finally sunk in on how to get started. Can hardly wait to get my stuff so I can practice.

  88. Kate is amazing! Not only is she knowledgeable and talented, Kate easily explaines details to viewers. It’s great that she wants to pass her tips on to all of us. Thanks, Kate.

  89. I thought Kate did a wonderful job! Not too fast, not too slow and really explained the full functions of the rulers!! I also love that she gave a suggestion for left handers – no one ever does that.

  90. Kate is excellent teacher, fun and fancy!!!! Very knowledgeable in ruler work and free motion. She makes me want to push myself to try new things. Never a dull moment with Kate. One of my favorites

  91. Kate is a great teacher and addressed clearly those darn registration lines. Have done some ruler work but was always questioning, where exactly am I and where am I going! Thank you Kate!

  92. I try to watch all of the programs Kare offers. She is a wonderful teacher and so very creative. Thank you for doing this for us.

  93. Kate has an amazing teaching ability. Her instructions during the demos are concise and she treats every question as though it was the first time being asked. Her vast knowledge comes through with each video.

  94. Kate, is a great instructor! Thank you for pointing out those reference lines—not done by originator! Looking forward to next class.

  95. Kate was amazing, I learned a few tips from her. She explains and demonstrates very well.

    I am looking forward to more virtual classes.

    Thank you Kate for a job well done!

  96. Kate’s class was excellent. Very well organized, lots of tips for successful quilting with rulers. She made me feel mo confident in my ability to try again and become comfortable with using these tools. Felt like I was sitting right next to her in a one on one class!

  97. I have been following Kate since I met her at Road to CAlifornia in January of this year I love her classes and and the way she teaches is such a relaxed way that lets you know that it’s ok to make mistakes. She gives you all kinds of ideas as to how to use the templates in many different ways so that you get better use of them. I have learned lots from her and now have more confidence in myself. she also go out of her was to always answer any questions that one may have.
    thank you Kate

  98. I love the way Kate explains how to do ruler work. She makes it look easy and gives me the confidence to try something new. I enjoy taking classes from her.

  99. This was my first virtual class with Kate and I found it very helpful. I have done some ruler quilter but do seem to find it harder to do on quilts that have seams rather than on a plain piece of fabric. The explanations and answers to questions were very thorough. I did sign up for another class in a few weeks. Setting up your machine correctly, the right, needle, thread, etc all seem to be the biggest issue for many. Skipped stitches also are a problem. Addressing these are helpful.

  100. I really liked this instructor. I liked the way she moved things along and didn’t dawdle on any one subject. But was more than happy to show something again if someone didn’t understand. Would like to see more ruler work classes.

  101. I absolutely love watching your classes when I can. I learn something new each time. I finally finished ruler quilting a tablerunner–my first project. It’s by no means perfect, but it’s not that bad either. I still struggle with the eveness of stitches. Practice, practice, practice, I guess is my answer.

  102. Kate certainly made rulerwork look approachable. I have a special quilt top that I have been saving for rulers. Hopefully with some practice I can do it.

  103. Kate is a wonderful teacher. She explains her techniques so well that everyone can understand. She isn’t afraid to admit she made a mistake, even laughs at herself, but then shows how to correct it! We can all certainly identify with that, and glad that she really is just like us! I learn something new every time I watch one of her classes! Thank you Kate for all that you do!

  104. I love Kate’s classes. She makes ruler work look so easy and fun. Her attitude is so great—if you make a mistake either fix it or live with it but don’t stress over it.

  105. Kate is an awesome instructor! She is very knowledgeable and able to go over specific details about the ruler work to make me successful on this new journey!! So excited to use the rulers I’ve had and am too scared to use! Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  106. Thank you for the demo class. It is the best demo I’ve seen for using rulers. I would have appreciated some comments on thread weight and needle size. Also, for many domestic machines the throat is relatively small and your demo only shows small pieces of quilts, so I’d like to hear something about ruler work in a small throat space with large quilts. Thanks

  107. Kate is a truly excellent instructor in all ways! Very knowledgeable – Clearly prepared, Explains things very well. Is thoroughly delightful to listen to – responds well to questions — I could go on and on. Taking her virtual classes and viewing her videos and live FB events has been wonderful for me to be able to get started using the starter set 1 rulers I bought with my Janome M7- I am looking forward to getting some additional rulers as well as a number of the other Westerlee and Sew Steady products to expand my quilting capability – and knowing that Kate will be offering more classes and programs gives me confidence that I will be able to advance my quilting even with all the limitations we have going on for in-person classes.

    I was also interested to see your background and how you started your quilting adventure. And thank you, too, for your service to country!

  108. I really enjoyed the ruler class. I learned a lot and am anxious to get my new rulers and try them it even inspired me to use some of the rulers I already have 😊.

  109. Kate is one of the best instructors I have ever watched. Her relaxed attitude and excellent instructions make her classes a joy to watch.

  110. I have took my classes and I have you said that Kate made it very easy to understand and demo are detailed. Not to mention organized and most important engaging attendees responses.

    I will take her classes anytime. Thank you,Kate.

    Long more

  111. Kate is an excellent teacher. Great refresher class for someone who bought ruler sets at PIQF 2 years ago, and just now got them out of the package. Thank you.

  112. I enjoyed your beginning lessons and learned quite a bit! Your are a wonderful teacher! I can’t wait to get my rulers and try them out! Thank you!

  113. Kate is a fabulous instructor. This was the first time I viewed her course. I watched live. On-line instruction is not easy but Kate did an excellent job presenting information and emphasizing important concepts. She packed a lot of information in this two hour course which I really appreciated. I have used rulers with my longarm so some concepts were familiar to me. I appreciated her comparisons to the longarm ruler concepts. Thank you for this wonderful class. I feel totally comfortable using rulers on my domestic machine now.

  114. I have just found these classes during the pandemic and I have learned so much from Kate. She is very easy to understand and answers everyone’s questions. I am going to go back and watch them all!! Thank you

  115. Enjoyed the class a lot. I have had a few rulers for a while, but need to practice! You are clear in your instruction and patient with explanations.

  116. The best! I love Kate’s instructions, videos and everything presented. I am always impressed with the individual responses given to questions. I hope Sew Steady is seeing these comments. Keep up the excellent presentations.

  117. thankyou for the wonderful presentation. I always learn something new.
    Thankyou and your husband for your service and the acheivemnt of being a West Point graduate.

  118. I really enjoyed your class. You are very easy to listen to. I have watched the video three times now and made a table topper. I bought the Westlee starter set for a class 3 years ago. I never used them again. You have me excited and planning new projects with the rulers.

  119. Clear instructions as you used the templates. It was easy to see what the finished outcome. Just need to get up the nerve to try it.😀

  120. Kate Quinn

    Excellent teacher, very informative, patient and helpful. Always willing to answer all questions and go above and beyond to help stiudents

  121. Kate is an amazing instructor. She is thorough, interesting and concise.
    I have learned so much from her over these last few months.
    Thank you Kate, and thank you Sew Steady for giving me this wonderful
    opportunity to learn so much more about ruler work than I ever would have
    on my own.

      1. Excellent Westalee 2 hour beginners class. Kate Quinn is a fabulous instructor. Very easy to listen to. She has a clear voice which makes it easy to understand what she is teaching. I look forward to watching more classes by Kate. Thank you .

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