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Westalee Design Decorative Thread Ruler Foot

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Westalee Design gave you the first Height Adjustable Ruler Foot and Template Quilting System for domestic sewing machines. Continuing in our tradition of innovation for quilting we now bring you the first Decorative Thread Ruler Foot for quilting with Templates. This Westalee Design Foot has a uniquely designed
Keyhole to carry the thread, making it possible to quilt with templates and use large variety of decorative threads, from fine to thick.

Available in Low Shank, Medium Shank and High Shank sizes only. (not available for High Shank Special Machines)


If you do not know what shank your machine is, all you need to do is lower your foot and then measure the height of the center of the hole for the screw from the needle plate. Please always indicated machine make and model so we can confirm we are sending you the correct foot.

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  1. resultsSorry, have not been able to try yet, on list for shortly, will get back to you when tried. Think this is wonderful

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