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Feathered Rose Pattern – by Janet Collins

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Feathered Roses is a small wall hanging that has been designed highlighting
Westalee Design’s elegant Feathered Leaf quilting templates.

By Janet Collins

Westalee Templates Used:

  • Westalee Design Ruler Foot and 12” Ruler Arc Template
  • Westalee Design Feathered Leaf Template Set
  • Westalee Design Feathered Leaves 3-1/2″
  • Westalee Design Spin-e-fex #13
  • Westalee Design Yin and Yang 1-1/2″ Template

Westalee Design 3-1/2″ Simple Circle Template or Circles On Quilts Set 1


  • Westalee Design 8-1/2″ Crosshair Ruler (optional)
  • Westalee Design 12-1/2″ Crosshair Ruler (optional)
  • Westalee Design SashLee Quilt Template (optional)

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