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Westalee Design Circles On Quilts Template Set 3 – (2″-12″)

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Circles on Quilts Templates are used for quilting concentric circles. These templates allow you to quilt circles at 1/2″ increments from 2″ – 12″. Can be used to make baptist fans. Using our single pin system, there is only 1 point of rotation, which reduces movement. For use with domestic machines when fitted with the Westalee Ruler Foot.

Set includes: 2” to 12” at 1/2” increments (set of 2) & 2 1/2” to 11 1/2” at 1/2” increments (set of 2)

Instructional Video:

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12 reviews « 1 of 3 »
Review for Westalee Design Circleworks Outer Rim Tool
Outer Rim tool

Love the tool. Makes it so easy to make measurements. Would recommend it to others to buy.

Review for Westalee Design Stable Tape
Stable Tape

This is a great product. It doesn’t last forever but is an essential component to successful use of your Westalee Templates so always make sure you have plenty on hand.

Review for SARIDITTY Crafter's Notion Necklace
Saridity crafters necklace

These are great. Not only use them to keep track of your gauge but on scissors, tweezers, and other small essential sewing/quilting tools. Keep hooked around a leg of your Sew Steady table, unhook what item you need, reattach when done. No more lost little items.

Review for Ruler Stickers
Worth taking

Don’t know how I did without them. Simply great.

Review for Westalee Design Circles on Quilts Templates Template Set 6 (12

Can use for Baptist fan and/or cirles to quickly quilt your project. Great to use around a wreath.

4 reviews « 1 of 3 »