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May Educator of the Month – Shanna Rendon

April showers bring May flowers… and our Educator of the Month

Shanna Rendon

Shanna Rendon

Shanna has been sewing most of her life, first learning quilting from her grandmother and friends at quilting bees, and then sewing from her mother, her grandmother, school and 4H. Her skills advanced until she could do tailoring and teach Stretch and Sew classes. Then she learned to do machine embroidery, to digitize designs, and to piece quilts correctly. Her quilting method of choice was quilting in the hoop with her embroidery machine, but when the Westalee quilting rulers appeared at her local quilting store, she was enthralled.

She started teaching ruler quilting classes in 2016 at the quilting store followed by Leonie’s Quilt As You Go series multiple times and most of the project classes available from Sew Steady, Continuum, Janet Collins’ patterns, and a few of her own. She taught a three-day event which included a trunk show, beginning ruler class, and ruler template folder project. She has spoken to quilting guilds and taught at a guild rendezvous.


Shanna is known for her clear, informative instruction during her classes as well as being organized, with a good pace so all can follow along and learn the various tips, tricks and new ideas using Westalee Design Templates & Rules.

 But don’t take our word for it!  Click Here to see what other students have to say about Shanna.

Excited to learn from her or take one of her classes,
Join us on May 25th, 2021 @ 2pm PT  for a Live Virtual Event with Shanna
You can never have too many diamonds or pearls! Watch Shanna Rendon use Westalee Design’s Link of Diamonds and Strand of Pearls Templates to create beautiful concentric designs.

You can also find the following classes by Shanna on our Sew Steady University:

Please take a moment to congratulate Shanna below! We would like to thank her for all her enthusiasm, hard-work, and dedication to teaching and sharing her experiences with us.  Thank you Shanna!

Why Westalee Design Templates: “Before Westalee Designs, I didn’t quilt; I pieced quilts.  Now with Westalee Designs I can quilt beautiful and unique designs on my quilts.” ~ Shanna Rendon

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  1. Congratulations Shanna – I will be watching you in the future – been busy on my own projects to been some time since I have watched any – looking forward to seeing you in action!!!

  2. Just starting to experiment with rulers and so happy to see a support network as full of information as this one with the talented people willing to share their knowledge

  3. Congratulations, Shanna. This honor is well deserved. You are a fabulous teacher and great Sew Steady “cheerleader”!!😄. Thanks for getting me going with ruler work.

  4. Thank you Shanna. It is so fun to see you work at the sewing machine. You provide clear directions, yet have a natural way of helping one to
    believe they can do it too. Congratulations. Cindy

  5. Congratulations Shanna! Your work is amazing! You are so talented and we all appreciate you sharing your talent with others.

  6. Congratulations Shanna! You really took to ruler quilting and ran with it. You do fantastic work and are a wonderful teacher!

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