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Diane Russell

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Fairport, NY (willing to travel)
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Diane has been sewing for over 30 years and has been an instructor for 27 years.  Her love of sewing is hereditary, passed down to her from her grandfather who was a tailor. She has worked for and has extensive knowledge of Bernina. She sews on a variety of machines, including Bernina, Janome & her beloved Featherweight. She also loves surface design, dyeing, pickling, and painting fabric.

She has fallen in love with ruler work because of its precise and beautiful designs that can be accomplished on a domestic sewing machine. Her passion for ruler work created a “what if” moment. What if she combined ruler work with her first love, creating art quilts? And so it began, many sketchbooks and color designs later, she is introducing her first line of rulers, “Butterflies & Botanicals” with Sew Steady.

Her love of nature and painting has led her to this new frontier of designing rulers to use in creating botanicals and winged friends. Her signature use of creating with clear, bright colors both in her artwork as well as her quilting, has lent itself beautifully to this new endeavor. She is passionate about quilting and her enthusiasm shines through in her workshops and classes.

Additional Patterns and Courses Available on Sew Steady University By Diane:

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  1. Diane is always enthusiastic when showing techniques. It’s fun being part of her online classes. She always offers great tips and solutions when questions are asked. It’s very obvious Diane is creative amd loves ruler work.

  2. I really need to see the quilting bags she made in two parts. I need to better understand how to put on the magnetic snaps and finish the bags. How can I do this–please post the classes again!

  3. I enjoyed most of her class, unfortunately I was not able to participate in the whole class. Her idea of using the templates on a bag is vey inspirational.

  4. Diane is always creative and YES she is encouraging our CREATIVE opportunities to ENJOY N HAVE FUN!!! I love her positive perspective to take our sewing projects to the EXTREME and live in the moment of ENJOYMENT…Positive Zen Sewing!!! 🙂

  5. Diane is very inspirational! Her instructions are clear and she answers questions with ease. She is wonderful and I learn lots from her!

  6. I really enjoyed this class! I had never thought of quilting on a small bag but now I AM GOING TO DO IT ALL THE TIME! Thanks Diane!

  7. Fantastic instructor. My quilting has come a long way in the past year or so courtesy of the wonderful Sewsteady Westalee tutors and of course the templates which I manage to buy here in Australia.

  8. These classes are great and the instruction is always good and I always learn something new and I am very appreciative of the fact that I can be home and get education. I appreciate all the work that you put into your classes
    thank you so much

  9. Loved making the bag. I can make these for friends ,they are very useful. Diane is a great teacher she goes just slow enough for me

  10. I like Diane am a visual learner. Thought her instructions were perfect for me to grasp. Watched two of her sessions very informative.

  11. Love this project by Diane. I love the ruler quilting but don’t always want to make a quilt, wall hanging or table runner! Thanks for the ideas!

  12. Always so enthusiastic. Passing info on you to program director for my quild. Had bought and read 2 temply project book but still watch. They are on “bucket list.”

  13. Diane explains what she is doing and gives us so many tips- will definitely watch more videos with here- thanks again for so much help

  14. I loved Diane’s 2 part rulerwork tote bag class. Her instructions are at a great pace to follow along. I was really fired up with the second class! My head kept spinning with ideas on how to make the tote, add pockets and use the rulers. Thanks so much Diane!

  15. I LOVE the instructor and learn so much. Thank you for offering these workshops for me to expand my craft!
    Love the way these are being taught.

  16. Dianne is informative and really takes her time to explain in what she is doing will continue to watch her videos to learn more

  17. I enjoyed this class very much. She has such a calm soothing voice. It just makes the experience with Diane so relaxing. She isn’t stressed by lit5le things that unexpectedly happen. She uses it as a teaching moment and that’s what we all need. Things come up as we quilt having the tools to deal helps a lot. I love the designs she does. I really like the temply quilting. .

  18. I have been ruler quilting with Westalee ruler for some years now and every time I watch I learn something new from Sew Steady instructor. They are all wonderful.

  19. Excellent class. Love all the hints and tips. Beautiful project. Can’t wait to start making it.

  20. The video was plagued with difficulty due to her machine malfunction. Diane was a trooper in spite of it all and I will hopefully get information on her other presentations.

  21. An absolutely wonderful instructor. Very clear in her directions. Will be taking more of her classes.

  22. I would never had thought of using 3 different templates to make a beautiful and original design. Thank you so much for your insight.

  23. Thank you Diane for your thorough and easy to follow instructions on the Scrappy Table Runner having me think out of the box, tips and tricks – very enjoyable. Five Star rating – the rating stars don’t seem to be working.

  24. I loved the class kept me interested and wanting me to learn more! Diane is a great teacher her instructions were detailed and easy to understand.

  25. Rating: 5 stars.
    Hi, Diane is a good teaching us on vitural courses. She showed us how to work with fabrics layers & used duckbill scissor to cut the shapes of one top layer of fabric, after you finished with template free motion. I had so much fun & watch the alive show all the time. Thank you so much.

  26. Never thought about sandwiching another piece of fabric underneath and be able to cut out the top part! Ingenious!
    She brings new meaning to learning!

  27. Enjoyed the class! Never thought about sandwiching another piece of fabric underneath and be able to cut out the top part! Ingenious!
    She brings new meaning to learning!

  28. Exceptional class! Diane Russel is knowledgeable, skillful, and professional. Westalee rulers are fantastic! Diane Russel is outstanding!

  29. I loved the class. The instructions were detailed and couldn’t ask for a better teacher. Thank you for an awesome class.

  30. Diane did a good job I will definitely be watching for her classes. I do have to do a little more ruler practice Thanks again for going nice and slow that was extremely helpful

  31. Awesome instructor. Love how she shares her tips and tricks. The Scrappy string table runner looks so simple to accomplish in piecing together. I really was surprised how putting the white in the center made it easy to make blocks with a border!

  32. Being a “new” ruler work quilter I enjoy watching and getting helpful tips. All the instructors are very informative.

  33. I enjoyed the class. It was informative and the instructions were clear and the video perspective on the work was excellent. I look forward to watching more of these classes! Thanks!

  34. I really enjoyed your Scrappy String Table Runner virtual class. It was fun to learn the other aspects of the quilting process. Thank you!!

  35. Loved this class by Diane! It’s so much fun to get more ideas and inspirations for ways to use these templates outside of the quilting norm! Diane did a great job with all aspects of the class. Thanks so much to both Diane and Sew Steady for brining us all this wonderful inspiration!

  36. Virtual class was very clear and informative. Diane gives LOTS of good information and answers any questions clearly. Birdseye view of work is perfect to see exactly what is happening.

  37. Let’s see, how did you do? I purchased the Wallet Cork class, ordered cork, hubby had the snaps, now all I need is time to start the project.

    Thank you, Diane, for a great class.

    Happy Thanksgiving


    1. Go regina!!!
      HappyThanksgiving to you too. I cant wait to see the wallets. Are they gifts or for you? Enjoy the process. Di

  38. The class was very good. Precise, well planned and delivered. Good camera work and very visible. One of the best classes that I have seen.

  39. This is the first video class I watched on ruler work. There is more preparation and purchasing than I realized. Diane’s presentation was very good. I hope to see more. It would be beneficial to see the process in person
    Thank you.
    Christine Frawley

    1. Hi Christine,
      Events in person, are opening up all across the country. Where do you live? Let me know and also keep checking under Events. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Keep rulerworking!!

  40. Diane explained the use of these rulers in great detail. I have seen them before this demo, but once
    I watched how they can be used, I purchased the kit! Can’t wait to get my package so I can start playing with them.

  41. I enjoyed watching Dianne making this cork bag and learned some different techniques will watch more in the future thanks

  42. I loved this class on the cork wallet! I would like to try this,can’t find the pattern she mentioned in Sew Steady.Maybe it will appear later…I like how soothing her voice is!

    1. Hi Roberta,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the class. You can use any wallet pattern and adapt it to cork fabric. I did send the pattern to Mike at Sew for Less, so you should be able to get it from him.

      The Cork Wallet class is also going to be offered through Sew Steady’s University and should be out in November. Thanks so much!

  43. Virtual Class at Marie’s Sewing Center- I loved seeing the alternative uses of the rulers and would be interested in more classes related to this. Sometimes it is hard to think outside the box and you certainly opened up wonderful opportunities for the use of the rulers. Ruler work specific to certain pieced block shapes would also be a helpful class. Thanks!

    1. Hi Robin,
      Im so glad you liked the class. I have more classes under my name in “Instructors” that really take you outside the box. Also check all the wonderful (free and reasonably priced) classes in Sew Steady University. Our instructors are wonderful. Email me if you have any questions. Happy Holidays!

  44. I enjoyed the class very much. You did great job of explaining how to use the rulers. I bought the set of rulers over a year ago but they came with no instructions. I am glad I found the class. Also very thankful for winning one of the door prizes.

  45. Dianne was the first in person ruler work instructor I had. She was at Marie’s Sewing Center in Lockport, NY. She is very patient and
    is very informatent. I learn something new every time I watch a beginner class. I would definitely take another class with Dianne either
    virtual or in person.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Im pretty much A neighbor in Rochester. Let Marie know you would like more classes for me I would be happy to come to Lockport. Glad you enjoyed the class!!! Diane

  46. I enjoy Dianne’s classes a lot. Lot’s of good tips, good clear views of the featured project. I intend to sign up for more of her classes in the future.

  47. I just love your designs. I enjoy your classes, they are very easy to follow. Looking forward to start using my rulers.

  48. Thank you for the amazing class! You are an awesome teacher and I’m in Aw of your work! I can only hope one day I can be half as great as you!! Have a wonderful day and thank you again so much you have definitely inspired me!💜💜

  49. I have yet to put needle to fabric using these rulers, but this instructor is easy to listen to and follow. I learned a lot, and felt empowered to try this method. My ears are rather sensitive to sounds, and I found her voice very pleasant! Thanks for your calm instruction!

  50. The Spinning and Framing class is interesting, and in looking over the material I have found other places in other designs this can be used. I have one of the templates, but with the different effects she shows I have ordered 2 more sizes. As usual Diane is creative and explains things so you can understand and encourages you to try different things.

  51. Able to easily communicate what to do, how to do it, encourages creativity and how much each ruler can really do. It’s Luke being taught by a friend- can ask anything!

  52. My first time watching a class with Diane, I just love the way she explain and clarified every questions, very informative and clear. Definitive I will take a class with her. Thank you for all your time, was an wonderful class.

  53. This was a review for me and was very helpful. It inspired me to work on some UFOs. Diane did a great job!

  54. I’m new to ruler work and this was a very informative and easy to understand class. Looking forward to watching more of Diane’s classes.

  55. I really like Diane’s teaching style. Another of Sew Steady’s imaginative instructors. Love how she shows how to get multiple results using a template. Great creative mind. Encourages to play with all of our templates. Definitely will take more classes from her.

  56. Diane shared many interesting ideas in this class. She provided excellent instructions on using the rulers and a good general overview of Templee quilting.

  57. As always, Diane’s classes are very informative. Haven’t tried TempLee work yet, but I think it’s time to get the scissors out and try. I thank everyone for the great instructional videos offered.

  58. This was a great class. Pace was perfect and information helpful. I learned a lot and now have to make some decisions; so much to chose from!

  59. Great class always enjoy and learn alot from her classes. I will definitely take more classes from her and recommend her to others.

  60. She’s a great teacher. Explain everything in detail. I will try to attend all of her classes. Great ideas

  61. I enjoyed Diane’s class very much. She went a good pace and had a lot of information in her presentation. I would take another class from Diane.

  62. Really enjoyed the class. Dianne was very thorough with her explanations and I hope to attend more of her virtual classes.

  63. I wanted to learn about ruler work and I found this to be an excellent tutorial. I am now anxious to start doing ruler work on my own. Thank you.

  64. Diane’s presentation was excellent! Her explanations are clear and thorough and inspiring. I am excited to have my set arrive so I can start trying out designs on my longarm.

  65. Really enjoyed the class. Diane is a natural instructor. Easy to understand and follow the steps. I’m having a great time learning about my rulers/templates and how to think outside the box on using them.

  66. Love Diane’s delivery and teaching method. I keep rewatching the Ruler 101 lessons as I pick up just a little something I missed previously. These classes are definitely helping me improve my skills!

  67. Another great class with Diane. I am new to the world of Ruler Work and I try to take as many of the classes that are offered because there is always something new to learn or something that I need to be refreshed on. I enjoy the classes I’ve taken with Diane she does a good job of instructing. Thanks Diane

  68. Very helpful and informative class. Diane covered many topics and provided lots of useful tips for ruler work.

  69. I’m new to ruler work. I very much appreciate your teaching. You are detail in the instructions verbal as well as the visual instructions; just what I need. Thanks you, thank you. Also, thanks for connecting other westalee products that are available to me to improve & enhance my experience as I journey to master ruler works.
    PS. Where do I purchase the 2 fabric design you used on the class “Beginning Ruler works, virtual class” I interested in them

  70. I always enjoy Diane’s classes. Her excitement for her projects comes through during each class. Also love that she puts herself out there to all of us who need a little extra help by giving us her contact info.

    As for this class, though, it was a bit “off”. I Would have liked her to spend a bit more time explaining and showing how to get the continuous border designs to line up at corners. The technology used for streaming was not working properly which made watching a bit difficult. Diane seemed a bit “off” as well continually apologizing for mistakes and rambiling a bit. Although I did not think this one of her better classes, we all have “off” day. I’ll definitely tune in to Diane’s classes again! Thanks Diane for all you bring to us and for opening your heart to helping us all become better ruler quilters! Hats off to you!

    1. Hi Kim, I apologize for being. A bit off due to tech issues. Unfortunately in our new world of virtual teaching, this sometimes happens. Please email me at dirussellquilter@gmail.com so that i can provide you with more information of the border corners. Happy Sewing, Di

  71. I’m so thankful for Sew Steady’s numerous virtual events. I’m learning so much. Now to get from mind to fabric. All instructors have been inspiring.

  72. I found Diane very easy to follow and I am inspired to do more ruler work. Thankyou Diane I really enjoyed this class.

  73. I was on the fence about buying the borders rulers, but after watching the class, I now have them in my possession. Thank you for the prompt delivery from Sew Steady, and for the concise instructions from Diane Russell. I appreciate the discount from the sponsors, which helps cover the cost of postage.

  74. The Borders class was excellent! I loved that Diane showed several ways to treat the corners ofa design, so that each student could choose the method that worked best for them.

  75. Another wonderful class by Diane. She is always so thorough. She really makes sure that we know how to do what she is teaching us. She is one of my favorite instructors.

  76. Diane is an awesome instructor. I love how she explains what she is doing and how to use the rulers on fabric and on paper. She has a great personality that makes it easy to watch and listen to her.

  77. I have taken several ruler work classes and am really enjoying learning how to use them. I was excited about learning how to do borders. Diane’s class was full of ideas and ways to create borders. She showed techniques for the different templates. I was hoping that she would include how to do the corners, but maybe that is another class. I enjoyed Diane’s class and can’t wait to practice what she taught.

    1. Hi Diane, I did cover how to do corners, towards the end of the class. I showed how to do those on paper and then convert to your fabric. Feel free to email me at dirussellquilter@gmail.com and we can discuss further. Happy quilting! Di Russell

  78. Awesome instructor taught a class effectively using her visuals the way a virtual class should be taught. I saw exactly everything I needed to see to understand the ruler work using the sampler pack. I bought everything mentioned on the show!! The time I need to spend in waiting for the package delivery has given me the push I needed to get the borders on my quilt tops so they will be ready for ME to try quilting them on my own machine! Diann Russell made me believe I could do this!

    1. And you can do this!! So happy you enjoyed the class. Feel free to email me with any questions. Happy quilting! Di Russell

  79. I was amazed with all the things I would be able to do with the sampler rulers. Those few items do so much! In all honesty, during the instruction I frequently felt I was at a sales show for Bernina. I do not have a Bernina machine and won’t be buying a new machine. I am satisfied with the machine I have. But I felt I was receiving a very one sided sales pitch throughout the instruction. It got to the point I would turn off the instruction for a few days and then go on later. I have not run into this with other YouTube instructing classes. For this reason, I would not choose this instructor for other lessons.

    1. My sincere apologies, i did not mean to give a sales pitch. The shop that hosted the free virtual event is a Bernina dealer and i was simply pointing out the features that enhance rulerwork. I’m glad you love the rulers and all they can accomplish. I’m so sorry if i came across like a sales pitch, that certainly was not my intent. Diane

  80. Diane’s classes are alwayd great. Such great ideas send my head spinning :). Using the Crosshair rulers with all the great templates open doors I never would have thought of on my own. Diane has a great teaching presence and explains everything very well! Love her professional sense of humor!

  81. Loved the class! Diane is very thorough and makes things easy to understand. I will be trying this out on my own very soon!

  82. The virtual class was so informative and I can’t wait to get my extension table for my machine to experiment with the rulers.

    I would be great is we could view the class for a quick review whenever we are ready to start a new ruler project.

    1. Hi Kay, I’m so glad you like the class! There are many classes on our University, that you would have access to all the time,and many are free. Thanks for tuning in! Diane

  83. I had no idea what ruler work was all about. WOW, it is absolutely amazing. Thank you very much Diane for walking us through so many possibilities. I am basically standing on the door step of the quilting and the creative world of sewing. Now the inspirational juices are spinning and trying to decide where to start. I thoroughly enjoyed your class and clear instructions.

    1. Thanks so much! Keep my email adress handy and Let me know if you have any questions. Happy quilting!!

  84. Diane is a fantastic instructor! Very easy to understand and lots of helpful tips!! She inspired me to finally try my rulers!! Thank you!

  85. I enjoyed the class and the tips that she offered. I have a set of the rulers, that have been sitting in a drawer, and now feel I want to try them.

  86. I have always wanted to quilt my projects and had not taken any classes on that aspect of creating quilts. Dianne made it seem like I can do what she shared in the class. I will be ordering the items needed and look forward to giving my quilts a new dimension in how they will look.

  87. Diane is so inspiring. Her designs are lovely and her thorough instructions give me confidence to attempt this technique.


  89. Another awesome Diane class. Crazy for Crosshairs was eye opening. So many fun ideas and tips. Thank you!

  90. I loved my first virtual class with Diane. She’s so down to earth and easy to follow. I’m looking forward to more classes with her. I’d love an in person class someday.

  91. I really enjoyed this event, and I thought Diane did a wonderful job showing and explaining the templets. Seeing is believing and the saying goes. I will watch more of these if available and hope to purchase my own sets as I can. Thanks again for making this video available.

  92. Excellent class! Knowing how to use the crosshair rulers lets you use your templates to their fullest. I am amazed at how just changing the spacing and number when marking your crosshairs allows such flexibility.

  93. Diane does a wonderful job explaining what she is doing. I like that she shows how she designs on paper, such useful information.

  94. Diane Russell did an excellent job on the Spinning Mash-up class. I learned a lot & it was eye-opening on how you can use the templates & really do whatever you want. The creativity is endless.

  95. Diane is a great instructor. Her instructions and demonstrations are easy to follow and understand. A really enjoyable and informational class.

  96. Spinning Mash-Up was another great class. Seeing how the patterns come together by combining rulers and playing around is so inspirational. Thank you Diane!

  97. I’ve had the Sampler Set for over a year but never felt comfortable using them. The class really helped me feel confident. Can’t wait to use them on my next project. Thanks for the wonderful instruction.

  98. Great class very detailed instructions on how to do the designs and what is needed. I have taken other class from Diane and wiould love to take more.

  99. Loved the class. Diane is an easy to understand instructor and is very willing to explain and demonstrate techniques repeatedly as needed by her students. She is so inspiring. The only thing I would suggest is that one of the spin efex rulers she used is not available in the 4.5 inch size on the website, so perhaps she could teach with rulers that one can purchase.

    1. Hi Kathryn,
      I apologize for that. I didn’t realize the ruler was not available for purchase. I have revamped the pattern. Thank you so much, for your input, i greatly appreciate it! Di

  100. I loved the class Diana taught. I learned so much. She has a way of explaining details that are very easy to understand. She is an excellent teacher. Thank you so much and looking forward to taking more classes as I have a lot to learn with ruler work.

  101. I enjoy Diane’s style of teaching. She has a relaxed style and is very thorough in her explanations. I look forward to taking other classes with her. Thanks, Diane!

    1. I loved your class first one i took. It made it encouraging to try ruler work very easy to follow your instructions

  102. Love Diane’s classes. She ensures we understand what she is doing and that we can see what she is doing. Many great tips. Looking forward to more of her video classes.

  103. Enjoyed The Class. I have watch uses of these rulers before but still was not understanding how to use them. This class was very informative with step by step demos. I now feel that I can quilt and get good results with the rulers.

  104. The instruction in this class were detailed and excellent. I learned as a beginner to now approach ruler work with confidence. Thank you!

  105. A great class. I learn something that I didn’t know. Will forward to other classes of her. Great teacher.

  106. Diane is a wonderful instructor. She explains each step and if there are questions, she explains them so well. Thank you Diane

  107. I just love Diane’s classes. She has wonderful ideas. She goes slow and makes sure we understand what she is doing and that we can see what she is doing. And she offers wonderful tips. I can wait to watch another one of her classes.

  108. A superb instructor! Very informative and knowledgeable. I love that she takes the time to explain in detail and answer our questions. I have been very afraid to get into this type of quilting, she has put that to rest. I am finally buying my starter template set. My husband watched and was amazed! Thank you very much. I will be attending more of your classes!

  109. I’ve watched three of Diane’s classes now. Her enthusiasm and willingness to share her tools/gadgets and tricks is great. It makes me want to buy all the rulers.

  110. I enjoy Diane’s style of teaching. She is another great teacher of Sew Steady products. I will be signing up for more of her classes.

  111. Diane presented an excellent class on ‘designing’ with Westalee templates that I thot I’d never use because of the size. I was so wrong! The Artisan templates look huge but were explained as being quite adaptable to many different block sizes. It was nice of her to share how she creates designs using these templates and the importance of writing down exactly how designs were created. I learnt a lot from this class and hope to attend more similar themed sessions. Thank you Diane for your sharing.

  112. A new technique for me – well laid out instructions and she didn’t rush thru so you could follow easily. So much creativity in the patterns.

  113. This was my first online class. I’ve been using the Westalee rulers for a while, but hadn’t seen someone using them “in person”. This was fun, I ;earned a bunch, and will do more of these classes as they become available. Thank you to everyone involved!

  114. Thank you Diane for an exciting and inspirational presentation. My rulers will be delivered today and I can’t wait to start creating designs and learning to use them. I appreciate that even though I am a total beginner, I feel I can do this. Diane’s teaching style is relaxed, her instructions are clear, and the camerawork was very good. I appreciate being able to watch the video again. It would be great to be able to access it permanently. Thank you Sew Steady and Diane!

  115. This was such a great class as are all of them I have watched so far. Diane did such a great job of thoroughly explaining everything.

  116. I enjoy all of the instructors. Diane and the others give you tip and tricks, pitfalls and accomplishments. But most of all confidence that I can do the designs that they show on my own quilt.

  117. Diane has an excellent teaching delivery! Especially appreciated when she pointed out her own mistakes and offered ways to fix them!

    As someone very new to SewSteady, I was excited about this “new to me” technique and use of rulers! It was hugely beneficial that Diane took the time to explain the different rulers and the effects you can get from them. I’ve practiced a couple of designs after the class and have realized that I need to practice a whole lot more! Not sure what I’m doing wrong yet, but I’m having a blast trying to figure it out!

    Thank you!!

  118. She is a great teacher. I learned a lot and love the Templee method. My only other comment is that I would have like to have seen where the template were
    in the design and know what sizes she used. Not to necessarily made a duplicate but see placement, relations and even direction. Thanks for being able to watch it several times. It becomes better each time. And Thanks Diane for the class. I an excited to try it.

  119. This technique produces a beautiful piece and the instructor is very detailed in the demo. She also shows so many examples of how to use the same thing and get different results and how to fix a mistake that is bound to happen. I am looking forward to taking more classes from her.

  120. Diane was very thorough and clear in her explanation of the process. She has a thorough knowledge on the subject. She was very flexible and able to recover from minor glitches. My only suggestion would be to get the lighting better as it interfered with the view. Great job, Diane!

  121. I enjoyed the class so much, I immediately made a sample block myself. Now I’m inspired to make more. I liked she gave solutions to mistakes.

  122. Diane did a wonderful job explaining the techniques for this class. I LOVE that I also have a printed handout for the “how to”. I also love that Diane showed us how to fix problems/mistakes when they occur – as we all know they will. Great class and I look forward to taking more classes virtually from her.
    Thank you soooo much!

  123. Diane does a great job teaching her techniques virtually. She goes slow enough and explains everything as she does it. That’s what makes a good teacher. I loved this class and will watch another when she does one.

  124. Diane was easy to understand. I was so glad she altered the course to teach the basics.I enjoyed this class very much,

  125. As someone very new to SewSteady, I was glad she took the time to review how the rulers work. I practiced after the class and realized that I need to practice a whole lot more. Whether it was my thread, needle or quilt sandwich, I couldn’t get the result I was looking for. I will continue to practice and not be afraid to ask questions if need be.

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Cathy, feel free to text or email me and we can work on it together. I am so glad you liked the class and took the plunge: looking forward to hearing from you! Diane

  126. The virtual class was very informative. I am learning a lot with the various virtual classes I’ve been doing. Diane was extremely good at explaining in detail what she was doing, which was very helpful for me. I can hardly wait to get started using my new rulers. Thank you so much for doing the class.

  127. Diane was obviously very knowledgeable about ruler work. She handled the virtual class extremely well. I enjoyed the class and look forward Toto getting into ruler work.

  128. Diane was the perfect instructor for this intro class. Her delivery was perfect and on point. Being able to watch at the same time as the presentation made everything very clear & attainable. I love ruler work but am self taught. Watching and listening to Diane gave me so much more confidence and ideas!

  129. I really enjoyed the virtual class. Diane did a wonderful job both explaining and demonstrating the use of the use of the rulers. It was a good idea to have a second person monitoring questions from the group so Diane could address them as she demonstrated. I would definitely take another virtual class with Diane. Thanks!

  130. I really enjoyed Diannes class. She is so patient and knowledgeable. Takes time to answer questions and explains everything so I can understand. Makes the class fun. Can’t wait for the next one

  131. The virtual class was great. Diane’s style of teaching fit my style of learning and now I am confident to start using my rulers. Thank you Diane and Sew Steady.

  132. Diane is an excellent instructor – easily one of the best demonstrating Westalee Rulers. I have watched many of these instructional videos and I would rate hers as top notch. Great job, Diane.

  133. Diane is a great instructor. She covers a lot material but manages to teach slowly enough so that you can follow along. She also gives you a lot of good tips. I will definitely attend another one of her classes. I learned a lot from this class and can’t wait to try it for myself. I just love the technique. So cool.

  134. I’ve had the Westalee ruler foot and the sampler set for over 2 years now but it’s always nice to watch these videos as a refresher! Diane was very explicit in her explanations, was easy to listen to, and her samples really added to the class! Great job! Now, to get my stack or rulers out again and get quilting!!

  135. I usually am bored too death, she was very easy to follow, didn’t have to keep going back to watch. Easy to keep up and take notes. So glad i signed up for it. She is great at teaching.

  136. I love the class! I learned so much! Thank you , Diane! I am researching my options now! I can’t wait to dive into ruler work. You made it look easy.

  137. I attended a workshop by another representative of Westelee nearly 3 years ago. While the instructor was knowledgeable and quite the saleswoman, I purchased far more than my budget would allow at the time. During that session she was not open to questions and had her own agenda. When I saw she was not the instructor for the Sew For Less segment, my consideration to see what other educators do (and I have watched YouTube many times!!!) was intrigued. What a contrast of teaching styles and no less VIRTUAL……I renewed my interest and your assistant was spot on with information! I actually wanted to send a thank you note to you because your personality, love for the product and rapport with students was superb! When you present at other locations, I will be sure to consider attending. What an asset you are to your company!!!!

  138. I have been looking for a class like this. I own some quilting rulers was unsure how to use them. Diane is excellent and thorough teacher. I already have put some items in my shopping cart and can hardly wait to get them and get started.

  139. I had heard about this class from a friend, and even though I didn’t have the basic tools for the class, I decided to take the class to see if the rulers would be something I’d be interested in purchasing in the future. Diane was an excellent instructor. Watching her and listening to her made me realize, quickly, that these rulers have the capability of creating very complicated designs in a very simple manner. Her instructions were easy to understand, concise and even on the one occasion that something didn’t go as planned, Diane did not get flustered, she just continued in a very professional manner and helped us to stay on task.
    Diane seems to have a natural ability to teach and it’s obvious that she enjoys what she does. She was well prepared, spoke clearly, had the camera at an advantageous spot where everything could be seen clearly and did an excellent job. As a result of being able to see the the many uses of these rulers, I would most definitely consider purchasing them in the future.
    Thank you for the opportunity to be able to review and comment on this class and the instructor.

  140. Diane is an excellent teacher, very organized and really seems genuine in her consideration for the audience she is teaching! Her presentation is easy to follow and she inspires me to want to try every single technique that she demonstrates. It is refreshing to learn something that seems very intimidating from someone who breaks it down into small bites so that it feels more like a new creative opportunity rather than a daunting mystery! Will be watching for more of her ruler work and her thorough and very helpful style of bringing this to all of us newbies out here. Very inspiring, now if only she could help me find more time!!!! LOL!

  141. I felt that it was a very rewarding class. I learned a lot about ruler work & it got me interested in learning more.
    Diane was a very good teacher & easy to understand.
    Thank you so much

  142. Diane was wonderful. I look forward to seeing future demonstrations from her. She sparked my interest in every thing that she did.

  143. Di is a great instructor for several reasons. 1) She knows her material 2) She shared many ideas on using them for many types of projects so that we could see the benefit of owning several types of rulers. 3) The birdseye view of what she was teaching was so helpful… it was if I was standing over her shoulder while she demonstrated. 4) She was open to and answered lots of questions. 5) Her enthusiasm for this company and its products was very evident. You can tell she has a passion for quilt making, quilting and for teaching. I highly recommend her for your next virtual or in person event.

  144. Diane is an amazing instructor. She takes the time to explain each part in a way to every learner. She is through in her delivery and you can tell she LOVES teaching, it shows!!! Nice job Diane, I’ll definitely be joining your classes again!

  145. The virtual class on Dec 4 was helpfull in getting over my hesitation to try ruler work. You explained and demonstrated wonderfully. Thank you.

  146. Great class! Very clear instructions and repeated them often as she continued with the demo. Clear understanding of the products also!

  147. Excellent explanation and demonstration throughout the lesson. I appreciated the many tips for success she taught.

  148. Diane is well versed in the subject matter and beyond. I enjoyed listening to the class and the tips she offered. Grateful for the opportunity to go virtual and take advantage of this offering.

  149. I enjoyed the class. Even bought a few of the items she demonstrated. I do wish she would have been more organized. Several times, we were waiting for her to find something. But other than that I learned alot and appreciate the opportunity

  150. Great Class Dianne! It told me a lot about Ruler work and the variety of patterns you can create. I’d love to see a Virtual Class about Thread Painting, too. I decided many years ago that I would leave dying fabric alone, as I just don’t have the desire, or the space to make a good job of it. Thread Painting, I think i could manage

  151. Very informative. Liked all the little gadgets she talked about and purchased some of them when I ordered my extension table

  152. Diane is knowledgeable, well-spoken, organized, creative, and thorough. Instructions were given to easily understand. Explanations were provided when necessary. Diane’s sense of humor was appreciated. Very professionally presented.

  153. Diane did a very good job with the presentation last Saturday. She spoke clearly and answered any questions that were presented to her. I enjoyed it and certainly learned quite a bit. I will be anxious to try quilting with rulers myself!

  154. The virtual class was very good. I had only heard about ruler work. Seeing someone actually forming patterns from the rulers was great. The birdseye view was the perfect teaching tool.

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