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Welcome to Feathers  with A Westalee Design Educator

Online Event includes 2 hours of Sew Steady Video Based Education

Event Special: Use supplied coupon code via email to get event discounts on items below.

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  • Westalee Design Spacing Gauge

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  • SARIDITTY Crafter’s Notion Necklace

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  • Westalee Design Stable Tape

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  • Westalee Design Stitching Line Discs

    Westalee Design Stitching Line Discs

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  • Crosshair Rulers

    Westalee Design 8 Point Crosshair Ruler

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  • Westalee Design Ruler Foot Echo Guides

    Westalee Design Ruler Foot Echo Guide Set

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  • Westalee Ruler Foot Starter Package

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  • Sale!

    NEW! Wish Table 2.0

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  • Sew Steady Ruler Work Glider

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  • Westalee Design Feather Templates

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  • Ruler Stickers

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  • Fold & Go Smartphone Lounger

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  • Free Motion Glider

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  • Westalee Design Spin-e-Fex Feather Templates

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  • Sketch Pad & Design Guide

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